I dropped Charlie off to be groomed a few hours ago. Then came home to find Ivy being especially frisky.

She had unrolled most of the toilet paper roll. I keep it rolled up where it’s not as easy for her to unroll.

But a cat is a cat and all that. They have their ways.

Then she went to my bed with her gray mouse to play. You can kind of see it at the end of her paw, but it is a bit blurry.

She hides it under the blanket and plays with it and drags it back out.

It hear thunder. Rain is expected today, so the sky is heavy with clouds.

I’m lucky that Charlie isn’t afraid of thunder. Many dogs are and have terrible anxiety when it is storming.

I have quite a few tomatoes on my plant. And my first cucumber is about an inch and a half or so long. Soon I will have fresh cucumbers to cut up into a salad.

My pepper plant isn’t producing yet.

This big pot of petunias is really doing well. What you see beyond is purple sweet potato vine in another pot.

See how green and full the blue container garden is beyond it. I’m going to have to cut the plants back again. All this rain!

I have had this sun for quite some time now. Over ten years. I love that sun. And I think I paid $35 for it back in Texas at a roadside stop.

I had another one that was not quite as big that I brought with me as well. It was yellow, but didn’t age as well as this one. I don’t recall what happened to it.

I like to have other elements besides plants in my garden space. It just makes things more interesting.

In case you didn’t know, it is good to have a rock in your bird bath. It gives the birds a place to perch out of the water.

I can’t keep it clean right now due to the spent blossoms dropping from the tree.

That is the sedum autumn joy you see underneath it.

My pansies are making a comeback.

When they stopped blooming, I set the pot down by the table until they recovered. Then I put them back under the sun and pinched them back quite a bit.

Now I have blooms again. They don’t like the heat, so they will retreat soon until autumn and cooler weather.

Here’s Ivy sleeping on the quilt stack behind my chair. With her paw over her face she looks like she could be having a “Calgon, take me away” moment.

Every day I call her silly Ivy because she truly is a silly, fun and energetic cat. I feel so lucky to have her.

Love comes in many shapes and sizes. My sweet Ivy always makes me smile.

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  1. Thank you so much for the tip about birdbaths— I didn’t know that, but it makes complete sense. And hearing about your tomatoes and cukes getting ready makes my mouth water. Yum! We’re further North, so have to wait longer.

  2. Hello Brenda-I must tell you that I am enjoying your garden photos so much! I have quite the collection of lovely potted friends as well- my newest addition to my patio set up is a solar fountain in an old wash tub- just so simply perfect .Thought You might enjoy one as well.Amazon is where I found it last season.Also the photo of Ivy /Queen of the quilts- with her paw across her face- is one of my all time favorites!!!!! Keep those gorgeous photos coming ?

  3. I think Ivy misbehaves when you leave with Charlie and she is home alone ,our cat that died use to do that when we took the dog to the groomer and left him there alone .
    They were bonded .
    Ivy is a beautiful cat ,glad u have her !
    ,More storms in the forecast for the south ,scary times ,be safe !

  4. Such a funny sweet baby she is, I’m so glad sweet Ivy came into your life, Brenda!! How are your cosmos doing? I’m anxious to see them, they are probably ahead of mine with all our cool weather here….I can’t wait for my gardens to burst into bloom!!

  5. Your garden looks wonderful. Fresh and lush. I love all your garden decor. When I plant veggies, it’s always tomatoes and cucumbers. I love a fresh from the garden tomato sandwich with some mayo, salt and pepper. Yum ! I love hearing about little Miss Ivy’s antics ! I have four at home just like her !

  6. Brenda, Your petunias are beautiful!! Wish mine looked like that. I have very limited sunshine. I love the picture of Ivy with her paw over her face. So cute. Can’t wait to see Charlie after his grooming. Your yellow sun got broken. Hope your weather stays safe. Sandra

  7. LOVE your Ivy & Charlie photos. What a funny sweet girl Ivy is. Your garden is looking lovely. Do I remember that you made fried green tomatoes in your Breville broiler?

  8. I love the photo of Ivy snoozing with her leg/paw over her eyes, LOL! I think all of the rain you’ve been getting in your state has been riding northeast ward and hitting Iowa, Illinois, my state, Michigan and states further east. Just wave after wave of rain, thunderstorms, and sometimes strong winds, although the past several days have been very calm. Rainy and damp, too cool for this time of year. All the rain is making my grass grow like crazy! I cut the front lawn on Sunday and it already is looking shaggy again, a mere three days later! We got rain later on Sunday and again off and on Memorial Day. More rain this morning, same as yesterday. Now it looks like the Sun is trying to break through the gloomy clouds, we’ll see! Even though it’s wet I need to cut the backyard. Seems I just finished doing the trimming around the edges and planting beds a few days ago.

  9. Love the pet stories. That Ivy is a character for sure. Never a dull moment with my cat either. So glad I have him. I just lost my dog of almost 13 years but Marley has been a big comfort. Love those sandpaper kitty kisses.

  10. Your garden is so lush and green! My garden is about dried out, even though I try to keep it watered. We had one of the wettest winters in a long time but now I’m afraid we may go into drought. It’s been weeks since our last rain. Ivy is such a precious kitty. I’m so glad you decided to adopt her. She brings joy and laughter into your life. I have two precious kitties that no money could buy. Coco and Winston. My son has a sweet Rough Collie named Holly. I love her dearly. Aren’t animals wonderful?

  11. Hi Brenda
    Totally love all your great stories and articles on taking care of inside and out. What would you suggest to use to clean screens? We’ve hosed and used Dawn, but still very dirty, and they are very old windows which should be replaced but too expensive right now. Thanks, any suggestion would be most appreciated. HUGS

  12. Love your Ivy, she has quite the personality. I
    keep hearing about the weather in Oklahoma and hoping you are okay.

  13. Brenda,
    Looking at your veg. garden pics makes me want to start one too!
    Love tomatos and cucumbers!
    I am always taking snaps of my 2 kitty’s as well.
    Love, love, love to read your emails and snapshots!

  14. My Chihuahua Nina is terrified of bad weather. She can sense it before it arrives and will hide in the closet or behind the couch. She shakes uncontrollably until the storm is over. Like you, I can’t wait for the cucumber plants to produce. I love cucumbers and onions in vinegar, and especially love cucumber sandwiches. And cucumbers dipped in Ranch dressing is heavenly. Sweet Ivy is so entertaining. I know there is never a dull moment at your home.

  15. When my friend brought her daughter Ivy to the pediatrician he would sing the ‘70’s song PoisonIvy. She was a loud screamer!

  16. That Ivy is something else !! Love hearing about all her antics…………… your patio garden is looking so beautiful !!!

  17. Cats are ever entertaining, and the jumping up in the air is so funny. Hope your little apartment stays dry with all the flooding going on in northeastern Oklahoma. Our raised garden beds have green beans and red potatoes in them…very yummy especially with cornbread. We also participate in our neighborhood garden just down the street from us where we have tomatoes and newly planted purple hulled peas. My husband is the Director of Compost and he and his buddies spend every Saturday morning turning and sifting compost, drinking coffee, and generally talking about men things or maybe women things too because I have not chosen to join them. Enjoy the last few days of May because you. Know that summer is not far behind.

  18. Those petunias are really pretty and unique. Love the stripes running through them. You guys have really been hit hard with all the rain and tornadoes. The weather patterns across the country right now are so bad. We have just had rain upon rain too. The grass is so green but there is so much standing water and mud along with the nice green grass and flowers. That sweet Ivy will keep you laughing and on your toes. She has quite the personality.
    Have a great day

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