Dani Ferretti and her partner Brad were living in a 450 square foot apartment in San Francisco. But after a few years, they wanted something bigger.

With their jobs in tech, they were able to move to Austin, Texas with their chocolate lab.

They found a rental in a nice neighborhood and began to transform their new place into something more coastal in style.

Dani says that growing up, they spent a lot of time at her aunt and uncle’s house on the water in Ft. Lauderdale.

Her aunt was an interior designer, and she always admired her ability to create a home that was grand and beautiful but also down to earth and inviting.

“There was just something so comfortable about it. A pretty house is of no use if it can’t be lived in, so now I let that sentiment guide me.”

“After city-living, we craved something quieter and with more space. We wanted at least a small yard and extra room for an office since I’d be working from home full-time,” Dani said.

“It was also really important that we had space for guests – something we couldn’t have in our tiny apartment.

We don’t need this much space for ourselves, but the house is often full of friends and family, so it’s been so worthwhile.”

Above sits a desk away from the wall, commanding more attention on a rug which defines the space.

Another small desk area sits tucked away in a corner.

The kitchen is white with black counter tops, which is always an elegant combination.

Along the opposite wall is their picnic style dining table with benches on either side, with two accent chairs placed at either end. A different variation than I normally see, as these chairs with arms look like they could have come straight from the living room.

Dani said: “I have gotten much better at choosing pieces that more clearly represent my style.”

“I’ve learned to slow down, stay true to myself, and not be swayed too much by trends. I’ve also learned to really think about how I want our home to feel rather than how I want it to look.

This home is reminiscent of relaxation and living a slower life, with its light wood choices and soft coastal style.

{Photos courtesy of The Everygirl}

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  1. Lovely house tour. I love these posts when you do them… you find very interesting homes to view. Thanks.

  2. Great house with such good natural light! It’s an interesting mix of furnishings, the different textures and styles.

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