Yesterday I picked up my iPhone 11 after it did some updates overnight and found that it was frozen. I tried to figure out if I could fix it. Googled fixes. Nothing worked.

I finally broke down and called T-Mobile and waited an hour for a representative. She emailed me a code to put in and it worked again.

I put the phone back down and went about my business. Picked it up again and the same thing had happened. It was completely frozen. I once again Googled fixes, not looking forward to spending even more of my Saturday waiting on the phone.

But alas, I could not fix it. I called T-Mobile again and this time they got an Apple specialist on the phone.

He ended up having to completely reset the phone. But at least it’s working.

Have you had anything like this happen before?

Currently Reading:

I’m now reading “The Vanishing Half.” It has been highly acclaimed.

The Vanishing Half

Twin sisters, born to a black woman who happens to be light skinned, grow up in a small Southern black community. Both sisters, light enough to pass for white, witnessed their father being dragged away by white men and lynched when they were small.

They run away together at age sixteen, determined to leave their small town behind in search of a different kind of life.

One marries and has a child. The little girl looks much like her very black father. This twin, Desiree, after being abused by her husband, goes back to live with her mother in the small town she couldn’t wait to get out of.

She works as a waitress at a local diner. Her longtime boyfriend is a black man.

The other twin, Stella, leaves their small apartment one day and never comes back. Desiree has no idea where she went.

Stella, knowing that she’s light enough to pass for white, keeps her secret and marries a white businessman. They also have a little girl. She is very white with blond hair.

The book follows them as one accepts her blackness, while the other steps into a completely different world. A white world.

No one in her circle knows her secret and she is terrified someone will find out and expose her. Which would upend the life that she has meticulously refined into being a rich suburban wife and mother.

The author, Brit Bennett, also wrote the New York Times-bestselling debut “The Mothers.”

“The Vanishing Half” is #1 on Time magazine’s top ten books for 2020.

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  1. As Jan mentioned above I hold off on any Apple software updates as long as I can. If I let the updates happen when they come out it always messes with my phone. To avoid the update I just charge my phone during the day and don’t let it charge at night. It seems the update are always set to install at night because people are usually sleeping and it doesn’t interfere with using the phone during the day. Some of the update I don’t like and I have to learn some a new way of doing things. I wished they’d give us the choice to update or not. I guess this is supposed to be progress???

  2. Sorry about your phone issues. Apple does have lots of glitches that happen after you load an update despite what you sometimes hear. My husband always told me to hold off on uploading updates on my phone or iPad until a week or two had gone by after the latest update had been released. That’s when glitches or errors in software code will show up and all the calls in to customer service alert them to the error and a 2nd update is then released to fix that issue. My good friend had to have 2 iPads replaced in their 1dt year because both of them developed problems that Apple was not able to resolve. Because she bought extended warranties for them each time, Apple replaced (extended warranty!). She’s on her 3rd iPad now but says she won’t get another because of the issues she’s had.

    I finished reading the book The Vanishing Half this summer with a small 4-person book club of 4 ladies. All 4 of us, different age groups and reading interests were disappointed by the book. We all weren’t impressed by the book as we found the ďénouement fell rather flat. We always break a book up into sections and meet to discuss each section. After reading the ending, we gathered as usual and no one wanted to say anything. Odd because we usually have a LOT to say about each book we read. Turns out no one wanted to speak because we were all disappointed by a book highly touted by the media. I hope you enjoy the book more than we did but perhaps it was just our different Canadian point of view.

  3. If it updates without being almost or fully charged that can happen.
    I had a 5 or 6 which updated at less than 20% and it never worked again all I got was the Apple logo.
    Enjoy the book.

  4. Funny you should mention iPhones. I spent at least 8 hours on the phone with Verizon this week trying
    to get help with the iPhone.
    Hope you you get yours fixed soon. Have heard good things about Vanishing Half.

  5. I’m not an iPhone user ~ we’ve only had Samsung Galaxy phones. I have to say that in all the years that me, my husband, our son, and my mother have had these phones (8-9 years now), none of us have ever had a problem.

    I just started the book, Ordinary Grace. Recommended by a friend and got it from the library.

    Have a good Sunday!

  6. I plug in the charger cord and then press the shutdown buttons after every update has occurred and also if my phone or iPad seem to be running differently and its all good again. Sometimes Apps are an issue as well. I don’t usually have issues with my iPhone or iPad.

  7. It is a good thing you have a landline phone! I always get so nervous when something happens to my ipad or computer. I have a cell phone but I don’t have cell service where I live up in the mountains of WV. My phone is a sixteen yr old flip phone! I originally bought it when I first moved to WV and was traveling back and forth to RI ! Sounds like another great book !

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