In the middle of summer, iced coffee just hits the spot. And if you make frugal iced coffee recipes at home, you will be saving money.

It’s always great when you can save a little money. It adds up!

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 Malted Mocha Iced Coffee

In this recipe, you soak the coffee beans overnight.

The coffee grounds are steeped in water overnight for this recipe.

Iced coffee with condensed milk.
This recipe adds cinnamon.
Iced coffee with a snack. 
Iced coffee cubes.
Do you see one that makes you want to start chilling on iced coffee?
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  1. These look delicious! I think we were on the same wave length, today! I did sweet tea, and you did iced coffee. Too bad we aren't closer, we could visit over something sweet & cold… 🙂 I'm pinning your post…. thanks for pinning the sweet tea post I shared earlier. Hope your week is going well..

  2. There's no trick to iced coffee – brew it strong, wait til mid-afternon, combine with evap milk over ice. YUM. My mother and I drank it on the way to do errands in the summer…the taste of it takes me back!

  3. Iced coffee drinks are so yummy, and a totally easy way to pack on the pounds since I love all of the creamy and chocolaty stuff in them. I think some people consider them to be 'non-caloric'. LOL

  4. I am a lucky woman. My youngest daughter and two daughter-in-laws and I live in the same town and try to meet at different coffee shops on Saturday mornings. We have now added a 2 year old, a 1 year old and 10 month old to the mix and it just isn't as much fun anymore. Instead, we have started meeting at my house (which is very grandchild friendly). These recipes will be perfect!!!! Thank you for the research and sharing!!!

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