Fruit Separator Keeps Food Fresher

I recently ordered a plastic fruit separator, and I’m glad I did because the fruit separator keeps produce fresher longer.

In Fruit Separator Keeps Food Fresher, I now have a container that works for me.

I’ve been putting strawberries in it. And they do last much longer.

Usually I make it about halfway through a container of strawberries before some of them go bad.

Strawberries kept in a fruit container that is lifted up off the bottom keeps food fresher longer

So hopefully no more squishy strawberries to fish out of the grocery store container. And of course you can put veggies in it as well.

Fruit/Veggie Separator Container Set:

I may have to order a set from Amazon.

This set is under $30 and you can recoup your money pretty fast by not having to toss out squishy strawberries, blueberries, etc.

Trying Walmart Delivery Service:

I’m now trying Walmart’s food delivery service. And I have to say the young man that delivered my groceries came right to my door this past week. It was my first grocery delivery with them.

It seems that many residents here use Walmart delivery and seem to know the property. So I didn’t have to stand outside and guide a delivery person to my door.

So far I’m impressed by their delivery service. And most of their products are cheaper than the local grocery store.

Moving My Coffee Maker:

Something else is different in my kitchen. Just a minor change.

I switched the coffee fixings with my smoothie fixings. It made much better sense to have the Keurig coffee maker by the sink and close to the refrigerator.

Plus there’s no worry of spillage because it’s just these apartment counter tops and nothing fancy. I hated spilling water on my furniture I’ve had for years.

In Fruit Separator Keeps Food Fresher, I also switched my coffee makings with my smoothie things for better use of space.

With the smoothie maker, I already have my ingredients in the cup with the bottom screwed on tight before I go over to the piece of green furniture to get it going. So there’s less chance of spillage.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this before. Now I suppose it’s a smoothie bar instead of a coffee bar.

Well, unless I change it again at some point!

Setting The Clocks The Wrong Way:

I did something really silly last night. I knew we were resetting the clocks. But for some reason I set them all back instead of forward.

I woke up and grabbed my iPad that I keep next to the bed and thought I’d catch up on some news since I thought I had more time.

Then I found out it was 9:30 and got out of bed quick and started the morning chores so I could sit down here with you. Which is why I’m a bit late today.

My ankle isn’t doing very well right now. I keep getting impatient and wanting to do things. It’s been 9 months since surgery and it seems that in some ways it’s getting worse instead of better.

Greg keeps telling me to stay off of it if it hurts. But that means sitting in this chair day and night and that’s no fun.

It’s almost springtime, and if I currently can’t plant outside, I’d at least like to bring home house plants to enjoy inside.

Last week, Greg would remind me, I walked out my back patio door all the way to the front parking lot with almost no pain. That was probably about 30-40 feet. It’s about the same distance whether I walk out there or to the parking lot where my car is.

I was wearing sneakers. No walking boot. So I go forward and then I go backward.

Recently the pain is going up my ankle to the upper muscle almost to my knee. So the pain, at this point, has spread to another area.

I keep fussing around in my office/craft room because I get tired of being able to do things 24/7. But then I pay dearly for it.

At this rate, my office/craft room changes are moving at a slow pace.

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  1. I use mason jars or jars that salsa or spaghetti sauce comes in….
    Don’t wash strawberries, I put them in jars & wash as I use them…I put whole radishes in jars and they last very long time…I peel my cucumbers & slice them into jars….I put a folded up paper towel in bottom of jar then cucumbers & they last a long time..I like the ease of getting a few out when I want a snack…

  2. Just use a mason jar for strawberries. it’s amazing how well they keep. we tried the fruit separator containers but the mason jar is far better!

  3. That is a great tip about the food separators. I have the same problem… my food goes bad before I can finish it. And with food prices these days, you can’t afford to be wasteful! I’m sorry about your continued pain. I think, if I were in your shoes, I’d expect to see better results after 9 months too. The problem is, you have to move. It’s unreasonable to be totally still for so long. Never mind the boredom. You have to eat, use the bathroom, feed Ivy, etc… you can’t be expected to sit still forever. But hopefully Greg will be able to continue working with you. I think he’s helped you a lot, and continues to be a great support system for you. Baby steps, Brenda. You’ll get there eventually, and when you do, you’ll be soooo happy to get back to doing all your favorite things! Hang in there.

  4. Thanks for the tip on the fruit separator. Lately I’ve been buying more oranges and apples because I got tired of feeling I was wasting berries and such.
    I’m glad WalMart delivery worked for you. I have friend who uses WalMart for everything. She no longer drives so she very dependent on delivery type stores.
    Moving your coffee bar off your beautiful cabinet was a very good idea. Enjoy the change!

  5. I use Walmart delivery service and I’ve been extremely happy with them. My mom is in a memory care unit and I even had some candy delivered to her in another state all while still being free. It’s great and I hope they’re able to keep finding you!!! I was given an immediate refund by reporting the unacceptable produce on their website. Easy peasy!

  6. Love these food separators. I’ve been putting a piece of paper towel in the bottom of a bowl and then the produce . Love this idea !

  7. Love these food separators! With the price of food, I hate to waste it.
    I am sorry about your foot, knee pain. It is hard when you want to accomplish things and you are restricted. Just plan to do a little little bit daily, that way you won’t wear yourself out.
    I’ve never used Walmart delivery but I have hear great things about it.
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. When I had my knee replaced, I used Walmart delivery. They would put the bags on my walker tray so I could take the groceries to the kitchen. That meant my brother & sil didn’t have to do so much for me. And it was good exercise and good mentally too. The first week or so was rough but it was a huge help to have them deliver.

  9. I am just a layman, but I do know that everything is “connected” and yours being a rather long rehab, especially over time, the pain radiating to the knee could be from the restricted use of your ankle or from placing uneven pressure on your knees and hips as you continue to compensate for your healing ankle. Maybe Greg can show you some exercises that will help alleviate this ankle-to-knee pain. I hope so anyway:-)Have a good day. Oh and love those fruit separators!

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