Funny Recent Photos Of Ivy

I have some funny recent photos of Ivy that I want to show you today. That cat sure is entertaining!

Here she is in a face-off with a squirrel. She looks ready to pounce, if only there wasn’t a glass door separating them.

The squirrel looks a little spooked.

In Funny Recent Photos Of Ivy, here is a photo of her in a face-off with a squirrel out on the patio

What do you think the squirrel is thinking?

If this photo was in a cartoon, what written caption would you apply to the squirrel if it could talk?

Ivy’s September KitNipBox Arrived:

Ivy’s KitNipBox arrived. It is a monthly subscription box of goodies you can order for your cat.

Below are photos of some of the ways Ivy reacted after I opened the box for her and put it on the floor.

Actually, I think she has more fun with the box than with the toys. But she sure does love it when I first open it for her and she can dig in to see what all is there.

She drags the toys out of the box and I find them all over the floor. Ivy also likes to toss smaller toys up into the air.

Ivy’s Nap Time:

In Funny Recent Photos Of Ivy, here she is napping on the couch in my living room

After all the activity, Ivy is tired and needs a nap. If you have a cat or cats, then you know that they take many naps a day.

If you are ready to put laughter into your day, click here, scroll down, and watch how other cats reacted to their KitNipBox on their website.

Aren’t cats just the cutest and funniest creatures?

Here Are 10 Fun Cat Facts:

  1. The oldest known pet cat existed 9,500 years ago
  2. Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping
  3. A cat was the mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years
  4. The record for the longest cat ever is 48.5 inches
  5. Isaac Newton invented the cat door
  6. In 1963 a cat went to space
  7. Ancient Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows when their cats died
  8. House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers
  9. A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30mph
  10. The oldest cat in the world was 38 years old!

Right now Ivy is laying on her side by the patio door watching a block of the sun on the wall. That can keep her occupied for quite some time.

Of all the cats that have been a part of my family over the years, Ivy would get an award for the cat that pulls the funniest stunts.


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  1. The pictures of her opening her goodie box are adorable! She’s clearly delighted! I don’t think the squirrel looks spooked – I think it’s saying, “Hey, you look like you’ve got it pretty good in there — got any room for me?

  2. Ah what a silly girl, Ivy is…and with the funny squirrels to boot, you really do have a show to watch I am sure!! We loved watching the birds and squirrels when we had a big deck in 1 location…very comforting and funny!! Ivy is a very pretty cat…I am glad she has become more lovey after you lost the little one.

  3. In the first photo of Ivy watching the squirrel I think the squirrel might be saying to himself, “Whoa, what kind of rodent is THAT? And where is it’s tail?” Or, “Yikes,” that is a very large and scary squirrel!”

    You’re right, Brenda, cats can be very entertaining. But always somewhat inscrutable. I loved the first photo of Ivy going after the contents of her KitNipBox. Her posture and the way she’s pawing into the contents is quite funny.

    Thanks for sharing the fun doings of Miss Ivy. Good entertainment.

  4. I don’t think the squirrel was looking at Ivy, I think he/she was looking at YOU holding the camera and was surprised and shocked momentarily! As used to me as my tribe of squirrels are – even coming up to the top step to look in through the screen door to see if I’m around in the kitchen to send out a hand full of nuts after they’ve emptied the feeders, they still freak out when they see me with my tiny “antique” Nikon 5 pixels cam in my hand to try and get photos of them, LOL!

  5. Even though the box is small, I imagine she just wants to sit in it. They seem to love boxes. Such a pretty cat. I’m glad she brings you so much joy.

    1. Ivy has had a ball getting into a big woven basket. I gave her a small box that was narrow and wadded up paper and put it inside and she’s having fun with that today too.

  6. Ivy has no idea how many people love her! I don’t know her in real life but I truly do love her.

  7. What a personality your sweet cat shows. Wish more cat owners gave their pets the same attention as you do. It shows in her curiosity and charm.

  8. The squirrel is thinking, “That’s a big cat!”
    Ivy is a great cat. So cute to see her with her box of presents.

    1. I too wondered if that squirrel got a look at Ivy and thought: Such a big kitty cat! I’m glad she’s not on this side of the glass.

  9. We feed squirrels and they have become quite friendly. Bold, too, in demanding their corn and peanuts on time. That influences my quote submission:
    β€œHey you lazy ball of fluff! Go tell your human to get some peanuts out here pronto!”
    Ivy digging through her box of goodies warms my heart and makes me laugh at the same time!

    1. In contrast, Ivy’s probably thinking how she needs to let her human know her (Ivy’s) lunch has been delivered, lol!

  10. “Go ahead. Make my day!”
    Ivy is the cutest cat ever! I love the first photo where she looked in the box and pulled out a toy. πŸ’•

  11. Ivy is a very beautiful cat and so photogenic!
    My first thought when I saw Ivy and the squirrel in a ‘stand off’ was the music, I believe at the beginning of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. LOL
    Then I thought the squirrel might be thinking “neener, neener”. LOL
    What a fun post, Brenda.

    1. Ivy is a real show off. My next door neighbor Steve comes over and she immediately jumps on the dining table because she knows he will bring her kitty treats.

  12. The squirrel is thinking “come and get me,” all the while knowing he is safe with the door between him and Ivy.
    Ivy is adorable as always, and I laughed out loud looking at the pics of her and the box of goodies.
    I have two cats and yesterday my order came from Amazon with the floppy fish I had ordered. It’s hilarious. It comes with a USB cord and there’s a little switch inside the fish that you can turn on and off. After a little bit the fish will stop flopping but when one of the cats tap it or bump it, it starts up again. So worth the money to keep them entertained. And yes, they too loved their Amazon box. πŸ™‚

    1. I got that floppy fish for Ivy and she is scared of it! She backs away when I put it down so I pick it up and put it away. Didn’t get my money’s worth at all!

    1. Yes, she is quite the curious cat! For much of this morning she has been sleeping inside of a big woven basket I brought into the living room yesterday.

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