I love trash-to-treasure projects. And these are perfect projects for your gardens. 


For this project, all you need is a pot on a pedestal of some sort. And a regular pot or bowl for the bird bath. Here’s how this one was constructed…

Everyone could use a garden angel to look out over and guard their gardens. What a sweet addition to your flowering spaces.
Dollar store bowls and branches can become mushrooms out in your garden.

Save those jars and create hanging illumination along your fence outdoors with candles.


Stacked dishware, glued together, makes for a nice piece of vertical art to put in your garden among the flowers.


If you can get your hands on bowling balls, you can make this marble-covered piece of art for your garden space.


Save old cans. Have your friends and family save them for you too. And before you know it, you’ll have enough to make this vertical garden.

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  1. Over the last year, I have created several glass Totems, glass plate flowers, glass mushrooms, silverware and silver coffee pot chimes, silverware dragonflies, spray painted gold or silver bowling balls to make garden gazing balls… painted cheap old wooden chairs to put plants on in the garden…tons of stuff…it is a lot of fun!

  2. Lots of eye candy here. I really might try the mushroom idea. I have a bunch of sticks sticking out of the ground where I cut down this really old bush that had red berries.

  3. I love the mushrooms! What cute projects. I, like you, have only a patio to do my gardening, as I live in a townhouse where the grassy areas and flower beds are all common to the community. But, these could well be incorporated into a patio! Gives me some ideas!

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