Garden Art In The Garden

container plants

Seems everything is growing fast now on the patio. Jade is leafing out beautifully. She is the queen of the patio. Uh, aside from Abi, that is!


galvanized garden

I’ve been digging up and relocating some of this crazy growing sedum. They say keep an eye on mint because it will take over a garden. Well, I’ve never had mint take over like this stuff.


Color abounds. What a wonderful time of year in the garden! I hope you gardeners out there have been able to get to work. Surely winter is over most everywhere now.

garden art

The two roosters oversee things out here. They stand their rusty selves amid the container plants and keep order.

container plants

I wish the roosters could keep the squirrels from digging in the pots and dissuade the ants from getting on my rose bush.

garden art

It’s fun to scatter garden art around the patio. Slip them in between the plants and give a bit of whimsy to the garden.

Driftwood is a nice addition too. The weathered texture is so lovely. I plant in the crevices of my piece of driftwood, as you know.

garden sculpture

I love gazing balls too, but don’t bother with the thin ones that break. Buy or look online and order the stainless steel gazing balls like I have. They last forever.

I broke quite a few before I discovered these nearly indestructible gazing balls. Although I may need to repaint mine soon.


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  1. It’s all so pretty. Love the piece of driftwood. I’ll have to remember to look for a nice piece when I go to the coast again, hopefully sometime in May. I love a whimsical garden too…. you have such a knack for it all.. and Miss Jade is lovely! I kind of just buy plants willy nilly.. according to what catches my eye.. then put them together in pots to coordinate with each other. I used to “companion” plant, but don’t anymore.. just plant what is fun and pretty. Be glad you don’t have earwigs! They ate up everything last year and don’t know if they’ll come back this year or not. I think they came in with some shasta daisy’s that we got from a neighbor.. so I’ve pulled those all out and will keep them out as the earwigs ate everything in sight! Marilyn

  2. You have just the right amount of garden art! I see some homes that have just way too much stuff and it’s too distracting from the actual gardens! Does your Jade tree flower? I think I asked you that before. For some reason I don’t see an email when you reply to comments any more….I don’t know why.

  3. Your garden looks great. Mint is wild. It took over so many times I got tired of dealing with it I don’t plant it anymore. My go to herbs are rosemary, sage, basil and thyme. Your roosters add nice whimsy and your flowers are doing so well


  4. Your plants are so beautiful. We FINALLY have warm enough weather where I can finally start planting flowers. Only I haven’t been to the garden centers just yet because I need to carefully plan what I’m going to buy, otherwise I just start grabbing everything I think looks pretty, lol. I can’t wait until I have my patio all set up with containers of flowers!

  5. Your patio is looking so good! The garden art enhances the containers. It is obvious that a gardener lives there and loves her space!

    I have a tall metal rooster in the garden and it has an open mouth. The garden lizards use the mouth as their lookout point; it is fun to see them peering out of the mouth — looks like the rooster is sticking out its tongue.

  6. You always do the most amazing job of creating pretty little vignettes in your garden. Love the art.

  7. I love how much you are able to cram into your garden space. It all looks just lovely- you really have a green thumb and I know it gives you great pleasure to retreat into your own little garden world. Just lovely! xo Diana

  8. Do you treat your driftwood from the elements? I have a beautiful piece but afraid it will disintegrate in the yard.

  9. I had some sedum like that in some long pots, and it was great despite the sun and came back for several years. But it went kaput this year. Maybe the soil is exhausted. I need to replace it.

  10. I love the roosters! My kitchen has a rooster theme. Such a beautiful, majestic animal.

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