1. I love, love, love your living room! The wall, the quilt on the couch, the tidiness, but yet cozy decor. I saved it to my home decorating Pinterest board because I like it so much. I love it because it is small like my house, but you’ve done such a lovely job of making it homey. I am hoping to do some fixing up (very little projects) and your photos have inspired some ideas! Thank you. Also, what is the name of the green baskets/trays that you highlighted from Amazon? I love those!

  2. I hope I get to do nothing on the 4th but read my book! lol When I get a good one I can’t put down, I never get much done, only the necessities! lol

  3. Hot, hot, hot here today. But finally got outside–slathered with mosquito repellent–and did a little potting and weeding. It felt really good and lifted my spirits.

    We have half a dozen fans going to move the air around in this little hot box of a ranch house. There is essentially no cross ventilation the way the rooms are laid out. It was built to be air conditioned I guess. My central air went out Spring of 2018 and to replace it we’d have to also replace the furnace because it’s so old and that would cost a pretty penny–somewhere upwards of $6 or $7K. Not in the budget. Wish I lived in an old farmhouse with windows on every side of every room.

    I hope Andrew like his crayons that you got him. I love to have small gifts for my grandsons when they visit or for the two that live with me sometimes I bring them something a a surprise when I’ve been to the store. Just let’s them know I think of them when I’m not with them.

    I have no plans for the Fourth, but my older daughter and her family might come. I’m kind of hoping to take the four boys to see the fireworks but don’t know if that will happen. Depends on where we can watch them from as I’m not wanting to get mosquito-bitten any more than I am already. I had to have my mosquito sticks burning beside me when I went out today. They are like a giant incense stick with a cedar aroma. They help some

    Enjoy your lunch with your daughter and Andrew tomorrow.

  4. My biggest smile today, reading your blog, was seeing Ivy’s curtain ties. Don’t know why, but it just seems so special. I think you are right, they are from day 1, when she moved in, and so to speak, they are something that “means home” and being safe. Have a quiet 4th of July, that is what we, my husband and I, plan on also. Hot dogs on the grill, and a couple of beers on the deck. Life is good. Hugs from HOT WI, it was 88 today..Summer is here.

  5. Your home looks so clean and tidy. I am like you, I just change and rearrange small things now. I get frustrated because I can not do the things I once did with ease. Oh well, just the process of life. Ivy cracks me up, she has quite the personality. Have a wonderful weekend. Karie

  6. Brenda,

    Good afternoon! It sounds like you are a busy lady today! I hope that Andrew and your daughter come for lunch tomorrow, that will be a nice way to end the weekend.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. You have created a nice,serene life for yourself,Brenda, everything goes together so well and is very pleasing to the eye.
    Here there’s a box of overflowing cat toys,I bought some new washclothes that were wrapped with a ribbon,well,needless to say to another cat Mom that became a treasure and I have no idea where it is now:)
    I agree with you on the 4th,we always had dogs and the noise made them nuts,I kind of worry about a stray something or other winding up on the roof too but I guess that makes me a drama queen…
    Enjoy your visit with Andrew and his Mom,I start my 2x weekly taking care of Connor and Im so excited.
    That pork meal sounds yummy,enjoy!

  8. The barbecue sounds delicious ! That is a great quantity of food, too! At first, I thought it sounded expensive but for that quantity and the number of meals you’ll get it surely is not. That’s a quiet but festive way to celebrate July 4th.
    It’s sweet to have little surprises for Andrew when he comes over. I love to bring surprises to my grandchildren when I go visit. Sometimes it’s the littlest thing that amazes and pleases them. I brought them a bag of shells once and they were so pleased with them. They love art supplies and their parents don’t object as it is something they will use and it’s not then just random junk cluttering up the house. My son could give Marie Kondo a run for her money on neatness. I have no plans for July 4th. I detest the noise for the animals and here in SC where people can buy fireworks the holiday dwindles on for days. What a danger and a waste of money too. The ER will have their share of eye injuries and burns. Better off if you want a real display to go where the town or city has a display and leave it st that. But, no, the pyrotechnic freaks will be all over this holiday in their driveways and streets. I hope everyone has their pets safe inside and that they are microchips and tagged too. No matter what every year pets run off out of fear of the fireworks. My least favorite holiday of the year.
    Your apartment looks so serene in your photos. I just want to step into it and have a glass of ice tea and rest and renew my spirit. But then everyday reading your blog does that for me as well. Thank you,Brenda, for sharing your world and life with all of us. It’s a daily treat.

    1. I’m lucky that the ONE thing Charlie is not scared of is fireworks. He barks, but I just turn up my sound machine.

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