Some of us don’t have room for a full-scale garden. The kind my granny had out in the country. So today I’m focusing on gardening for small space dwellers.

Rooftop Gardening:


Some of us live in apartments or have tiny yards. Here are some solutions for gardening for small space dwellers, no matter where you happen to live.

Gardening In Round Tubs:

Above is a small nook in a yard that has various colorful tub gardens. There are vegetables in some tubs and flowers in others.
It is in a small space, so many of us could do this.

Balcony Gardening:


Here is a nice little sitting spot on a balcony with climbing vines for privacy.

How about a romantic dinner on your balcony among your plants with a nice view of the city?
The space is ultra cozy and colorful. Who wouldn’t want to sit at the bistro table and have a meal with a friend or companion?
This is a small space that goes a long way and lives big!

Using Color In Your Small Garden Space:


You could decorate some pots and line them up on a bench for greater impact. The colors grab you on the pink bench.

Courtyard Gardening:

Here is a courtyard garden of containers and a seating area where you can enjoy them. One could lounge or take a nap on the comfy seating provided.
There are even a couple of trees in containers and vines growing up the brick walls.

Deck Gardening:


Above is a small apartment balcony. It is intimate and cozy.

The area rug focuses the eye and tells you it is an outdoor living space. The plant containers on the deck railing give the space a bit of privacy.

Go Vertical with containers:


You could go vertical with containers. Paint them bright cheerful colors and hang them on the wooden fence.

Small pots dry out fast, so watch the soil to see if it needs watering.

Mix Seating With Container Gardening:

No matter where you live, you can have a small garden. Veggies, herbs, or flowers can all be planted in containers
You can find my Small Space Gardening Pinterest board here.

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  1. I love, love smaller gardens and container gardening, I have tried enriching the soil in my flower beds and I have lost so many plants-to ant infestation, slugs, snails and harsh weather. In fact my prize phlox was destroyed last Summer by Fire Ants. Great inspiration, can't wait to get growing!

  2. These pictures made me so happy. My yard is under a foot of water now but when it dries up I have a couple of ideas from these pictures. Yeah.

  3. Great information for us "small dwellers". I like many of the ideas. I am actually glad I don't have a big yard to take care of. I like my little "postage" size back patio area. Thanks Brenda for all the idea and tips you give on living in small areas. Hope you are doing well. I have been having health problems and have not visiting your blog for a while. Hugs to you my friend. Karie

  4. Oh- Those are ALL great, Brenda. I have lots of yard but am getting to the point where I want LESS to garden and keep up. I know your area is small and you do a beautiful job. xo Diana

  5. Brenda, I hope I always have a place for a nice container . Even one container with something growing is good. You can stay in touch with nature. I loved some of those balcony gardens. Soon you will be getting your patio garden ready. It's warmer here. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. These are all very pretty spaces. I really like the yellow container in the second photo. I'm thinking I'll be spray painting an old galvanized tub I have. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  7. Oh my heart just swoons over these photos. I see some bamboo screening….makes me think about screening in my carport area in a couple of spots for more privacy. I am going to go online and see about this. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  8. Thank you for the pictures this morning! I found the colours I am painting my rocker and plant stand! The picture with the pink bench and the flower pots: Pink for my rocker and the bright blue (or is that a turquoise) for the plant stand. Now I just need the weather to behave itself!
    Hope you are having a good week!

  9. Every single one of those spaces is gorgeous. Of course, my thumb is brown, not green, so I don't know if I'd have the same results! 😉

  10. I always prefer small, intimate, and cozy spots! Very appealing places. I could see myself enjoying any of these settings! Inspiring selection of photos. I'm off to visit your board…

  11. I agree with Kim 🙂

    I'm ready to start container gardening on my front porch this Spring and your board has been an inspiration for me.


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