Getting Antsy About Being Stuck Inside

Looks like Charlie is going to miss his second in a row acupuncture treatment. I am snowed in and I don’t even own a pair of boots. My car is piled with snow as well as the path to it.

Poor Charlie wanted to go out yesterday, so I opened the French doors, watching him closely.

He put one foot off the small step and the snow was up to his chest. Charlie quickly withdrew that foot and came back in.

I need to take the trash out. It is sitting tied up in a bag on a chair. But I can only walk on a bit of my porch without facing ice and snow.

Yurima In The Background:

I have Yurima playing in the background. A soft somewhat melancholy composition that both relaxes me and occasionally brings a tear to my eye.

I read about 100 pages of “Girl A” last night. One thing I noticed right off is that this sure doesn’t seem like a debut novel written by a 30 year old attorney. It reads more like an author who has other books under their belt.

The story is told in bits and pieces and goes back and forth, but it’s easy to follow. Whereas some plots like that are not.

Ivy Is Acting A Bit Strange: (But then what else is new?)

Ivy has been acting a bit wild of late. She tore the toilet paper off the roll again. Hasn’t done that for a long time. I caught her before she had much of it off.

One thing about Ivy: If I say, “Ivy, get out of there,” or “Ivy, stop that” she will do as I say. Smart cat.

Doesn’t she look like a little angel when sleeping?

She sits and stares out the patio door at the snow piled high, watching for a bird’s feathers bright against the snow.

Then she gets up on the cupboard in the living room window and stares out to the front. Sometimes there will be birds in the bushes against the wall and her tail starts thwapping against the cupboard.

Still Driving A 15 Year Old Car & Loving It:

I don’t even know if my car will start as I haven’t been able to get to it to start it since last Saturday. If not, I guess I’ll have to call Triple A. I’ve never had to do that though I pay their premiums.

Though my car is now 15 years old I’ve only purchased one battery. I have no idea how often you’re typically supposed to buy one. It’s been a very reliable car and thankfully it is four wheel drive.

Now I’m VERY ready for spring. The spring bulbs that were coming up are buried in snow and I don’t know if the freezing temps got to them or not.

The Sight On My Patio:

My galvanized container garden in the middle of the patio is almost entirely covered in snow. Just looks like a big blob out there.

By the way, I am eyeing this galvanized raised bed at if I have room for it out there.

Only my trusty little rosemary plant in the medium-sized container looks chipper. I shall have to reward it for its resilience by putting it into a bigger pot when spring arrives. It is the one herb that seems to withstand perilous conditions.

But really, most herbs are fairly tough little plants.

I haven’t got around to planning my garden yet. I’ll get there. With COVID-19 and horrible weather and worrying about food delivery, I just haven’t begun to do the creating in my mind yet.

Drawing A Patio Garden In My Mind:

When I do it will be a joy to sketch out the containers. I will have to see what perennials come up before I begin thinking about filling up pots this year. As I planted more perennials last year and am hoping to be rewarded with second year plants.

It will be so nice to look out the French doors and see spurts of colorful flowers dotting the patio instead of piles of snow.

Stay safe.


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  1. We are the opposite here in the SoCal desert. It’s mild weather and we’ve been filling our garden containers and shepherds hooks with colorful flowers, herbs, birdseed and hummingbird feeders. I chose purples, yellows and whites for the garden this year. Come summer and the flowers will all die even with watering 2x day. Temps reach wicked 120s.
    I, too, feel terrible for the people in Texas, the south and back east.
    After your post, I order The Giver of Stars from Amazon. I could hardly put it down. Really liked it. Also ordered The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek which I have yet to start.
    Take care, stay safe and enjoy planning your garden!

  2. Hi Brenda, a sheet pan will work to at least shovel enough snow for Charlie, just be sure to put some gloves on. If you don’t have winter gloves any will do as a protective layer from the cold and damp snow.

  3. I know you and lots others are getting cabin fever. Whew..time for Winter to end. Not sure if Charlie would adjust..or maybe you have tried before, but you could possibly try using the doggie pottie pads at the door. I have Chihuahas and use them lots because of many reasons of convenience for them and for me. 🙂 … Hoping the historic and all Winter storms die down to give us all a well as hoping the virus dies down. Take care and you are very good at entertaining yourself ..and a lot of us, too. Thank you. careful outside.. if you go there.

  4. Brenda,
    Since you don’t have a shovel try using a pot with a good strong handle – scrape it across the top of the snow to load it up and then toss it off to a spot where it won’t be in Charlie’s way, use it as a substitute shovel. When my two shorter doggies were alive I had to shovel paths around my back yard so they could get to their spots to do their duty and I could get out there to scoop it up once frozen. The things we do for our fur babies!

  5. I think many are tired of being inside, it is a little unnerving when you are stuck inside with no options. Thankfully you have power and heat. I am so sorry for all of those in Texas.

  6. I’ve been shoveling snow to my walkway so I can get my mail…
    Then shovel a spot for my dog to go and a path to get to my trash cans!
    Just yesterday I had to break ice bc the city plow went by and left a icy mess for me and everyone around hear!
    Then I sanded around both my doors, so it would be safer for everyone!
    I’m not fixing my car til it’s safe to go out again, but people come knocking on my door to see if I want to sell it.
    So frustrating, but I won’t even open my door, I just holler thru it.
    So is it Spring yet? Lol
    Stay safe and warm Brenda and think positive!

  7. Brenda, do you not have a shovel and a snow brush for your car? And then after you shovel, you can sprinkle down some rock salt to melt the ice. All my friends and family with little dogs here (including my 80 year old mother) have to shovel a path out their back door and into the yard for their dogs so they can do their business. My mom even walks her dog twice a day, even in the dead of winter! I give her a lot of credit.

    It’s been snowing every single day here for the past 10 days. The only time I can ever remember being snowed in was in 2011 when we got 24″ of snow dumped on us. Otherwise, it’s business as usual. In fact, I’m off to the library and Trader Joe’s now. It sure will be nice when spring finally arrives!

      1. Even a broom helps in clearing a path for the doggie…if that is all you have…I have used such at times myself. They DID not clear the almost 2 foot of snow from our walks here at our apt either…until it was mostly melted…that is not ok!!! We just stayed home…but we had been home 8 days by the time we went for groceries today. I would not have gone myself…but hubby gets terribly antsy!! It is almost gone now. But it snowed for 4 days straight here. Unusual…I so feel for the people of Texas and the south…they are NOT set up for such. If you own your place it is always smart to get a wood burner and some wood put by for such times we feel. One place we lived in Wa state, that did not get a lot of cold, but sometimes did and then the power went too, we installed a small wood burner…would get the house right up to 90 degrees in no time…and sometimes when power went, the neighbors came to spend the day with us to stay warm (and eat my homecooked chili prepared on top the stove).

  8. That sleeping kitty just made me smile ear to ear…and miss my own. It’s snowing again here today. Everything is closed again…between the lockdowns and the snow days there’s been nowhere to go for far, far too long. I’m getting a bit stir crazy, too…c’mon spring!!

  9. Brenda, seeing Charlie on the colorful quilt reminds me of something I wanted to ask you. I go to an auction every weekend. I have purchased many quilts there, mostly antique ones. Do your quilts wash well? I haven’t tried to wash any of mine yet. I just have them stacked in an old pie safe. I was delighted last week to win the bid on a beautiful quilt in the Dresden plate pattern, all pastel colors. I think I paid $23.00. Boy, this is becoming an addiction!

  10. Ivy probably like most of us are going stir crazy and feeling like destroying something in our path lol! Hope your snow begins to melt and you can get out to your car. For now stay in and warm and safe.

  11. I can well imagine how antsy you’re starting to feel. So many things that are part of your daily routine have come to a screeching halt.
    As they (whoever “they” are) “this too shall pass”.
    Take good care of yourself and your babies – stay cozy and warm.

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