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  1. I moved May, 2020, across the US and found Facebook and my mostly 50 relatives, to be a comfort during this isolating time. TikTok, Instagram is just a waste of time. I am busier now, but use Facebook as a way of communicating with distant relatives and friends.

  2. I didn’t know about ordering single issues of magazines on Amazon, so thanks for that tip! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with social media. I do wish that kids weren’t exposed to it, though – there is nothing good about kids and social media.

  3. I used to be on Facebook. It showed all my “friends” new cars, homes, greatly talented kids, perfect pets, academic achievements, etc, etc, etc.
    I felt worse each day comparing myself to their perfect worlds. I knew the realities of many of their lives, though. And it was not so subtly pointed out to me that in fact we were less “friends” than acquaintances. Ouch. Old mean girls are brutal. Lesson learned. Bye Facebook.

  4. anonymous says:

    I don’t use social media either, not facebook or twitter or any of it. I would occasionally look at istagram and pinterest until they pressured people to log in and join. I don’t really have the time or much interest and it’s a massive time suck. I was always wary of facebook anyway and I’m glad I resisted. I have a small cozy home and a garden/yard and that keeps me very busy. This time of year I love to go hike before winter sets in, especially through a forest of autumn leaves. Right now I’m looking out at a redbud tree with gold heart shaped leaves that will soon be dropping off. I have several different species of trees and that means raking leaves, so that keeps me occupied too.

  5. Is it something easy enough that Steve may be able to help with, and be thanked with some yummy dinner offering?

    You all seem to be such good buddies. Could be a fun afternoon/evening of both of you getting into a holiday frame of mind!

  6. I have been in the mood to decorate for Christmas for the last two weeks! So glad others are eager to begin as well. Two years ago I took pics of how I placed the decorations and placement the things was a breeze last year. Making little diagrams of things helped too. I just tucked them into the boxes of decorations as they were put away. Made everything easier and more enjoyable as they were unpacked the following year. But then again my home is much smaller than it used to be so I don’t use as many things but the principle would work anywhere. Saved a lot of frustration as I didn’t have to try to remember how things were arranged before.

  7. I’m actually dreading having to drag out all my Christmas stuff and putting it up. I think I like it less and less as the years go on. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s and had young kids at home, I never understood why my mother barely did any Christmas decorating. Now I get it! I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving so I still have a month to go. I’m still loving my fall decor and pumpkins.

    I gave up on Twitter a couple of years ago. And I deleted Tik Tok from my phone last week – that was a huge waste of time. I only went on it maybe once a week, but when I did, I found myself falling down that rabbit hole. I’m only on FB to keep up with certain family members and friends and I do have a couple of private groups I belong to on there. I *love* Instagram because I’m a very visual person and I get lots of ideas and motivation from the photos. No drama on there like FB.

  8. Brenda,
    I am looking forward to seeing your decorations. I have to admit I like to decorate sooner rather than later. This year I think I will do it even earlier as I want to enjoy them longer. I love the lights and the glow in the house.
    Social media is not only a “time suck” but also as you said very bad for your mental health. I do not care if you are the happiest person in the world there is so much on there that can make you feel badly about yourself.
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. I tend to start my Christmas decorating around or just after Thanksgiving. I was never into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I guess I just valued my privacy, although I do feel left out of seeing the photos my friends and family post. It seems too much to ask people to text or email me the pictures.
    That’s a bummer, but now everyone seems to complain about it, and I keep hearing people saying they are taking a break from it. I’ve always said, the best way to break a bad habit is to just not start one.

    1. I do miss the photos of the grandkids as I always saw them on FB.

  10. I hope you and Ivy are enjoying your day. She looks so cute on her cat tree. I only got on Facebook to see pictures of my daughter’s and a friend of mine. How do you delete your Facebook account? I was just thinking of the keeping up with the Jones’ and how beautiful it is when people go overboard staging their homes. That’s not for me. I used the idea of making a roll of batting in a cotton cover behind my Dad’s neck on his new recliner and it seems to be a good fit, he’s happy with it. Have a good week.

    1. I would Google how to delete your FB account. Sounds like you came up with a good idea for your dad!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Years ago when FB became available, Hubby’s job said NO WAY we could get on such things, as he sometimes worked from home, and they wanted NOTHING fouling their system. Makes sense. (Govt job…they should know right?) I have never been sorry. Yes, I am then ignorant of some things to do with our own offspring…again, sparing me sometimes some grief (the worst of it from more distant kin however). So guess in a way I choose to be willfully ignorant. So be it. Life holds a great plenty of sorrow, we do not need more. I SO AGREE with your choice, Brenda.

    1. I really only got on there to see if there were pics of the grandkids, etc. But guess I’ll just miss out on that.

  12. Any reason Brenda why you do not favor Instagram? For me it’s a daily treat!
    Comments are unnecessary to post.
    Reading the stories of millions of favorites is so fun!
    I enjoy saying a few things fron time to time.
    Twitter or Facebook has never been for me. Just too much.
    Most likely our 🌲 🌲 holiday trees will go up a week before Thanksgiving.
    I do love them. ❤️
    Also all the oldies, & collections of decorations collected throughout the years.
    Such wonderful memories.
    We also still have of course all the 2 dozen beautiful snowflakes ❄️ grandma crocheted.
    They are so pretty on any holiday tree 🎄 with Italian lights!!
    Enjoy fixing ❤️ up your apartment for Christmas Brenda!!
    Hugs & a smooch 😘 for Ivy!

    1. Instagram has a lot of pretty photos, and maybe I’ll go check it out again sometime. No, no real reason. Just didn’t want to keep up with one more thing.

  13. Maybe it’s an age/generational thing. I was on Facebook in the early days but 2 years ago I quit it and had my information and comments erased. I don’t miss it. Was never on Twitter or any of those other social networks. I too like to put up my Christmas tree and decorate the house on or close to Thanksgiving Day. It’s a major chore pulling the tree out of storage in the basement, it seems to get heavier each year, but I love decorating the tree, and take my time, sometimes parts of 3 days, moving ornaments and ribbons around. Somehow, my tree never turns out looking like the incredible trees I see at Pinterest and on Youtube, but every year I still try, LOL.

    1. It will probably take me quite some time to get a tabletop tree fluffed and decorated this year. So I want kind of an early start so I have longer to enjoy it.

  14. Brenda was wondering if you could list again the name of the hand vac. that you got from Amazon. I”m inthe need for a new one and would like to look at the one that you recommended in one of your posts not too long ago. I would really appreciate it! THANKS- Sandee.

  15. Earlier this week I was thinking about my holiday decorating and I, too am keeping it simple. I do enjoy putting up my pencil tree in my dining area and filling it with gingerbread themed ornaments. Like you I try not to bother my daughter and her family and stay as self-sufficient as I can. I’m an independent woman so it pains me greatly when I have to ask for assistance. Ugh! I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.
    I’ve been struggling with social media in recent months and haven’t been able to figure out why. I do very little on Facebook, I do pop into Pinterest at least once a week or so and I’d been very active on Instagram. I decided to take a break from Instagram because there was something about it that was bothering me. You said something that answered my question – it was affecting my mental health. It’s become a popularity contest and I just don’t like it. I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks and do visit if I’m looking for inspiration for a particular subject. I’ve noticed I can’t stay for very long. It makes me very irritable! So, thank you, Brenda!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. I guess I was on Pinterest first and just did not need one more place to see pretty photos. All social media made me irritable if I scrolled too long. Now I just don’t think about it anymore. I’m better off for it.

  16. I never use social media either bc I always have enough to do around my home to keep me busy.

    It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I got the loopers and cut down small trees that are growing everywhere. There trying to take over my whole property! I have a bunch in my backyard too. It’s ridiculous! I want more flowers and be able to grow a garden next spring. I have a lot of prickly bushes too. So frustrating! Lol

    I’m glad the weather is still nice bc I have more yard to clean. It never ends, there’s always something to do! Great now I hear a woodpecker pecking on my house again! I need to go scare him away again!

    1. Sounds like you’re really busy with your yard!

    2. I, like you J, do not use social media. I also have too much to do around my home to keep me busy? Yesterday was a beautiful day here in WV so I decided to take my vacuum out on the deck and take it apart to clean it! My daughter and I changed out the curtains from the summer ones to the winter ones. This of course includes washing the windows.
      I’m alway busy and don’t have time for social media!

      1. Social media takes up so much of peoples’ time. And I hate that kids are on it.

        1. Anonymous says:

          I’ve read a lot of studies that social media use is also tied to loneliness and I’ve read the studies about mental health too. The really sad thing is watching people so tied to their phone. I see parents with strollers on the cell phones never looking up or around them–not engaged with life around them. I’ve watched parents ignoring their kids while on the cell phones too. It’s sad to watch. Even hiking I see people on their stupid cell phones. Why even bother to go outside or be in nature if you’re so tied to your technology.

          1. That’s sad! If I see any parents on their phone esp knowing the child is trying to get their attention, I say something. Even if they tell me to mind my own business, I don’t care bc it gives them something to think about with the advice I give them! Lol

          2. Anonymous says:

            “J says:
            That’s sad! If I see any parents on their phone esp knowing the child is trying to get their attention, I say something.”

            I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that–people can get pretty hostile. I’m glad you feel okay to respond that way though. I do feel bad for the children though. Once when I was at the Dr.’s a young preteen girl was attempting to converse with me as her mother was preoccupied with her notebook. She was adorable and I was responsive as much as I could be.

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