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  1. I always envy you when I'm in the middle of a bitter winter, but I don't think I could take the summer heat where you are. We are having a cool summer with temps going down into the 60's. It's not great for swimming but perfect for gardening!

  2. We are hot here too, but not as hot as Tulsa seems to be. Your flowers look lovely.

  3. We are hitting 100 here too and the garden is a challenge now to keep pretty but I am trying. Yes, it is a good time for the inside projects and that's exactly what I am up too as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hot here as well, but this week it has been clouding up every evening and giving us a little rain. My yard is so green and the weeds are growing like crazy in the garden. Looks like my Saturday will be spent there getting them under control. Can't wait to see the table and buffet!!!

  5. Hi Brenda-
    It got pretty hot here too yesterday and today. Yesterday was 97* and today was a cool 93* …but the upside is– no mosquitoes! Once it gets this hot and dries up all the puddles… we can sit in the shade.
    I'm glad your other table found a home. I can't wait to see your buffet and table. I bet theyre both adorable.
    I know you like to get up in the morning and check emails, read and catch up and what-not. But maybe you could switch up the routine and do your outdoorsy- gardening early and do the other when it's so hot! Drink lots of water– and stay cool!

  6. It has been hot here, too. I just keep moving the sprinklers to keep everything green. Your patio looks great. Stay cool.

  7. If I have anything to do outside, I either do it very early in the morning or wait until dark. I can't stand to be hot! I have all the curtains and blinds closed, as well. Can't wait for the cooler temps, next week!

    Grace & Peace.

    ps…my Mister took over your little red table. He likes looking out the picture window in our kitchen, while drinking his coffee. We now have two tables in our ever-shrinking kitchen! LoL

  8. Lovely plants and flowers! I know what you mean about the heat. I am in Florida, quite close to the ocean but it is stupid-hot outside here, too. I have gone to mostly succulents because they survive here better. I am enjoying your blog!

  9. Brenda, We have had some really sweet temperatures…but today it went into the 80's. I love all your pretty flowers. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. It has been terribly hot here too. But I will say it has been cooler than where you are! 100 degrees is pure HOT! I love your galvanized gardens out on your patio!

  11. I love your flower photos. They are gorgeous! As always, I enjoy seeing your garden.

    100 degrees is awfully hot! Is the humidity high, also? I don't think I could stand temperatures that high. You're smart to work on inside projects during such heat! Looking forward to seeing your newly painted table and buffet…

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