The other day after I got groceries I decided to clean and reorganize the refrigerator and the kitchen shelves.

I have to admit that when I do this, I tend to eat better. Food isn’t just scattered here and there. It’s in neat rows and I can see everything with one glance.

For those of you who’ve watched “Vera” how old do you think Brenda Blethyn is? Well I just looked it up. She will be 74 next month.

I thought she was younger than I am. She must have good genes.

Last night I watched yet another victim wash ashore. Sure seems like a lot of murder victims end up in the water on this show.

I don’t know how this show has passed by so fast. I’m on the seventh season.

Either I missed an episode or they simply didn’t explain what happened to Joe and the coroner. In fact we’re now on our third coroner on “Vera.”

The only person I think who has remained the same through all of the series aside from Vera is Kenny.

Ivy has started doing something different of late. Before when someone would come inside, be it family or workmen, she would run and hide. Now, she’s all over them.

When the cable guy was here Friday, Ivy wouldn’t leave him alone. While he was working on my modem problem, she kept touching him. His back was to me.

Finally he said: “Is that the cat touching me?”

(Well it certainly wasn’t me I wanted to say.)

And I said “Yes, she wants you to acknowledge her.”

Ivy can be a pest. She’s decided she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and she wants everyone to know it. And not just to know it, but to pet and praise her for it.

Charlie has always liked to get under blankets or quilts. I think he feels safe there. But Ivy won’t have it. She will paw at him and dig at the blanket until he gives up and comes out.

When I was cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen shelves, look where Ivy cropped up. How does she squeeze her big body into these little spaces?

She’s behind the Breville oven!

Now at least once every hour, she comes to me wherever I am and mews, wanting me to pet her. If I pet her wrong she bites my hand. Not hard, but enough to get her point across.

I have to say she is good around all the house plants. She isn’t interested in them just like she wasn’t interested in the Christmas trees. She does swat at the ponytail palm now and then.

But how do I convey to Ivy that people don’t want to be touched?

She will simply raise a paw and touch them and sometimes she leaves the paw there. Other times she touches them, lowers her paw and then does it again.

I give her lots of attention. I tell her what a pretty girl she is.

Yes, I guess I’ve spoiled her. She thinks everyone should treat her like I treat her, which is like a queen.

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  1. I get such a laugh out of Ivy’s little antics! What a funny kitty she is! My sweetie’s two cats couldn’t be more different – his old girl, Lucy, still doesn’t care for me (or anyone else for that matter) even though I’ve known her for 9 years already. She’ll let me pet her for about 60 seconds and that’s all she’ll tolerate. Meanwhile his new rescue, Luna, couldn’t be sweeter! She’s so affectionate, will jump on my lap and give me all sorts of loving! She’s gorgeous – too bad she never stays still long enough for me to get a good photo of her!

  2. You should have told the “cable guy” that he only wishes that it were you touching him…or either “don’t flatter yourself my, dear”… bahahaha…that is so funny. I don’t know how folks cannot love animals..but thats coming from a huge animal lover… (lets hope he just didn’t have time in his schedule to pet her.. ;0) :0( …right….. oh, well…glad your baby is so friendly and just don’t worry about it..those who aren’t capable of loving all ..then they will quickly get over it… Good reminder that organization does probably help us eat better.. Enjoy your posts..Thank you..

  3. I think Ivy is just learning that there are lots of other humans in the world—she’s been fairly isolated, you know—and that they all might be a source of attention for her! In her opinion at least she’s never gonna have “enough” attention–just like a little kid. You can pay attention to them until you are cross-eyed and fall over and they will still ask for more! You can look at Ivy as just a very “sociable” cat. She has a great self-image thanks to her mom’s (your) love and care and wants to share it with everybody, even the cable guy!

    Our new kittens are demonstrating their instinct to be nocturnal. They sleep all day and rare around all night. My daughter said she could hear them playing with each other in the bathtub last night. Just like Ivey. The old cat seeks out my bedroom when I retire and stays quietly with me all night. Away from those two marauders. I’ve even taken to putting her supper and some water in my bedroom. I do stop at the litter, though. She’ll just have to brave the others to go to the basement. Although, I don’t think they actually would bother her that much–that’s mostly in her head, she’s always been so skitterish.

    Speaking of re-organizing the kitchen we have one corner where all our meds and supplements are kept that could use a real workover. My daughter has so many “calming” substances for the boys plus their vitamins–the ones they will take and the ones they won’t–that they have taken over nearly a whole cabinet and the counter below. Yikes! But it’s one of those things where every last thing is going to have to come out of the cupboard and it all reorganized. Could take a whole day and who’s got that kind of time? So we just bumble around in it! But someday if I get frustrated enough—watch out! (I hope it doesn’t come to that!)

  4. I’ve been organizing my kitchen, too – as well as a lot of other areas of the house. With winter really setting in, it puts me in nesting and organizing mode.

    That’s funny about Ivy. Though I lock my cats up in my bedroom when anyone (besides family or friends) are due to come in the house. There a lot of people who are allergic to animals or simply don’t want animals around them. I also figure it will keep my cats more comfortable that way, too. Neither one of the like strangers.

  5. Did you skip seasons3 and 4? On my Acorn tv subscription you can only get seasons 1,2,5,6 ….. Season 3 and 4 have to be watched on Britbox. Maybe that is how you missed some of the characters.

  6. You did such a good job with kitchen. Everything looks so organized. Everything is easy to find what you need and are looking for.

  7. I’ve had many wonderful cats in my life and I believe Ivy is very intelligent. I’ve thought this ever since you brought that baby home. The way she now places her paw on visitors is her way of asking them to pay attention to her or at least acknowledge her. Her gentle “bites” as you pet her is her way of training you.
    Love to Charlie and Ivy. I love your photos and often share them and your posts with my mom (age 79). BYW we are fans if Vera and Doc Martin. Because of your posts, we dropped our $$$ cable package, got a ROKU and added Acorn & Netflix as well as (free) Tubi. Thx!

  8. Ivy is the cat’s meow, so to speak. Cleatus used to always do the same thing. It was, pay attention to me, love on me more. When I had the PC tech here working on my computer, she did the same thing that Ivy does. Maybe it’s a little way of showing off, I don’t know, but I sure wish she was still here, doing what she was doing. I loved that cat, so much. I believe she knew it, and that’s what love is about. Taking the time to pay attention, when they seem to need it. Hugs to you and Ivy, and Charlie…

  9. Oh my gosh Ivy is a crack up. Love the cable guy asking about if that’s the cat. Hysterical. Our pets give us just such.

  10. I love to read about Ivy’s personality quirks and see her photos. She is a very pretty cat and so curious. And I can just visualize her pestering Charlie until he gives in. In her own way, she has probably been good for Charlie. Her behavior with strangers seems so unusual; my cats tend to hide under the bed when a stranger is in the house. Ivy is quite the hostess!

    The kitchen looks so nice; reminds me that both my pantry and my frig need to be cleaned and better organized. This will be on my To Do list for this week.

    Vera sounds like a character I would like to watch. And like you, if I find a series/character I like, I tend to want to binge watch it because I get so caught up in the story.

    Hope you have a pleasant Sunday.

  11. She looks more beautiful every day.
    I spoil my two rescue kitties as well.
    They give so much love in return. ❤??
    Each in their own way.
    The youngest is like your Ivy, curious about everything!

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