Getting Things Done Before Cataract Surgery

Yesterday I dusted the surfaces and moved most of the furniture away from the wall and mopped underneath.

Wednesday I have my first cataract surgery. They said it was very important that afterward I was not near any dirt for awhile. I figured this probably also goes for dust.

Dirt comes in our windows here. I have blinds and curtains pulled to keep it contained. I guess it’s coming in around the windows.

The man next door who’s moving in a week or so has a terrible time of it sweeping it all the time. Because his wife has COPD.

My eyes itch after dusting and mopping. It makes me miserable even with eye drops and allergy medication.

Vignette of books, a cow and hydrangeas in a white pitcher inside a coke box

This morning I am washing the bedding. I want to have the chores done and the place clean so I’ll have a few days to rest my ankle and get the dust out of my eyes.

Last night while reading my current book, the main protagonist, who is a paralegal, was working on a case for one of the lawyers regarding a botched cataract surgery.

I thought no, no, no I don’t want to read about this right now. Luckily they just skimmed over that case. But it’s still in the back of my mind.

Zinnias in my garden

I worked outside for awhile yesterday cutting out dead vines. As I worked, at one point I heard birds overhead. I looked up and saw a couple of birds flying high.

Why don’t you come down here? I wanted to ask them.

I haven’t seen the hawk again. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still around. I watch Charlie very carefully when we’re on the patio.

My dog Charlie

I think today Charlie will get a bath in the kitchen sink. He hates a bath, so I do it as quickly as possible, dry him with a towel, and let him down to run around and shake it off.

Yesterday I also applied leather softener/conditioner to my living room couch and chair.

My furniture isn’t real leather, but it’s what I was given when I bought the furniture a few years ago to soften it.

House plant reflected in a mirror

It should be a calm Saturday around here I hope. I have a few more things I want to get done. Another load of laundry.

I have to sit at the table and read over all the instructions. I think you begin the eye drops two days before surgery. I have about 5-6 little boxes of drops setting there. As well as wipes for my eye lashes.

I often get instructions confused (because I’m so literal) so I need to read it over several times or more to make sure I understand it correctly.

I’m just curious. Does your eyes itch for days after you dust your furniture?


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  1. My mom just had that surgery last week and she was so excited that she could see again! The surgery took about 10 minutes, and no issues at all. Good luck with yours!

  2. What horrible timing with that book! Yes, my eyes itch from the dust as well. Perhaps wear goggles, but wouldn’t we look silly with those on?!? Adorable picture of Charlie and I’m glad the birds are slowly coming back as it sounds like they are being cautious and who can blame them.
    I look forward to hearing about your recovery from the cataract surgery as that too is in my future.
    Happy Monday!
    Carol and Molly

  3. Hi Brenda – yes, after dusting my eyes itch. I have to keep things simple b/c of allergies in these mid-life years. scale down a lot for that very reason. im catching up today and wishing u the best. all ur preps will make ur recovery go smooth 🙂

  4. I’m the botched cataract surgery. The only one i’ve ever heard of. My aged mum with Alzheimer’s had no problem what so ever with hers. My dad did not either. I had mine early. Lots of us do in Arizona due to lots of sun.
    My doc told me to avoid bending Over as it increases pressure in the eye and that’s not good. The doctor gave me a clear plastic cover for my whole eye socket to wear when sleeping or napping so I wouldn’t accidentally manipulate the eye. I could see through it easily as it was crystal clear. No need to remove it to ambulate to the bathroom.

  5. My friend’s mother just had her eyes done, at age 95! She is so pleased to be able to see the tv and read again. I hope your surgery goes equally as well and produces successful results like hers.

  6. Best of luck with your eye surgery – My dad had both eyes done and said it was a piece of cake, he was very relieved and amazed at the improvement in his vision.

  7. Good luck with your eye surgery. I had both eyes done and I will say it was not bad at all. My pre-worry was the worst because well, I just worry. As some of the others have said – no one said anything to me about dust. It could have been in my literature but I might have overlooked it. OMG the clarity I had afterwards was awesome. After the first eye is done, and you see the difference between your eyes you will be amazed. I had no idea my vision was so clouded with yellow until it wasn’t. Best wishes for an easy recovery.

  8. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes. It is quick and they are very diligent to keep you comfortable and pain free. I have chronic eye issues and have to use multiple drops daily. Getting a system organized for your drops will really help. My very best wishes for your surgery. Crystal & Dixie

  9. Brenda, will be praying for you on Wednesday. Had both of my eyes done. Amazed at how easy the surgery was and love that I can see so much better. I do use my glasses for reading and sewing. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  10. Putting drops in the eyes can be tricky. My eye doctor gave me best advice. She said to take the bottle and angle it off my nose with dropper toward eye instead of aiming for middle of eye go for the inner corner closet to nose. This has worked so well and I’ve been able to get more medicine in my eye now instead of running down my cheek.

  11. You’re smart to get things done like the laundry now. You’ll have lifting restrictions for a few post operation days.
    I believe the statistics are that is one for the most successful surgeries.

  12. Not only do my eyes itch and water after dusting, the next day I feel bad like I am coming down with something. I have all kinds of food and chemical sensitivities bug the only thing that came up on my blood test was an allergy to dust. Not unusual because that kind of blood test usually doesn’t show much. Good luck with your surgery!

  13. Best of luck on your cataract surgery, Brenda. I know you will do fine.
    I, too, had cataract surgery 20 yrs. ago, early for my age but I have always been very nearsighted. The thing I remember MOST was that they told me NOT to bend down after surgery until they tell you it is okay, when you have your follow-up appointment. I also slept with two pillows behind me in a semi-sitting up position the first nite after surgery on each eye-I was just too afraid I would roll over and hurt my eye if I slept flat on my back. Maybe they give you an eye protector now; you might ask.
    Not any change of vision after all these years of the surgery. I am very thankful.

    1. I’m glad you mentioned that. I will ask them. Today I feel like I have sand in my eyes after cleaning yesterday. I have a follow up appointment the very next morning with my optometrist.

  14. My husband had his right eye done 2 years ago and his left a couple weeks ago. He is now finishing his schedule of drops. He’s pleased with the results and hasn’t had any issues. Good Luck to you. Stay calm and all will be well.

    1. If you have to use the drops that long I had better get a system down so I don’t forget. Will write it all down like several others said.

    1. I’m sure glad I got the cleaning out of the way. Did the laundry today. Will get groceries Monday. Then rest Tuesday.

  15. Had both eyes done back in March. No problems. Enormous improvement in vision, especially with night driving. Best of luck

    1. I don’t drive at night. Never. I can’t see at night because of the glare of lights. Heavens, I don’t even go out at night!

  16. My Mom and sister had that surgery done and it didn’t take much time at all. It’s been yrs and their eyes are still good. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great weekend!

    1. I will be fine. My daughter will take me. I’ll come home and curl up with Charlie Boy.

  17. Wishing you the best for your eye surgeries. My aunt had both eyes done when she was in her 80’s… and I don’t remember her ever saying anything about dust in the house… and her house WAS very dusty and not kept very clean! She didn’t have any problems.. though I think they took a little longer to heal up than she thought.. and that could have been because of dust in her house! I’m sure she just kept on doing whatever she did and didn’t slow down… that might have helped! Everyone else I know who has had the surgeries, has seemed to not have any problems at all, so stay positive and I bet it will all go fine. You are very well prepared! I agree with making a little chart for when to put which drops in. My hubby needs both eyes done pretty soon, and I recall that the doc said he may need at least 2 pairs of glasses.. one pair at first, and then about a year later, another exam and probably different strength glasses once both eyes have completely healed up.

    1. The doctor didn’t mention dust, but was emphatic about dirt. But I know dust is an allergy for me, so I figure that would have been a problem too as well as dirt.

  18. I can understand your feelings when you read the book and thought about your same surgery as last week I had surgery to remove a 9 cm mass and worried it was cancer and sure enough the book I was reading then dealt with a woman having cancer that I did not know was going to happen. So I gulped and said what are the odds I had to read that at a difficult time for me. Anyways I shook my head and told myself not to let it grip onto me and it didn’t. I went in with good thoughts and good things will continue to bless me, I hope. And believe me you won’t feel up to what you thought as I realized I was in my 40’s last I had surgery and breezed through that recovery. I am 20 years older now and it took longer. I got impatient with myself so take a step back, rest and do take time to heal correctly as I have had to tell myself. It is hard but no spring chicken anymore. Remain determined right now to have a clean environment around you and coming home will wrap you up to rest.

    1. The last surgeries I had was for my ankle in 2012 and 2014. But now at 61 I definitely feel more tired and it takes longer to get over things.

  19. I had the cataract surgery a few years ago. I found the examinations prior to the surgery to be worse than the surgery–more uncomfortable. I remember them putting some kind of thing right on my eyeball. I guess it was to measure, not sure. And, of course it had to be done twice, once for each eye.

    I can’t say I’ve been totally pleased with the outcome of the surgery. I still have to wear reading glasses, which I expected and don’t mind and I have pretty good distance vision. However, the mid-distance isn’t clear; I have to wear glasses for that, too. When I chose to have the implant lenses that would give me distance vision instead of close vision I just assumed I would only need glasses for reading and close work. But that’s not how it turned out and I don’t know if my expectations were unrealistic or not, but the issue was never brought up any time before the surgery. So I do still need to wear trifocals all the time. Also, I think my vision has changed since the surgery so I need to get another eye exam to see if I need different correction now. Somehow, I tho’t that wouldn’t happen, that my vision after surgery would remain the same from then on. That issue was never brought up with me either. So, you might want to ask about it, if it’s not been discussed with you.

    I’m sure your surgery will go just fine and you will see much better. The surgery itself was really easy for me. No one mentioned anything about avoiding dust, but they did tell me not to bend over until after my follow-up appointment. Like the other reader said, think positively about the surgery and all will be well. Sending you good vibes, Brenda!

    1. I won’t be getting the implant lenses. Far too expensive. I know I’ll still have to wear glasses. And I might have to change prescriptions. I just paid $700 for this pair I got last November. So not looking forward to paying for another. But what will be will be.

      1. I think I’d talk to the place where you had the surgery if you didn’t already and ask them your questions. I would have thought it would be better with the implants.

    1. My eyes today are awful. Still so itchy. In a bit I can take an OTC allergy pill. I will be glad to get this over with. Then of course there’s the next one.

  20. I’m sure your surgery will go well and you will be happy with the results. Everyone I’ve known who have had cataract surgery have been pleased with the final results. Sounds like you are very well prepared for a few days of rest and relaxation. Good luck and take care.

    1. I’m one of those individuals who can’t stand to be late for an appointment. I’m always early. And I’m always prepared for things. I’d be a nervous wreck if I didn’t. It’s just part of my nature.

  21. Hello. I might sneeze a few times when dusting but that is it. I hope all goes well with your surgery. My mom had cataract surgeries done when in her 70s and it seemed to go fine. She’s 87 now and has no issues with them.

  22. Good for you on having the foresight to get stuff done that will help you after the surgery!
    I agree ~ make yourself a timeline for your drops; have a red pen ready to check them off as you do each one.
    And remember what the surgeon said ~ “Itchy, scratchy, blurry; no worries” for the first few days.
    My eyes don’t get red when I dust, but since I’m allergic to dust mite dander, it can give my sinuses a fit! especially if it’s been too long since I last dusted!!
    I’ll be thinking about you on Wednesday ~

    1. Yes, I’ll get a notebook over on the table to mark the times for the drops down. That’s where I’m keeping the drops so I’ll remember to do them.

    1. I don’t get it. I just went over the settings on comments and you should not be having to fill in info. Do you have a Google account?


    1. My dryer doesn’t really warm things up. I never use it because, as part of the washing machine, it just isn’t very effective.


  24. Lately my eyes have been dry and itchy, but most of it is probably because our skies are filled with smoke from the California Forest Fires. I need to have my cataract surgery done soon as well. It would be great to be able to read books again and focus.

    1. I squint and squint trying to focus. I know my eyes have gotten quite a bit worse in the last few months.

  25. wow. that is the very first I’ve heard about watching out for dust just after the surgery.
    my eyes are super sensitive. so I definitely live in the wrong state! I have heard only good reports about this surgery. so I hope all goes well with yours too! I have to have it in the next few years.
    what you think in your mind is so important! so think only of success and wonderful results!
    I love that little face. he seems to be less camera shy than before! or did you just get lucky? 😀 xo

    1. A female doctor who talks to you after all your eye tests (not the surgeon) was very adamant about the dirt. I told her I have a container garden and will have to water it. She said do not go near the dirt. Don’t touch it. Don’t be where it’s blowing around for awhile after surgery. She said that’s very important.

  26. Good luck to you with your surgery. I am sure it will be a relief to have it done. My eyes itch after I dust. We have a very dusty house, not sure where it all comes from but it is what it is.

    Charlie is a cutie. We have a fox here that I used to be afraid would get Munchen because she was older, had hearing loss and vision as well. But till the end she was a tough girl. When we lived in Florida and she was younger we had 3 large owls that lived in the trees in our yard and I was afraid they would get her as I had hear that there were several incidents with other dogs in the neighborhood.

    Have a great day.

  27. I had cataract surgery about a year ago … the surgery was easy… putting all those drops in your eyes was the hard part…well not really hard just tedious…. if your doctor doesn’t give you a schedule for the drops make one for yourself… mine was just on a piece of letter size paper… it showed how many drops (as this varies over the course of a couple of weeks) and how many times a day… then you just check it off when you do it. I could never get the drops in without them running down my face but other than that I had no problems. As for the dust, yes my eyes still water a bit. The only downside of the surgery I found was that I had no idea how much dust and dirt I wasn’t seeing around my house. About a month after the surgery (when both eyes were done) I had a friend come in and we really cleaned my place…baseboards, bathroom, etc. I was extremely nearsighted before the surgery and just hadn’t seen the dirt till I got my eyes fixed. I still wear glasses but my prescription is much less intense and my new glasses were a fraction of the cost of the glasses I’ve worn since I was a kid. I’m sure everything will go smoothly…take care…hugs!

    1. I didn’t clean my base boards. But I repainted some of them in the living room the other day. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday too.

    2. The easiest method I have found to put eye drops in your eyes and have them consistently get on the surface of the eye is to tilt your head toward your shoulder and put the drops in from the outer edge of your eye. This eliminates blinking at the wrong time and wasting the drops. ;-P The outer edge method, in my experience, is also more effective because it allows the drops to bathe the eye thoroughly.

      Wishing you the best of luck with your surgery and a speedy and uneventful recovery .

  28. Good luck with your cataract surgery. I’ve had both of my eyes done with no complications. It was a breeze! You will be amazed how crystal clear your vision will be after the surgery. I didn’t realize how blurry my vision had gotten. I just had my yearly eye check up and have 20/20 vision (I’m in my seventies) but do use ‘cheaters’ (1.25) for reading.

    1. I’m so tired of trying to look at, say, the TV in my bedroom and things are just not clear with glasses. And I just got new glasses less than a year ago.

  29. Brenda, I had cataract surgery about two years ago and I still need to wear sunglasses on any bright day, even if the sun isn’t out. But I can see fine without my glasses now and I have several cheap reading glasses laying around everywhere. Our condo is so so with dust, but our cottage is a whole different matter. I’d have to dust several times a day to keep it clean OR keep the windows closed, none of which is going to happen. We have about 14-15 windows in our tiny cottage, which is why we don’t have much wall space. I don’t get itchy eyes when cleaning, but do have issues with my nose sometimes. I think it’s allergies. Wishing you well with your surgery!

  30. My house gets pretty dusty. I think I need to have my ductwork cleaned out, for one thing. I do use a good quality furnace filter that I change monthly. And my pulmonary doctor told me to use a mask when I dust and vacuum because of my COPD/asthma,

    You seem very well-prepared for your surgery!

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