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  1. You did well to wait til morning before opening it! I’m sure I couldn’t wait 😀

  2. My daughter gave me a membership for Christmas one year. I enjoyed most of the book and some I did not. I love that they include a bookmark with the book. Hope you enjoy it. pam

  3. I think Ivy is thinking “Get that thing out of my box!” She’s so cute. Sounds like a great book.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. The author certainly found her niche. xo Laura

  5. Briana from Texas says:

    God bless your intrepid delivery person!

  6. Give me a nice bouncy Regency Romance. How I wish Jane Austen was still alive and writing, in slightly updated English. I used to read Stephen King in my younger days, and lots of scary novels – can’t handle them anymore. Too many real day horrors of all kinds to deal with. If your city has laws about snow removal (I would imagine so, since you live in a state where snow can be expected), I would ask about it at the “office” as a sort of gentle reminder. I can’t imagine if there are people, especially older people (like me) who want to access a walkway or get to the parking lot to get to their car navigating inches of snow and ice! If nothing is done, complain to the city about no snow removal. The mail carrier and deliveries should be able to make it to your front door, for goodness sake!

  7. Peggy Lineberry says:

    I got mine Saturday. Going to start reading it this weekend . Thank you for sharing the book club!

  8. I am thinking Ivy has called dibs on the box to hide her treasures like the q-tips she steals. Love that cat! Brenda, I really think you should author a book. You have such an intelligent and creative mind and amazing writing skills.

    1. I don’t want to write a book. I like to write things in short spurts like a blog post.

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