I ordered a GoodRX card but had yet to use it until yesterday. Then I went to Trader Joe’s to get fruit and frozen vegetables.

Before I went to Trader Joe’s, as I try to do all my errands in one outing, I picked up prescriptions.

For 2 medications it was over $200, and one is generic, but 90 days worth. The other one is a “late in life lady’s medication” that I’ve needed for years.

Using my BCBS insurance, the last one I mentioned was over $150. So I gave her my GoodRX card just to see if it would lower the price any without using my insurance.

And I saved right at $60 over and above the insurance price using GoodRx instead.

If you haven’t ordered a GoodRx card you might think about it. It saved me even more than the insurance I pay dearly for every month.

Trader Joe’s Shopping:

Then on to Trader Joe’s, where I bought frozen veggies and the frozen frittatas I like, along with fruit.

Just down a bit down and across the street is the barbecue place I’ve mentioned. I bought a pound of chicken and also of pulled pork. I’ll freeze individual portions of each for evening meals.

So I took care of meals for a good while by stopping at these two places. And in this horrid heat, I don’t want to go out any more than I have to.

Plastic Baggies Controversy:

After reading all the comments, I will stop using plastic baggies for meat, just to be safe. I already have those glass storage containers with snap-on lids I can use.

I was using the baggies because I can squeeze those into my freezer. Having a somewhat small refrigerator with the freezer on top, it gets full fairly quickly.

I’m also ordering those reusable storage bags one of you mentioned. I already have it in my Amazon cart.

Negative Comments:

The latest comments are at the top. So when I read something about a comment that was negative, I had to go down the row of comments to figure out what it was.

I tried to recall what all I’d written as I scrolled down, as I couldn’t figure out what on earth anyone was having a problem with. Come to find out the post was just boring!

Well, that’s better than a scathing comment on something more significant. I’ve never understood why anyone would leave a negative comment, but it happens quite a bit.

It’s part of the landscape of the online world.

Life & Inconsequential Things:

I write about my life, what happens during my day, and of course Ivy. And before that my beloved Charlie.

I did an opinion poll here some years ago and asked what you’d most like to read about.

The top subject readers wanted to see was day-to-day life. The second I think was decorating. That kind of stunned me. Because I do live a pretty boring life.

That survey told me that the majority of readers that visit here are not looking for DIYs or how to use scary tools.

But you’re more of a coffee/tea circle of friends who like to get together each day.

The Age Range Of Readers According To Data:

The age range that reads this blog, and I’ve checked these numbers, are women in their 6os. There are other ages as well, but the majority is somewhere in my age range.

So, yes, mostly I just write about life. Sometimes I feel nostalgic and write what I tag Reflections/Life.

When I do something new in my apartment, of course, it appears here too. And news about house plants or gardening. And whatever Ivy is doing.

But I do work hard on this blog and have for years. I try to capture the best photos. And I try to provide information I think you might find useful.

What It Takes To Maintain This Blog:

I pay $130 a month just to host this blog and send out emails. That also includes a monthly fee for a guy whose company helps with technical stuff.

Not to mention the other things I pay for to maintain this blog. Like a decent camera and a computer. Photo-editing software and storage space. The yearly fee for my domain.

The list goes on and on when it comes to being part of the online world. I know some of you hate the ads and such. But I have to make money or I’d start out in the hole from the get-go.

When I fell and broke both sides of my ankle back in 2012, I stupidly crossed my arms over my camera instead of breaking my fall with my hands.

And what was I trying to take a photo of? That summer’s first morning glory bloom I wanted to capture for this blog.

I’ll regret that forever. A new camera would have been far cheaper. Not to mention the day-to-day problems that remain with an injury like this.

Exchanging Ideas:

This is a place where women come to exchange ideas. You always tell me something I didn’t already know.

We share homemaking and frugal tips. Talk about our pets and grieve the ones we’ve lost.

I write about plain old life. So I’ve never had sponsors banging on my door. They want the how-to’s and DIY projects group that use scary tools.

There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with me or like what I write. Even when it’s something as innocuous as being boring. And that’s okay.

But I wish they’d email me instead of putting it out there where all of you have to read it. And I do apologize if this post is rather boring.

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  1. Your posts are never boring. If they were, I won’t be such a devoted fan for so many years. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been enjoying your blog. Don’t change a thing! {{hugs}} L.

  2. You are right, this is a coffee / tea circle with friends. I have been meaning to tell you that some blogs I follow (found them thru you) have a “buy me coffee” feature. I’d love to buy you coffee. I don’t know how the critical types would react, but it is an idea. Think about it.

  3. I like coming here and hearing about you. I find your post informative and fun to read. I’ve learned many things from you that have proved valuable. Please, keep things as they are!!!

  4. I love your blog. I don’t love all blogs, and I just don’t read the ones I don’t like a second time. No need to leave ugly comments. Different strokes for different folks.

    I like reading about the ordinary aspects of life you describe. Keep it up and stay just as you are.

  5. You are just fine. The person who said that obviously doesn’t share our interests. She should just move along. Lots of other blogs out there to visit.

  6. You’ve had loyal readers for many years, so you are doing something right! I often learn something when reading your posts (like, who knew Trader Joes has frozen frittatas?!?! I’m going to look for them). In my opinion, negative comments come from negative people.

  7. Brenda, if someone think your posts are boring perhaps that person’s own life is boring and she is projecting that onto you. In that case it’s up to the person to do something about her dissatisfaction with her own situation, not criticize someone else. We all have to find our own interests and learn to entertain ourselves, I think, instead of depending on others to keep us entertained. That being said, I certainly don’t think your blog is boring–Not at all. Perhaps I am more easily entertained than the person who’s bored by it but I think I am in very good company if that is the case. Keep doing what you’re doing, dearie! It works for me and lots of others.

  8. I really enjoy your Blog. I am retired and the familiarity of seeing your day to day life helps the feeling of being too isolated sometimes..when I stay in too long. You are a great photographer and I love pets ..so always love your pet posts. Thanks for being there and for all of the helpful hints about life and commodities we use in our lives. Though everyone may not agree politically sometimes or whatever…its ok..! (or it is with me..) :0) .. You do a great job..I admire all of you wonderful bloggers..love it all. So fun and entertaining..again. Thank you.

  9. For the past seven years I’ve loved reading your stories and can’t understand why anyone would have anything negative to say. Please keep it up! You are a wonderful writer.

  10. Love the way you write Brenda which is why I keep coming for a visit. I enjoy your blog very much and your wonderful photos. Keep it real and be yourself!

  11. I will never understand why people leave negative comments. Don’t like what you see? Move along and keep your thoughts to yourself. That doesn’t cost a thing and it, most probably, you will not change anyone’s opinion anyway.
    Nice post, Brenda.

  12. Love your blog and now appreciate even more what goes into creating it – thanks for sharing that. I had no idea. I don’t mind the links at all, in fact, they are often helpful.
    I’m 74, so a little older than many of the friends here.
    Keep on keeping on, please. Hugs to Ivy – if she allows hugs, lol!

  13. Brenda,
    You’re a thoughtful writer and a great photographer! I appreciate your blog for its simplicity and mindfulness. Keep it up! Condolences on the loss of your sweet pup.

  14. I look forward to your posts every single day. At one time when for a while you stopped posting on weekends, it almost wrecked my day. Talk about withdrawal symptoms…whew. I am amazed that you can post everyday and no matter the topic – the profound or the mundane – it’s interesting. I don’t share your taste in books yet I still enjoy reading your book reviews. I have never been fond of cats, yet I fell in love with Ivy thanks to you. It’s amazing the impact a blog can have. Viva Cozy Little House!

  15. Brenda you are never boring. You write about things that are important to your true fans; life, pets, children, nature, gardening, decorating our little homes.💕 No big tools required! Although I must admit I do like some tools, since I live alone.
    GoodRX is such a money savor! Some pharmacies medications are less expensive than others, as well.

  16. Brenda, I live a secluded life here on the river. Just me, two fur babies, and my disabled son. I look forward to hearing from you every morning. In fact. It makes my day. I enjoy your decorating posts the most but would never stop reading your blog if you posted something that might not interest me. And I certainly wouldn’t make a negative comment because friends wouldn’t do that to friends. There is always someone who can’t refrain from expressing their opinion whether it hurts one’s feelings or not. So, try to overlook the whiners and continue your uplifting and welcomed blog. You are part of my life and I hope you never stop sharing your life with us. Still looking forward to seeing that new coffee table!

  17. I have followed you for a long time – from your Texas days to moving to OK. Never are you boring to me . You are our friend and that’s why we like “talking” with you about your day and our feelings on what matters to us. I learn much from you as well as read the books you suggest so you are valuable in more ways than friendship. The older I get, I feel less stress and anxiety without all the drama people bring on themselves. I can do without flying so I don’t have to be subjected to unruly behavior on planes, I am content to eat home quietly so I can tip when I do a take out, so I carefully pick and chose now whom and where I wish to go. I love a boring life!

  18. Hello Brenda;
    I am a long time reader and love your blog. I think you have a big talent in the writing department – I am very impressed by your use of language and expression of of ideas. It is a big talent and I am very glad to receive and enjoy your blog posts. It is difficult to understand why someone would bother to complain about your posts – if they don’t like it why not stop reading? Love your day to day adventures and happenings, I feel like you are a friend in spite of never having met. So, thank you, take care and stay safe, Ivy also.

  19. You know what,I’m 100% with all the other posters, I look forward to reading your blog,I missed yesterday because I was activating a new phone and realized I’m not as tech savvy as I thought.
    It seems we’re mostly women in our 60s and possibly empty nesters, sometimes life is wash rinse repeat, I personally enjoy your Ivy stories because I have 2 purring furkids and I love them to bits and their shenanigans are just funny!!!!!
    My mom always said if you don’t have something nice to say be quiet.
    I’m a widow and there’s nothing like having something to just heat up for supper,I know I have no interest in meal prep anymore!

  20. Brenda as you know I don’t often comment on your blog often but I do read it every day and I can honestly say it is never boring. I love to hear about your life and dear Ivy. I haven’t commented much about Charlie as it makes me so sad but I do think about you often and I often quote you to my sister. Something you said once turned a light on for me about why my son is the way he is. I cannot remember the exact word you used but it was spot on. I understand so much more now about my son’s behavior. You are very precious not just to me but to a lot of your readers, don’t ever doubt that.

  21. Brenda what you said is exactly why I love your blog. I agree negative comments should be privately emailed to you. If someone finds the blog boring, don’t read it! Sheesh! There’s plenty of us that DO enjoy your blog and that comment felt aimed at all of us! You are exactly right in that I love your blog for the day to day, decorating, etc. And the pets! Oh my goodness let’s not forget them! I don’t want a bunch of how to’s and fancy projects. Look, I’m only 50, work full time, am married, have a huge house and yard. I’m not your typical reader and I LOVE your blog. It’s so peaceful, practical, and serene. Your life is the life I want some day. Keep doing what you are doing. There is no one else like you. I only follow two blogs- yours and g.Donna. Have a beautiful day my friend. For you do feel like a friend. ♥️

  22. I enjoy reading about your life and garden and pets and decorating and books! And how you manage with joint problems which i also have. And your budget friendly hacks. Not boring at all.
    You have beautiful taste and I get ideas and inspiration from your blog.

  23. Brenda don’t change a thing. If you were my next door neighbor we would be talking over the fence (while hanging clothes!). We are about the same age and live basically the same quiet, simple lifestyle. Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. In all honesty … the mundane things of daily life can be boring in all our lives. Sharing the bits and pieces of it with others is what brings us together and helps us to realize that our lives are just like our neighbors. We have good days and bad days, exciting days once in a while but most are pretty regular — that’s life — and I’m glad you choose to share yours with us.

  25. I also somehow missed the comment about not storing meat in a plastic bag. I don’t see the problem, as you can disinfect the inside of the plastic bag before reusing it with a disinfecting dishsoap. Isn’t just about every product we buy today something that disinfects anyway. I buy Honey Ham for sandwiches that comes in plastic containers and store in the freezer until ready to use. I’ve re-used the washed containers to store various leftovers both in the fridge and in the freezer. Ground beef, chicken breasts and steaks either stay in original packaging or I section out and wrap the sections in tin (aluminum) foil and stash it in the lowest freezer drawer of my fridge. I think more people have gotten sick from eating contaminated lettuce than freezing meat in a reused, washed plastic storage bag.

  26. Hi Brenda,
    I love your blog and it’s the first one I read every morning. Keep being you. Ignore the negative and don’t apologize. They’re just miserable human beings and no one can make them happy anyway.
    Take care. Margie

  27. I’ve had to learn a plethora of things in the past three years; i.e. learn to live alone, embrace what I love and enjoy without fear of judgment, self care, etc. But the absolute biggest thing I’ve learned is to “just be me”. So Brenda, just be YOU. I look forward to each and every blog post.

  28. Your posts are not boring! They are about real life and not some made up version to impress readers. I am learning a lot from reading about your experiences. Being the same age and also having some health issues, I am benefitting from your posts regarding finding a more manageable place to call home and real estate ventures in this crazy market. You get me thinking and give me ideas. Your photography is awesome and I enjoy all the photos you post, especially the furkids. You know, I don’t know why anyone would fuss about ads. I don’t notice them. For me, the blog is all good! I just have the same interests I guess. Pets, plants, nature, decorating on a budget, and books are what makes my world go round!

  29. Dear Brenda, I enjoy your columns very much because you are a real neighbor. You talk about the many facets of life in a very meaningful way. Keep up your good work. I am a dog lover who is learning to appreciate cats from watching Ivy.

  30. I am 74 years old and don’t comment very often—but I love your blog (and you) so much! I check in every day to see what my friend Brenda is up to 🙂

    Please stay your same sweet self and enjoy your Ivy!

    Even though I don’t need much these days, I try to click on your Amazon suggestions so you get points for that or whatever. (don’t actually understand it but I think that is a positive for you.)

  31. Don’t change anything on your blog. I love it just the way it is and that is why I return everyday to read it. (I will be eighty in a few months!)

  32. Hi Brenda. Love ur Blog. Yes it’s about ordinary and peaceful day to day living. Many of us strive for that and nothing more! Keep going.

  33. I never find your posts boring Brenda. I enjoy reading about your day to day life. It’s like visiting an old friend.
    With the prescription card, can you use your insurance and the card too or is it one or the other?

  34. I am a fairly new reader of your blog, I think maybe in the last month or so, and I love them. I especially loved today’s blog explaining the cost of maintaining the blog, and the age group of women reading it (I am in my sixties too,) and what you write about. I love it because it reads like a journal. They are very interesting, and I love reading about Ivy and Charlie. I have two cats and a big animal lover, so I can relate to what you have to say. And like you said, you also learn from your readers. It’s valuable to all of us. Keep up the good work!

  35. I have to go back and read they the comments about storing meat in plastic bags. I think I missed it. And I thank you for all the wonderful subjects you write about and sharing your life and pets with us. I’ve been with you since Texas and the one thing I have to say I think I enjoy the most is your writing style. I’d so love to see you write a book.

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