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When I first moved to this apartment and started gardening on the patio 7 years ago this month, I was somewhat stronger. My ankle was still in the steel boot at times, but then I had a second surgery shortly after I moved here and the ankle was better.

But as those seven years have gone by, I’ve gotten less strong. I can’t do as much and I wear out easily. Add to that my back and ankle, and that makes gardening a problem for me.

So we seniors, if we want to continue gardening, and I know many do, must find a way to scale down and help ourselves lessen the strain and the pain.

LUCKYERMORE Garden Kneeler:

This is the LUCKYERMORE Garden Kneeler and Seat Folding Kneeling Bench Stool. And those rather scary looking gloves are molded to help you dig and work in soil.

2 in 1 DESIGN:

You can use the gardening tool as a bench when you pruning plants ,have a rest when you tired after working. Then flip it over and you can use it as a knelling stool when weeding. This is a good tool and handy when you’re gardening.

Pure Garden 82-VY021 Cart Rolling Stool:

This rolling garden stool is ideal for seniors to alleviate back and knee pain when planting or weeding.

This rolling cart can be used for other tasks around the home like painting, cleaning, or car repair.

The gardening chair features sturdy plastic wheels that are 3” in diameter and can roll forwards and backwards on most level terrains.

LUCKYERMORE Garden Utility Wagon:

Here is something I certainly need to put soil in and take from place to place on the patio. It is the LUCKYERMORE Garden Utility Wagon.

And it can hold a whopping 550 pounds. Wide wheelbase pneumatic tires are designed to handle any terrain whether you’re hauling heavy dirt, mulch, gravel, or plants

You could haul dirt, logs for your fireplace or use it to clean up fall leaves.

Floral Gardening Tool Set:

The lady gardener might like these floral garden tools. Might as well be pretty as well as useful!

Outdoor Folding Camping Chair + Garden Tool Bag & 3 Steel Garden Tools:

Often when I’m out working I’m so tired I just don’t want to go inside just yet. So this chair would come in handy. I could sit down near where I’m working just to rest for a bit.

It includes 1 large main compartment with 3 side pockets. It also comes with 3 stainless steel tools, including trowels, garden forks and weeders. Plus the fabric is waterproof.

Yongkist 9 PC All-in-one Garden Tools Set + Detachable Canvas Tool Bag:

This tool set could come in handy. And look what all you get:

They’ve just about thought of everything so you don’t have to get up and go find the hand sprayer or the shears, etc.

I would like to enjoy my days out in the sun digging in the dirt, so this type of gardening gear could be helpful so I can do it with little or no pain. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Gardening is not only good as exercise, but it also improves mental health. I’m going to do what I can to ensure that I can garden for a very long time.

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  1. I love all of your garden tool ideas, and that wheel barrel is something I think I am going to order. Have a great week Brenda. Can I send you an email to ask you for seam WordPress help?

  2. So many great tools to make help make light work of enjoyable tasks. I see a few things that would be incredibly helpful to you.
    My favorite thing you said in your post is that gardening “improves mental health”.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Lots of great things to help with back and bending issues as you plant out your garden. I am excited that I will only have the outside of the condo mansion that will have flowers. I volunteered to do some of the planting. In these twelve units we self do things to keep the cost of the HOA down. So most of the place has beautiful perennials but there are pots and some areas that need flowers so I hope I can do that part and still have my gardening bug filled. Just happy to not have the upkeep of cutting grass and lots of watering anymore. Few more weeks and I will be moving on to the next adventure. Happy Sunday and have a great week. xoxo

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