Grocery Shopping, Netflix Shows & What I’m Reading

I just got back from getting groceries. I love Snapple tea, but my grocery store doesn’t carry it, and I’ve inquired about it several times now.

So I go to the Walmart market (I won’t set foot in a super Walmart) and get Snapple tea and some other items I think might be cheaper there. Then I head a couple of blocks down to my grocery store to get things like ground turkey and other items that need to be refrigerated.

Not much on my patio is blooming. Just the morning glories, a few petunias and the sedum autumn joy. There might be a few pin cushion flowers out there.

It is kind of a sad time of year for gardeners. If you live in a climate like this one anyway. I focus on my indoor plants this time of year.

I could always get mums, but I think it’s just too hot for them. Later on I might get pansies just to have some color out there.

You won’t believe what I found in my bathtub the other day. A slug. A SLUG IN MY BATHTUB! Yukety-yuk!

I kept the door closed for some hours and then ran hot water for a while because as you know Ivy is fascinated with the bathtub.

How on earth did a slug get in my tub? Had to be the drain. There are no windows or other places it could have come from I don’t think.

I can’t abide mice, snakes, or slugs. I’m sure there are a few other nasty reptiles or insects on that list, but those are right there at the top.

When I lived in Texas, there were those cute little green lizards. I liked them though.

Ivy is determined to get in these little drawers to check out all those beads. I can just see her getting the plastic containers open and hundreds if not thousands of beads scattering across the floor.

I don’t think she can get in there now, the little stinker.

I haven’t tried doing many crafts since Ivy came to live here, but she certainly wants in on the action. Actually next month Ivy will have lived here one year.

Right now she’s sleeping next to me on the table I keep my laptop on when I’m not using it, and Charlie is at my feet on the recliner.

Ivy likes to play this game where she puts a toy up on the coffee table or dining table or somewhere. Then she will sit and stare at it for a minute or two, then knock it down and start all over again.

I finished watching “The Fall” on Netflix and two evenings ago I began watching “Broadchurch.” Above is the cast.


When eleven-year-old Daniel Latimer is found dead on the beach of a small town known as Broadchurch detectives Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller must crack the case. As the mystery slowly unravels the town seems to fall apart at the roots forcing the once kind neighbors to turn on each other.

I’ve decided what I really like about British and Australian TV series and movies is that the actors don’t look perfect. Do you know what I mean? They’re rather ordinary looking and therefore more believable to me.

I was riveted by “The Fall.” Oddly enough I had never seen the actor Jamie Dornan before, who played the serial killing villain. But he was quite good, as was Gillian Anderson. It seems he is pretty famous and handsome to boot.

Apparently he was in “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, but I haven’t seen that. If you have Netflix and haven’t seen “The Fall” and you like crime dramas, I think you’d like this one. It is quite fascinating.

I am reading “The Good Neighbor” right now.


Sometimes the past just won’t stay buried.

When 14-year-old Brittany vanishes from her bedroom one night, her parents are devastated, certain she has been taken.

They can’t bear to think about who has done this and what might be happening to their precious girl.

Even worse, the police seem to see them as suspects, implying that they may have had a part in their own daughter’s disappearance. Only their neighbor, Taylor, is a rock. She organizes search parties, feeds the volunteers, works night and day to help them find Brittany.

But as this affluent California community becomes focused on the hunt for the missing girl, it slowly becomes clear that her disappearance is linked to terrible secrets from the past.

Secrets that must be kept hidden at all costs….



  1. I have been enjoying many mystery shows from different countries on our local channels at here in Chicago. I use the closed captioning feature as these shows are in Italian, German, French and Swedish. My favorite is Nero Wolfe mysteries. I am always amazed at the English interspersed throughout the dialogues..

  2. I watched The Fall awhile ago, and may watch it all again as loved it! I love Gillian Anderson! I couldn’t get “into” Broadchurch for some reason. Some British shows etc. are hard for me to understand (their accents) if they are real strong. I have 3 cats so I can pretty much only craft when they’re outside. My older cat is almost always IN the house, and whenever I sit at my craft table, she always has to jump up and be right there. If the others come in, that’s where they head to also. I can’t crochet anymore at night while watching TV, that I always loved to do, as all cats want to come up on my lap and investigate! I have to shut myself in my craft room, and then all 3 lay at the door and scratch to come in! Are they spoiled or what?

  3. I haven’t turned on the TV all summer except for a few episodes of Barefoot Contessa and one movie. There’s a couple of regular TV shows I like that should be starting up again later this month. For me, TV watching is more of a cold-weather-cozy-up thing. My mom hasn’t had a TV in her home in many years!

    Just a heads up, did you know Snapple contains a ton of sugar? And the diet ones contain aspartame, which is a dangerous chemical. So easy (and healthy!) to brew your own tea and keep it in a pitcher in your fridge.

    Getting some of your warm weather – it’s currently 93 here with the heat index.

  4. Just finished Deep Waters on Netflix and I really liked it. Only 1 short season with 4 or so episodes — great acting, good story, etc. I did watch The Fall and thought it was great. I tend to gravitate toward the British, Canadian, and Australian shows. My evenings usually consist of dinner and Netflix.

    My furry crew has been sleeping the days away in this hot late summer weather. Surely fall weather cannot be too far away. I keep seeing mums and other fall flowers at the garden shops but it is much too warm to try to plant and tend to those right now. Maybe in a month or so. I am looking forward to cooler temperatures especially in the evenings.

    The book you are reading currently looks to be a good one.

    Take care and have a relaxing evening.

    1. Your evenings sound like mine. I feed myself and the pets, distribute meds to Charlie (once of three times per day), take a shower and settle in with Netflix. Then I usually read for about an hour before bed.

  5. Brenda, I love that little wood and galvanized metal set of drawers you show in the photo above. May I ask where you might have gotten it? I could sure use that storage for my office area.

    Sorry the weather’s been so unkind to your patio plants. I know it’s really disappointing. Hopefully next year will be better. Has this been an atypical season in terms of the hot weather? Seems like last summer wasn’t as bad for your patio plants. I wish I could send you some of the cool rainy weather we’ve been having lately here in Michigan.

    You are wise to get your craft closet secured from Miss nosey Ivy! Hope she doesn’t figure out a way to get in anyway! She is surely a smarter-than-the-average-bear cat!

  6. Wasn’t the Fall fantastic? I loved Gillian. I don’t like all British stuff. I tried Father Brown and couldn’t get into it. I was thinking of you the other day. My sedum autumn joy is just gorgeous right now. Thanks to you I found some a few years ago and have several of them now. My daughter has taken up gardening this yr in pots and lives it.

  7. Other good British mysteries/detective Netflix series are Happy Valley, Dr. Foster, Mrs. Fishers Murder Mysteries, Scott & Bailey, Line of Duty, Paranoid, Bodyguard, River, Shetland, Hinterland, Midsomer Murders (which has 22 Series) and Father Brown. Also not mysteries but excellent British shows are Bletchley Circle, and Call the Midwife, Land Girls. When I find something I like I click on Add to my List (as I am sure I will forget what the show is called later) and then I can go to My List created in Netflix and find what I have saved to watch.

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I just was wanting to find something new to watch before the new season of reg. shows begin. The Fall sounds good and I love crime drama’s. Going to start that one and then I will check out Broadchurch. Thanks for the recommendations. Ugh a slug!!! Hope they are all gone now.

  9. Brenda do you ever shop on Free shipping via FedEx on orders of $35 or more. I have found numerous items on their site that are not carried in the actual store and it’s great for heavy items like laundry detergent, dog food, cleaning vinegar and/or bulky items like paper towels or toilet paper. Doing this once a month or so cuts down on the amount of time I spend shopping inside the store but the biggest bonus, for me anyway, is that I don’t have to deal with loading/unloading heavy and/or bulky items into and out of my car. Returns on only Walmart items can be done in the store so I rarely add an item that is not actually shipped by WM unless it is something I am familiar with and am certain it will not need to be returned.

  10. Who is the author of the book you are reading, The Good Neighbor? I’m having trouble finding it on Amazon and at my library.


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