1. What an adorable picture of Charlie! Super cute.
    My first crocus bloomed a few days ago and the forsythias are blooming. Still another month till we plant our gardens around here. The grass is just starting to green up. No leaves on the trees yet.
    I’m an introvert and a home-body who usually only leaves the house 3 times a week to go shopping, a night of dancing, and church. I am very happy at home and at this point I am just dying to go out any place. This situation must be very hard for social butterflies.

  2. Such an adorable image of little Charlie-boy. Those eyes–so sweet.

    Cloudy this morning, then sunny this afternoon, now thunder and lightning this evening. Hope the sun comes back tomorrow. I took the day off from gardening today as my back was complaining and I was tired, tired, tired. Guess it will take a while to get my body used to the new regimen of bending over so much. So hard to pace myself and corral my enthusiasm for pulling and digging.

    Haven’t figured out where I’ll get my annual plants this year yet. I wonder if there will be local places to order from online like we are our groceries.

    Stay well, Brenda. Pats for Ivy and Charlie.

  3. Spring is just starting here…I’m so looking forward to spending some time out in the yard and seeing some spring flowers. My lilacs are budding, and that is a good thing!

  4. Hopefully I will know at the end of this week about my garden space. Then I can figure out about getting some plants. I’m not overly fond of this new normal. I need to be outside more. xo Laura

  5. So many of my colleagues have been furloughed until further notice….I am of a select few who remain on salary and working from home. I am so grateful for that, and pray for the millions who are now on unemployment, trying to make ends meet.

  6. The most striking things that I’ve noticed since my state went to “safer at home” status and all non-essential businesses are basically shut down, is the peace and quiet. I don’t hear sirens every night like I use to on the busy thoroughfare that is just 2 blocks away from the subdivision where I live. There is next to NO traffic at all when I walk to the supermarket half a mile away. Sometimes I would have to wait what seemed like 5 minutes before I could catch a break in the traffic long enough to scurry across the three lanes on one side, then wait again to scurry across the three lanes on the other side! Now – there is almost no car or truck traffic at all. I see FedEx, UPS, and the USPS trucks everywhere, though. Wow. Quieter than usual at night and very quiet and deserted during the day. I no longer know when it’s about 5:30 p.m. when I used to hear cars drive past the house – people coming home after getting off work at 5 p.m. It was like clockwork 5 days a week. I’ve also seen more neighbors and people from the subdivision out walking than ever before. People are cordial and I find it really touching that I see lots of couples of all ages out together walking and talking – did not used to see that too often, certainly not like now. We’re also all mindful of keeping our distance (that six feet thing) whereas before, we would move closer to each other to chat. I wonder if things will ever get back to the way they were before. In many ways, much good has come from this enforced interlude into lives that had gotten far too hectic. Will we go back to those ways again?

    1. There is a lot of kindness about in a crisis but I do believe that the majority of people will drift back into their old ways. I do hope that I will be proved wrong and kindness and good will prevail.

  7. Let’s hope we will begin to see all our efforts to shelter in place showing this Virus who’s boss and it will slow down and eventually be gone and we can all have our lives back. As we continue to hear “we are all in this together”. If we all appreciate life and how serious this virus is we can come through this to a much better place. Hug those sweet fur babies and stay safe.

  8. that adoring and adorable little face looking up at you!
    and if there’s a silver lining to all this…
    at least it’s turning into SPRING! not winter.
    so glad you’re keeping well. xo

  9. It is so different now! I am so grateful to be safe at home but wow I do miss getting out and going to the fun stores!! Tuesday Morning is one of my favorites!! I love seeing the pictures of your babies!! Ivy is the cutest thing in her new cave! Charlie is soooo precious!! I think your hair looks great and your smile is so beautiful! Stay safe and cozy with your babies!! XOXO

  10. Life has been turned so upside down in the world. I am on a one month furlough from my job. I rent on a farm in the country and this time off has given me the chance to truly appreciate the wildlife, the peace and quiet where I live. It grounds me and reminds me that life does go on and this too shall come to pass. Please stay safe!

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