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  1. It’s so hard to watch our fur babies go through illness. I don’t want this to sound mean, Brenda, but you need to start preparing yourself. Dogs get congestive heart failure just like humans do, and there is only so much that can be done after a certain point. Charlie must be feeling really poorly for him to snap at Ivy when he didn’t seem bothered by her being a bonkers kitten when she was first introduced into your household. You went through this with Abi, you recognize the signs. It’s one of the most difficult things we have to do and get through as mommies. There may be a point where you have to recognize that the inevitable is happening, sad as that is to say. I think most of us have gone through this with our own much loved pets, we are with you in spirit and pulling for Charlie.

  2. Prayers for you and Charlie. I hope he will overcome this cough soon and feel better.
    Thank you for all of your stories about Charlie and Ms. Ivy. They always make me smile.

    Marilynn and Hayley

  3. I’m thinking positive thoughts for Charlie and I hope the new medication will do the trick. I don’t know anything about birds so my comment is he has pretty markings on his back. Well, you give Charlie alot of TLC and you two enjoy Miss Ivy’s antics today.
    Happy Friday!

    Carol and Molly

  4. Hi Brenda
    Sorry I haven’t replied in a long time but I have some new medical issues I’ve been dealing with. I do read all the time though.
    So sorry you and Charlie are going through this and Ivy is a hoot! Great news about the insulation. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way.

  5. Brenda, I have been and will continue to pray for you and for Charlie’s health and healing….
    And I am so glad that you have adopted Ivy into your little Family ; she has brought new life and energy into your’s and Charlie’s lives…
    Bless You and your Fur Babies…

  6. Such worrisome developments with Charlie’s health. I’m sending healing energy and tho’ts for his improvement and healing, Brenda. I did have to laugh when you wrote about Ivy putting her paws around his neck. Maybe she was trying to extend a little love or an invitation to play. Understandably he wasn’t up to it and she got the message.

    How great that you are getting your apartment insulated. That should make it more cozy and easily heated this coming winter.

    I’ll be thinking about you all and especially Charlie. Give him pats for me and hugs to you. Take care.

    P.S. The only reason I didn’t wonder where you were this morning is because I wasn’t up ’til really LATE. Otherwise I might have. My sleeping habits are so erratic these days.

  7. I hope you see a substantial difference in comfort once the insulating work is complete and I sure do wish Charlie would feel well again. He’s having such a hard time now. He seemed to perk up after Ivy arrived. Is it possible that Charlie comes in contact with something outside that might be the cause of the ongoing health issues?

  8. I have a friend whose older dog had collapsing trachea. Apparently it is more common in older, small dogs especially Yorkies. (We suspected he might have some Yorkie in him.) The collapsing tracheal rings cause the coughing which then stimulates more collapsing, a real vicious cycle.
    He was on meds to keep him calm and break the coughing cycle which worked for a bit. End point was he had a stent to keep his trachea open. This was done in a university veterinary setting in an adjacent state. Don’t know if there are any newer treatments tho’.

  9. I did worry just a bit when your post did not come through before the noon hour. Like another reader mentioned, we are creatures of habit and we are concerned about you when the routine is “off.” So glad that all is well; sounds like good things are happening at your apartment complex. I know that it must’ve been a long and tiring morning for you though (and for Charlie and Ivy).

    Maybe this new medicine will help Charlie’s cough and have him feeling better soon. I know you worry; he is your boy. All of your readers send him (and you) hugs and well wishes.

    Take care and hope you have a pleasant peaceful evening.

  10. I was wondering why you didn’t post earlier today Brenda! I was hoping everything was ok.
    Hugs to you and I’m keeping Charlie in my thoughts and prayers hoping he will get better soon!
    Ivy is just full of energy!

    1. I wanted to get a post out before they came, but they came sooner than I was expecting. I guess that’s good because it took about five hours. The manager told them to come do mine first so I could get back in faster. And they didn’t leave any mess. He brought his vac in I guess because I see no dust.

  11. I have congestive heart failure myself. and when I eat too much salt or have times of stress it becomes hard for me to breathe. it causes angio edema and that can make me cough too.
    I pray for you all and for little Charlie especially. even though it’s exciting he might be stressed by Ivy’s playfulness. he’ll need time no doubt to get used to her constant movement! and bless her. she doesn’t know any different!
    but it’s also very tiring not being able to breathe freely. for me it’s depressing.
    so I hope he soon can. and maybe now there won’t be people around that might be stressful to him too! I’m glad they took care of the insulation before all the cold weather that’s coming! bless you. and Ivy. and sweet little Charlie.

    1. I don’t let Ivy bother him. When she starts to want to play, I put him on the other side of me against the arm of the couch. She can’t get to him there. After he snaps at her, she steps back.

  12. So sorry to hear Charlie is not up to par yet. Prayers are still coming your way, for him, and for you also. I’s say “hang in there” but that just sounds too, I don’t know, whatever. Please know I am thinking of you, Charlie, and of course the little rascal, Ivy…

  13. Didn’t Charlies cough start after you got Ivy ? Some people are allergic to cats. Could Charliie be allergic ?

    1. He was coughing way before then. My friend Sonny, who commented above, told me to take anything scented out of my apartment. So I’ve been gathering up candles and stuff and taking them out.

    2. Yes. Was going to say the same. Allergies among pets happen. Sure hope Ivy isn’t the cause of Charlie’s cough. I did miss your post Brenda. Thought of you & the cuties. Let us know if the apartment feels better.

  14. Brenda, sorry to hear about Charlies cough. I hope that he does better on this medication. I am sure that it is hard to be out of your routine. Hopefully they are finished now on your apartment.

    Have a great day!

  15. Prayers for sweet Charlie an hugs to you.
    My pets get very upset when their schedule is changed .
    Charlie will probably eat later on .

  16. Thinking of little Charlie and praying he will recover quickly with this new medication. Cute Ivy cat. Love to see her in pictures. Cats are so curious just never know what she will be up to next. Blessings for you and your dear fur babies.

  17. Brenda can I talk or email you sometimes? I’m a longtime reader and fan:) I’m the one who sent you the stuffed yorkie from CA. I just haven’t commented in a long time because I’ve been going through a lot. Prayers for your boy.

    1. Sure you can. My email is on this blog. Then I can give you my phone number if you want it. Sorry you’re going through a lot.

  18. We are creatures of habit and look for your post so thanks for understanding our worry. Maybe the change to cooler weather will help a Charlie’s cough. My dogs had issues with the heat and humidity over the summer. Now they are fine with cool weather and so much spunkier. Our rescue dog had kennel cough for four weeks after we adopted him and he went thru various medications and it got way worse before it got better. Like you, I worried night after night. She would just lay next to me, and cough like crazy. That’s why we don’t board our dogs and take them with us in our own RV when we travel anywhere. You do all you can to protect our babies as you do so keeping Charlie safe and loved is what’s best for him to rest. He will eat soon as his normal day has been disrupted.

    1. He’s eating now. I try to take him with me whenever I can because with this coughing it scares him because he chokes sometimes. So he’s back to being stressed when I go out somewhere.

  19. My fur babies and I do not do well when our routine schedule is off. This disruption may account for Charlie’s lack of appetite. At least they are finished with the preliminary work and your apartment should be much easier to heat and cool with the insulation. I will be praying for both Charlie and you.

    1. Later I got him to eat. I have to hold Ivy because she gobbles up her food in the bedroom then wants to eat his too. She does the same thing with his egg.

    1. Seems it’s always something. But I guess when you’re a dog 12 years old things happen. I deal with it as it comes. Thanks.

  20. I figured there were goings-on at your place this morning.

    Sending Charlie warm thoughts and hoping he feels better very soon.

    I expect that Miss Ivy was not too happy about being stuck in the closet!

    1. She didn’t seem awfully upset about it. But later she put both front legs around Charlie’s neck and nibbled at him and it made him snap at her again.

  21. If you still have my number, call me. The very same thing happened with my Greta, so I think I can help..


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