Hair Growth After 1 Week

I thought you might want to see how much my hair has grown in 7 days.

I can pinch my hair between my fingers and it’s about an 1/8 of a inch now, though it might not look like it from the below photos.

I know some of you were probably slightly horrified when I shaved my head with the dog clippers.

But vanity is not something that I succumb to. I do what I like, wear what I like, and groom my hair how I want simply to suit myself.

I did order a set of clippers for human hair. Most were out of stock, as so many things are due to the increased buying during the pandemic, so I had to pay a bit more. It was $40+.

Here’s what I bought: HATTEKER Pro Hair Clipper Cordless Hair Trimmer

I will have more variety in trimming my hair now. I don’t expect we’ll be going out to get our hair cut any time soon and I like to be prepared.

When I reach up and brush my hand back and forth across my head it feels like I would imagine a porcupine might feel. My hair is thick and bristly to begin with.

And though I know many of you probably thought it unwise to simply shave my head on a whim, I pretty much knew when I started that I wouldn’t regret it.

It’s just hair. Hair grows back.

Below: Women in Hollywood who shaved their head

Reasons Women May Shave Their Head:

The idea behind shaving your head is a symbol of renunciation. Hair is the symbol of attachment and when it is shed, it is symbolized as shedding the worldly attachment.


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  1. It seems you obtained a beard and mustache trimmer, very similar to the Wahl Peanut clippers that my husband has used to trim his beard as well as do the neckline and sideburns when he gives my boys their haircuts. That trimmer has less attachments available, it only goes up to a #4, (1/2”) length. The Wahl Designer clippers he uses will accept larger number attachments up to a #12 (1 1/2”) but the set came with a #8 (1”). Both of the sets we have are corded, as the rechargeable batteries wear out to the point they will not hold a charge, making them useless. I am not surprised that the clipper sets are sold out in stores and online. There are a lot of people trying to cut their hair at home, and the first time results are not coming out so well. I have seen a couple friends post pictures of their home haircuts and the results are definitely not all so good, they posted pictures of too short uneven bangs and their children are saying never again. So while we have been successful with my husband being the family barber and stylist not everyone has a family Member that has a knack for cutting hair. While I am home from work now, when I do return, I would not want to walk in with a wonky haircut.
    I also intend for my boys to return to classes with a fresh neatly groomed haircut.

  2. How is your hair a distraction? Having hair is natural to humanness. Most not all are born with it. Matter of fact it’s all over your body while inside the womb. Odd to think that having hair upon entrance into the world especially if head comes first (some births are breach birth) being a “distraction!” I embrace freedom of choice, the privilege to be free to be who I am and not ascribing to peer pressuring… we our group, our clique this is how we do it stuff. Groupie I am not. I’ve can appreciate that I have not allowed anyone to dictate the norm for me… I don’t need a big following, to accept myself for the choices I make, why care how you think about my personal choices as long as my choices do not hinder the greater good of society! Don’t matter what you and nobody else thinks. Just do you with no justification why, who or what does it hurt about how our hair look. Seems like in all our vanity we put too much emphasis on our hair/appearances. While we do need to be presentable it is the hidden man of the heart that could use some grooming. Our world is in a crisis/a pandemic is ragging and I think alot of us have already had reality hit that at the end of the day were our looks are concerned; don’t matter to the hurting people they just need our help. I lost all my while receiving chemotherapy infusions the Spring 2016, I know a bald head and yeah it grew back although the drugs given to me caused for some women’s hair to not grow back! I personally connect empathize with those my sister’s who’s hair didn’t return and they found this to be problematic that there wasn’t an advanced notice of this happening. My head has hair now (and a wig), nothing like it was before but I am grateful & thankful because it’s a whole body thang bout this hair loss during cancer treatment… people generally look up at the head huh, the loss was all over! 🙂 However, to my point some people are attempting to be controlling, get others to embracing the narrative, set a trend or personal leaning to suggest something like hair is a distraction!!!!! Why? Lovingly, she who wears a pink ?X2

  3. Like Melanie, I’m not a fan of shaved heads on women either. Like flowers to a garden I feel hair is to a women’s head. There are instances where I would consider it, supporting a friend who loses her hair because of cancer for example would be one. I don’t think wanting your hair to look nice is a sign of vanity. I think it shows healthy esteem to want to look good, not for others but for yourself. All that being said, it is your head & hair & you should do what you like. That’s what makes the world go round. We are all different & need to respect our different opinions.

  4. I love your hair too. I am 78 and wear my hair short but have been trying to get the courage to have it cut just like it appears in your picture. You look awesome and happy. My hair grows very slow. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. You want to look like you and it is giving you happiness. You rarely show a photo of yourself but your lovely smile shows you are feeling good with your decision and want to share the joy.

  6. I think now that you have your own clippers with guards that you will never go back to a salon. After two home cuts you will have paid for the clippers and it’s free haircuts after that.
    Like glendas, I also watch HFDZK on Youtube.
    I didn’t know there were cordless clippers. Cordless will be so handy. You could even cut your hair on your patio and leave the clippings for the birds to use in their nests.

  7. Yup, it looks good on you, Brenda! Especially with that beauteous smile! Good you’ve purchased some good hair clippers. Now you have more alternatives with you cut and you can save money by not going to the hair salon. A win-win!

  8. Well, I tried to leave a comment on your kitchen post but the comment box was not coming up for me. So I’ll leave here. It turned out so nice!!! Don’t you love it? It looks so upscale. The counters look really great. And so does the stick on tile. Such great solutions for a rented space. I am going to have to send this to a friend who lives in an apartment and is always complaining about how ugly her kitchen is. You did a wonderful job.

  9. Good evening Brenda, I love your smile and your hair! Good for you! I think there are so many things we are going to be doing without that we will soon realize that we do not need. I will be honest that I am looking forward to getting my eye brows waxed and my hair cut when this is over. Its funny because I have not purchased one thing since this started, except food. I’ve looked online at things and was very tempted by the pillow I featured on my blog but it was expensive and for what I want to do with it I would need more than one.

    Have a great night!

  10. You have a beautiful smile and very kind eyes. While I’m not a fan of shaved heads on women, I do realize it’s one of those “each to their own” things. You gotta do what feels right for you.


  11. Beautiful smile and you should wear your hair the way you like. My hair has always been my best feature in my opinion , so I would hate to lose it. It is also cold here for a major portion of the year, so I need my hair.

  12. you forgot Emma Gonzalez who shaved her head for a very good reason. Loved her look.

  13. Brenda, I love your smile….it does seem to me after reading your blog for a while that you are a much happier person and more at peace now than before. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

    1. I was going to make a similar comment but you’ve said it so well, Carolyn. Brenda, you do seem happy and it shows in this joyful photo.

  14. I hope you know that you don’t have to justify your decisions to us Readers. It’s your hair and your choice. We’re not entitled to an opinion. But I’m reminded of a friend who had breast cancer and a subsequent mastectomy. She was worried about her appearance, but her family & friends told her they loved HER, not her breasts. We don’t come to your Blog because of your hair.

  15. I like that look on you! And that beautiful smile shows me someone who is happy with who they are and that is all that matters at the end of the day. You go girl!

  16. As someone who had waist length hair in her 20’s and now sports a super short cut, I can honestly say I love my short hair and wouldn’t go back! It’s so easy to style and it feels like freedom. I could care less what anyone else thinks. Plus, I have a thing for hats, so super short hair makes hat wearing easier; I take off the hat without worrying about messing up my do. Hope you like the clippers. If you want to keep on cutting your hair yourself, you might want to check out Self-Cut System’s three way mirror (I believe you can buy them on Amazon) that makes seeing what you’re doing easier. There’s a travel size one that you can simply slide over your bathroom mirror. I have strongly considered buying one myself (the price is significantly higher here in Europe though).

  17. Nice to see your beautiful smile. You look lovely in that picture! Everyone stay safe and healthy. Enjoy the weekend! Being retired everyday is Saturday. Now most everyone knows that feeling!

  18. I love that first photo, Brenda; you have such a warm, joyous smile. I think your hair looks lovely, and the super short cut suits you. Enjoy experimenting with the different guard lengths!! I think I will keep my sides clippered quite short but will go to a longer guard for the top (once there’s enough hair on top to warrant using a longer guard!). There’s a youtube channel called “HFDZK – Women’s barbershop” which I enjoy. The barber answers questions in the videos’ comments about which guard(s) he used. Once you start watching clioper-cut videos, the youtube algorithm will populate other, similar videos on your youtube home page =).

  19. Wow, your hair does grow quickly!! Glad you are enjoying it…hope you are able to stay warm enough!! I guess I at some point will have to get my daughter to cut my hair in the back (the sides and front I can manage, but the back is beyond my reach!) I wish I had your nice flat ears!!

  20. It is funny how a spirit/person behind the face is seen better without other distractions (i.e. hair, jewelry).
    The twinkle in the eyes and a smile, shows the soul inside.
    You are beautiful!

      1. I also agree ! Your smile is so beautiful ! You look so happy ! I always admired people who do their own thing ! In the last four years I have just started to do my own thing and it is so liberating, it is about time I am 72 !

        1. Conģrats!
          after 30 years of marriage getting breast cancer and him walking out those feelings you had or what I would call pure joy!!

  21. I think you look lovely! I love how you are your own person, and happy as you are. So many of us try to change what and who we are to suit society about how we should be at a certain age.
    At age 64, I am learning all over again who I am, and society be damned! My brother recently said to me, “Welcome back.” Meaning he was seeing the person he knew from long ago re-emerging. I will not be stifled again.
    And, that is what I love about you.

    1. I admire you so much for being yourself and how you don’t give a hoot what other people think!

    2. 2010 I went through breast cancer I would go bald. I also used dog clippers shaved my head and it was freeing, liberating and so easy to deal with! the women featured in your article are all absolutely beautiful

  22. It suits you! Love your smile!
    I’m with you, who cares what someone else things, as long as it is ok with you.

      1. I shaved my Jawas back in the 90s and that’s how I leaned that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. You are simply beautiful

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