I showed you how much my hair had grown after one week last Saturday. Today I’m showing how much it has grown in 14 days after I shaved it with the dog clippers.

Knowing the hair salons will probably be closed for awhile, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I now feel more self-reliant. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

The above photo I took this morning, which is after 2 weeks. See the little tufts of hair. Kind of reminds me of a baby chick sprouting feathers.

And below was after 1 week.

I may take the clippers to Charlie soon. Though last time I tried that, about 4-5 years ago, he wouldn’t stop moving so I gave up. So we’ll see.

My older daughter Kendra called me around 4:30 yesterday and said that the chef had made additional food for me.

She had just gotten home and was getting the kids ready to eat, so I said Charlie and I would come pick up my portion.

I was surprised at all the food he’d cooked for me. I could barely fit it all in my refrigerator.

I had to put some of it in the bottom bins as there was no more room anywhere else.

He cooked three chicken breasts, a big casserole dish of rice, also one of broccoli, and one of navy beans with tomatoes. I’d never have thought of adding tomatoes to navy beans, but it sure was good.

I ate one of the chicken breasts and it was oh, so tender, as well as some of the rice, broccoli and navy beans. I was stuffed.

I can’t even recall the last time I ate broccoli, though I hate to admit it. I think I’ll tell Kendra he can focus on veggie meals for me next week. This will keep me going for 4-5 days.

She said he goes out really early in the morning to buy ingredients. He’s pretty picky. He said he buys smaller chicken breasts because the bigger ones don’t look like they’re from a real chicken because they’ve had hormones added.

I believe he and his family are more vegan eaters. They have a five year old and a three month old. So you know their house is pretty busy with everyone at home all day.

In entertainment news I started watching season 3 of “Ozark” and finished it Thursday. That show sure does have a lot happen in a season. I told Kendra that Ruth reminds me of her. Spunky and doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Last night I started watching “The Stranger” and watched 3 episodes. It is only one season, and has really kept me guessing.

Based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name, the series follows Adam Price, who seems to be living the perfect life – two great sons, a watertight marriage – until a stranger approaches him at a bar and reveals a shocking secret about Price’s wife, Corinne.

There are plots within plots and I will be very interested in seeing how they deconstruct them and put the puzzle together.

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  1. How wonderful that your fridge is full with all this good food! I hope you will be able to freeze portions so the food doesn’t go to waste. I only buy organic chicken breasts because the regular ones are so full of chemicals, GMO corn feed and hormones. And yes, those big, thick chicken breasts are gross because all it means is the chickens were pumped full of hormones to fatten them up.

  2. It’s been some time since I commented, just want to say that you really do have a most beautiful smile!! I love the short hair, would look great with a really stunning pair of diamond studs!!

    1. Yes, Brenda! I am a no frills dresser, basic outfits, little jewelry. But I do love to wear my “diamond” studs, (diamonds being from Target!) With jeans and a sweater, it’s a nice reminder that I am a woman. Either way, your style is lovely.

  3. Brenda, I have been reading your blog for a long time now. Its always a bright spot in the day to see what you & Ivy & Charley are doing. I also enjoy your adventures in decorating and gardening. Waiting for Spring in Illinois. ?

  4. What a blessing to have your fridge filled with ready to eat meals! How nice of the chef to keep you in the loop. You’re going to get spoiled. Isn’t that a nice thought. 🙂

    1. I just got finished dividing up food and putting them into little sandwich baggies and stuffing (and I mean stuff) them in the freezer. It’s stuffed full.

  5. Your hair looks great, I think you have found a new look, and should keep it short !
    You are so lucky to have someone fix you those delicious meals! What a treat to look forward to to!

  6. So nice of the chef to fix you so much food!! He must know what he is doing!! And you get to eat a lot!! Lovely!!
    I try to get at the least organic and preferably rangefree too…then just use small portions at a time. As we age, we need less to eat anyway…and I have plenty already stored up!! Ha..

  7. Now, about chicken!…..your dear chef knows what he’s talking about. And what is even better to purchase for health and humane reasons is CAGE FREE poultry. Even though more expensive, these breasts taste far better, lacking the weird taste of the “regular” ones that I am sure are laden with hormones and all kinds of “extras” that I suspect are the cause of the latest spikes in autism and other conditions. Just my opinion, of course, but the stressful, inhumane way animals are factory farmed these days translates into risky eating for all of us – except for informed people like your personal chef. What a nice young man!

  8. Glad to see all is well in your world! and I’d say you could do your own hair from now, you wear it short just fine. I”m pretty sure there are men’s clipper blades that adjust the length so that you could give yourself an all over 1/2 inch or 1 inch cut if you don’t want to go completely shaved. The chef, what a gift! Enjoy –

      1. Too bad you bought the beard trimmer, maybe you can Return it or sell it if you have not used it yet. I have seen posts from friends on Facebook of their first attempts at home haircuts. The good clippers and tools are all sold out in the stores and online, so they are using what they have. One friend showed a couple posts of her husband attempting to give her five year old son a haircut that looks like he put a bowl on his head and shaved him bald below it. She attempted to cut her daughter’s bangs, but didn’t post pictures. I refrained from making any comments, and I am definitely not going to post any pictures of my boys after their haircuts last Friday. We weren’t going anywhere, but they needed one and hubby gave them each a nice one, so they would look good when they FaceTime chatted with some family members. I am overweight, have diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma, my older son has asthma, epilepsy and he is overweight as well, so I don’t want any visitors coming by the house, not even close friends. When hubby gets back from grocery shopping, I have him leave his shoes downstairs, take a shower and then change his clothes to throw the ones he wore in the laundry. I know the lockdown is a bad idea for the country, but I am in the at risk group, so I am not going out.

  9. I enjoyed The Stranger, lots of twists and turns. I’m having a difficult time settling in to tv shows or movies, regardless of genre, although I do watch McLeod’s Daughters (on Hulu or Tubi) for a day or two then lay off for a day or two. I’ve been watching primarily “flosstube”, which are cross-stitch channels on youtube. But even that gets redundant. All these viewing options and nothing feels “just right” for me right now, but it’ll pass. I love to read and have been reading more than watching.

    My dogs, sisters, are right about Charlie’s age, and I’ve been doing their hair clippering for a couple years. Initially it was just for one of the dogs because the groomer had cut the dog’s elbow two different times, nasty clipper cuts, and I decided enough was enough. So I started by just using clippers on the scruff when it got too dense and I would use hair scissors on the legs as needed. Over time this dog has gotten to where she lays down and lets me clipper her. She tolerates it and she gets treats after. But she still doesn’t *volunteer* to be clippered ;-). I began clippering the other dog when our mobile groomer moved away and the other mobile groomers quit taking on additional new clients. This dog is less comfortable with me clippering her, but she, too, will lay on her side to be clippered now. The hardest part has been, and remains to be, trimming the fur that grows between their paw pads. I use rounded-tip pet hair scissors for that, but the dogs’ paw-pad areas are sensitive and I do have to hold their feet firmly. The dogs’ fur always look very DIY, but they are no longer scared of being groomed and they sure as heck aren’t getting cuts on their skin from someone rushing the job! I don’t try to do every aspect of grooming in one sitting, and it does help to break it up because it’s tiring to the dogs and to me (I’m usually a flop-sweaty mess when we’re done!). I just tackle what most needs to be tackled on that day and if it’s not working then I stop and try aanother day.

    1. Pretty soon I’m going to have to try to groom Charlie a bit. Sometimes I get in moods where I read mostly. Then I get into moods where I’ll watch TV and then read. And sometimes just read.

  10. Brenda you do look good!! I think you are eating better & your chef is keeping busy & helping friends out!!
    Have a Blessed Easter Sunday!!
    I just discovered MountainMama but I’m not on Facebook so how can I get her blog sent to me? Can you help me out Brenda??

  11. The photos of your hair,/haircut brought back memories of my hair growing back in after chemo treatments. So fortunate to say that I am now nearly 8 1/2 in remission. I too, have been in self-isolation since mid-March. Take care.

  12. I recently read his book,The Stranger,it was really good!
    Think I will checkout the series to see if it follows the story.
    Your hair looks good,I don’t have the confidence to do that again, although I have in the past and loved the low maintenance.
    How blessed you are to have that young man’s cooking skills to get you through these trying times…enjoy!
    Enjoy your weekend.

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