It’s been 3 weeks since I shaved my head with the dog clippers. In another week or so I’ll probably be shaving it again. Just maybe not quite as short since I ordered my own set of clippers for humans.

So here’s my hair after 3 weeks…

I made a collage of sorts to show you the progression of hair growth during those three weeks. In the latest photo I think I look a bit like a duckling just beginning to get feathers.

When I was cleaning out my closet the other day I came across some framed photos of me when I was 28 years old. I took a photo of one to show you how thick my hair was and is.

I see I should have noticed to clean the glass first. Oh well. You get the idea.

In other news here is my sweet Charlie boy after he was groomed yesterday.

I’m sure glad I didn’t have to try to do it myself because in the past I’ve really botched dog grooming.

On Wednesday when Kendra and I came back here to my place I decided to see if she wanted the garden planter that I’ve had for years. I bought it from an antique store somewhere around Tyler, Texas.

It was just a bit big for my patio and I decided I wanted to do something different against the fence where I usually have it.

See it there against the fence? That’s where I’ve had it in previous years.

When she gets done rebuilding her deck, she said she plans to put it there.

In the place where I normally put it, I decided I wanted to grow more vines on the fence to allow myself a bit more privacy.

Those smaller pots that will fit in the planter get too hot in the middle of summer due to their size, and after awhile the flowers in them dry out so quickly they tend to die.

So I made another 30 minute appointment at Southwoods and headed over there yesterday afternoon. I wanted to get the yellow Carolina Jessamine I saw there on Wednesday. It will give me a bit more yellow to contrast with all the purples and lavenders I have.

Of course I picked up a few more things while I was there. Didn’t want to waste that 30 minutes of nursery strolling time. Kendra was busy doing her taxes so decided not to go along on this trip.

It got down around freezing last night, so I brought all my plants in from both Wednesday and yesterday. Takes up my whole table, as you can see.

Plus there’s a couple of seed packets. A packet of morning glory seeds and a packet of moon vine. I love moon vine and plan to plant it right outside the patio doors so I can enjoy it at night.

I think I have four perennials to plant, along with the other plants and flowers and herbs and a tomato and a cucumber plant.

I fell in love with this lacy petaled daisy. When I was a child daisies were always my favorite flower because I thought the flowers looked so cheerful.

I will have to dig out some of the sedum that has spread so rapidly to get to the dirt underneath. All that sedum is taking up valuable planting space.

And I’m waiting on the two lightweight resin pots I ordered from Lowes to arrive.

Here is the link to the pots if you want to check them out.

They’re a good size and I don’t think I’ll need any more pots after this because I bought the big green ones last year and some the year before that.

Wherever you live, I hope you’re close to planting time. Enjoy your garden space, wherever and however big it may be. It will feel so good to dig in the dirt.

In fact gardening is good for your health.

It seems there is another reason for digging in the dirt and letting children making mud pies. Research shows that a particular bacteria, Mycobacterium Vaccae, in garden soil can increase serotonin levels and improve learning. 

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  1. The head shaving posts on Facebook are becoming more widespread. Most have been of the guys that their wives/girlfriends screwed up cutting their hair and to fix the damage, they just shaved it all off. I have seen a couple where they were frustrated as their gray roots were quite visible, so they said, screw it, I am going to just go all gray, and they take it down to where all the dyed color is gone. Not totally bald, but definitely short. I have my husband trim my hair for me every couple months to remove the split and damaged ends and keep my hemline neat. My teen boys get their haircuts every three weeks as they like their hair kept short, but not shaved. My younger son is picky and lets him know when he wants one. So my boys are still getting their haircuts even though they are not going anywhere. I do want them to feel that they are keeping up their grooming and when they go back to school, they will not be sporting wonky haircuts or be looking scruffy. I do believe that once this is over, people are going to be reevaluating their spending in terms of what they really need and what they can do without as this will take a while to recover from.

  2. Brenda, I’m kind of behind on reading my favorite blog posts, but I wanted to say that I’m still contemplating shaving my hair off. I appreciate your progress pictures so much. I offered my grandson a deal. If he let me cut his hair, I would let him cut mine. He declined. LOL Now you’ve got me looking for pictures of when I was 28. It’s been so long ago, I can’t remember what the heck I looked like. LOL
    Sometimes I wish we could include pictures with our comments. I would love some advice about my tiny shaded garden space. Sandra

  3. had it all…beautiful hair, face and body to go with it.. :0). You still look great, though I am partial to the lots of hair style.. (but thats me..I only had a sort doo once..a pixie in the sixties..and I cried and cried, lol)… Your garden is looking beautiful. Thanks for always sharing the links where you buy your great really is inspirational. I bet you can’t wait to see how your daughter re-homes and loves the sure is nice. Thanks for the inspiration and stay safe. :0) Be blessed on this Sunday.

  4. Brenda, you were & still are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing .
    I have chosen many purple & yellow flowers
    to pair. The contrast is wonderful.
    Using all white daisies & miniature white petunias round bird bath &
    Saint Francis . Have greenery from Hobby Lobby around base of birdbath & St.F.
    One small Solar light makes a most serene
    & peaceful (low) glow helping my mind to be
    in the moment. They are placed in area alone in their space.
    Suggestion Might make print of Sweet
    CharlieBoy for framing. It is my
    favorite pic of him. Hi Miss IvyLou

  5. Brenda,
    I’ve been reading your blog since you moved to the little blue house, but rarely comment. I’m fascinated by the pictures of yourself; don’t stop sharing them! I suspect those few who are annoyed are jealous. : ). That photo of you at 28 is amazing! You are beautiful on the outside, and you are beautiful on the inside. I love that you are open and honest on your blog; I know it is what attracts readers, along, of course with the gorgeous photography, your writing skills and your decorating tips. You are a talented woman, but more than that you are generous and strong. It’s thrilling to see how far you’ve come and how much you have overcome, and I’m so happy for you that you are now in touch with both daughters. Please keep being you and keep at least occasionally sharing pictures of yourself. B

  6. I agree with the others who said you looked like a movie star!

    I’ve always had a great head of hair – lots of it, but fine. Sometimes after I wash and dry my hair and it’s super fluffy I say, “Holy hair!” I mentioned to my hubby the other night that a lot of women are shaving their heads; that it seems to be the “in” thing and he was horrified, lol. He said, “Don’t you dare!” I told him not to worry; that’s something I would never do. Looks good on you though.

    Got good news today on FB from one of my favorite nurseries: they got the go ahead from the state of IL to open up (they’re considered essential as a landscaper – go figure), so now I can go shop for plants! Of course, they have rules – only 2 people per household; safe distancing; limited time; and if the place gets too crowded, they will make you wait to get in.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Oh Brenda, you are absolutely stunning. Your garden is on it’s way to being your oasis You are so sweet to gift your daughter that beautiful arbor for her deck. I see your pencil & paper in your hand in the park picture & you always are writing still!!
    Be safe & well Brenda!!

  8. Hey Brenda beautiful picture of you at 28 ! I enjoy seeing your hair pics & seeing the growth progression. I think you should let it grow a little more before you cut it again. You are an attractive woman. Embrace it. Your hair can still be easy to take care of with just a bit more length. Of course it is ultimately your decision & you need to do what makes you happy. Charlie looks adorable too. Hope you have a good rest of your weekend

  9. What lovely plants! Your patio will be gorgeous as always.
    Awww, Charlie is so cute! He looks so little with his haircut.
    Hubba, hubba, Brenda! You look like you could’ve been the fourth Charlie’s Angel.

  10. Brenda, you were beautiful at 28 and still beautiful now. Actually if you had the same hair style you wouldn’t look much different ! Charlie looks good too !

  11. Brenda
    Which bag of soil did you order to Putin your resin pots? Any ideas of which flowers you will put in the pots. Thank you for the link to the resin pots! ❤️

    1. I use the potting soil the nursery I go to makes. I’ll just put some kind of annuals in them I guess. I’ve been out since before noon planting and have a long way to go. The resin pots are supposed to be here around Wednesday.

  12. I Love the photo of you. Was it taken in a studio? Beautiful!!!! You are so lucky to have thick hair, even now, and how fast it grows. Charlie sure is looking good with his new haircut. Love your flowers also, great post today, as all of yours are. Hugs from WI

  13. Oh my gosh Brenda, you are absolutely beautiful! Love the way you are sitting with paper and pen In hand.

    My hair has never been super thick and always baby fine. It’s really grown this past few weeks. I am
    Fortunate because it is a beautiful silver but very thinning on top. I use a powder to cover up the picture k scalp a little.

    M trimmed our Morkie the other day and he looks so much better.

  14. Wow, Brenda, you could have been a movie star – stunning!! I see you with a pencil and paper, of course you were writing even back then! We woke to about 4 inches of snow this morning, uggghhh – it’s snowed three days this week and there’s more to come. I am just biding my time anxiously waiting to be able to plant anything at all outdoors. I should be able to plant peas, lettuce, beets, celery, and some other cold weather veggies as well as violas, stock, and sweet peas…..but our nighttime temps have been ridiculously cold, low 20’s, so I must wait….impatiently. Enjoy your planting my friend!

  15. I can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive so I can dig in the dirt. I’m not a great gardener, but I enjoy the process. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get plants here, I think some of the nurseries may be delivering, but that means they pick out the plants. And that picture is great! You still have the same beautiful face. Oh and that quilt is outstanding!!

  16. Thanks for all the interesting descriptions of your life and your beautiful projects you have accomplished in your apartment and hints and your beautiful plantings that we can watch grow and can admire; you are a dear to share! But enough of the hair pics…

    1. I was showing the hair pics every week so that you all could see, if you had to resort to shaving your head, or simply just wanted to, that it grows back very quickly. As you know I’ve very, very rarely showed pics of myself, so this was an odd thing for me to do. I get a gazillion hits on these hair posts, so I assume other people are wondering about shaving their head as well.

    2. I love the hair pics. I love that such a beautiful, talented and open woman is willing to share with us her life’s adventures – the ups and the downs. Many are inspired by her.

  17. Exciting you were able to get more plants and seeds. I was excited to find and start some moss rose seeds. They took so long to come up I had forgotten about them. They are still so small, such so slow growers. I am not such a fan of their leaves but so enjoy the flowers. Charlie looks great, poor Kaia got her home Corona hair cut, she looks like a shaggy puppy!

  18. I would have done almost anything to have your nice thick hair; unfortunately I inherited Dad’s stick straight, baby-fine hair! Alas… You were a beautiful young woman, and now you are a beautiful woman ~
    Cyber hugs ~

  19. You looked like a movie star. Enjoyed the pic. And my, what a handsome boy little Charlie is. Love that you do your garden in purple and yellow. It is such a pretty color combination.
    Haven’t heard much about Andrew lately. Hope he is doing okay during this time. Beautiful day here, hope it is there too.

    1. Andrew is sheltering in place with his parents. They live much farther away than Kendra does and neither of us have seen them since they began sheltering in place. Hope to see them all soon.

  20. Your hair is indeed thick and glorious and holy cow what a figure! Your patio is shaping up beautifully. Charlie looks relieved that you didn’t buzz cut him.

  21. While I enjoy your blog, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts this week in particular…from your poetic words of spring, your garden shop treasures, Charlie’s new cut, to your latest hair growth pic…lovely to read of your optimism and love of life. I needed these word and photos this week. Thanks for being here each morning for our visits, Brenda.

  22. I love the pic of Charlie after his haircut.
    I have been wearing my hair in a precision cut, (similar to the way you normally cut your hair) which means that due to the sheltering in home protocol, I am unable to get a hair cut. It has been 3 months now and I look pretty terrible right now.
    A couple of days ago my daughter sent me a picture from a couple of years ago showing me with my long hair, halfway down my back. Now I am a bit tempted to just let my hair grow long again. We’ll see. It is a real chore to grow out your hair, there is the really ugly stage you have to get through before it looks half way decent. But if I had not cut it so short, I would not have to worry about trips to the hair salon. I liked my long hair, but it is very thick and was kind of a chore to wash and style it.
    I love your plants on your patio and if the sun did not beat down on my patio so badly, and if I had an easier way to water other than carrying buckets through the house, I would be tempted to try to garden myself. But with no shade on the patio at all, after living here for 3 years, I think I have only been on my patio to sit was only once or twice. I have had a couple of plants which were gifted to me almost immediately give up and die in spite of my trying to keep them watered.
    I really admire how you do so much gardening in containers and what a wonderful oasis you have created for yourself.

  23. What a gorgeous picture of you. A real stunner. So lucky you are to have such gorgeous thick hair. Charlie looks so cute. I wish my groomer was taking appointments. I have a cocker spaniel wont be easy clipping him.

  24. Indeed you did look like a movie star, Brenda…plus you still do look young!! Lucky you!! Amazing how fast your hair has grown…you are brave cutting it yourself. Your flowers all sound so pretty…I love the purple/lavender colored ones too.

  25. Your hair in that photo, wow! I never had thick rich hair, even when a young woman. Now I struggle to “hide” the really thin/bald spots. It’s really true that growing old ain’t for the weak, you have to be tough to look at yourself in the mirror every morning – of course, I still see me as I was at 18 even though photos tell me otherwise, much to my horror! Still colder than normal weather for here – the new normal, nothing sticks to the old “normal” anymore, not even the weather patterns that I grew up with. I was out before 8 this morning to sweep up the driveway a bit – I was finally able to saw up the two large branches a few days ago that came down off my pine trees during one of the winter storms we had, they’d been piled up on the side of the drive collecting leaves for several months. Now I have to chase all those leaves down that were liberated, but it’s been windy and it’s useless to try and sweep or rake up leaves. Still, I was able to corral a few this morning along with quite a few hazelnut shells left behind by my squirrels. Looks neat and tidy once again, at least for a few hours. The sun is out today – yesterday we had snow flurries half the day, ugh. It may get above 50 – the first time this week. Itching to finish cleaning out the garden beds but since we had several nights below freezing I’m glad the larger beds still have layers of leaves in them to protect the tender plants shooting up from the earth. It will all get done eventually, that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

  26. It’s too cold yet here on Wisconsin plus the green houses are still not open. We are on lockdown until May 26th.

  27. Amazing how little you have changed. Your facial structure is just the same…and lovely. Hairdo is a bit different, haha, but otherwise. We should all be so lucky. Charlie looks cute.

  28. you and Charlie are BOTH beautiful!!! with hair and without! LOL!
    and your choices of flowers and plants for the patio sound wonderful.
    can’t wait to see it all come about. have a wonderful day!
    isn’t it nice to see the sun? even if it’s a little cold! to warm up later I think.

  29. Well,here in NY we’re waking up to snow each morning, possibly Mother Nature is off her meds,lol.
    You have an astounding green thumb,seems like your plants just grow,I on the other hand can kill fake plants!
    Once again,I’m a huge fan of the buzzcut,it keeps my curls,waves,frizz(whichever) in line.
    Charlies looking Sharp in his new “do”

  30. Look at you. You look like a movie star in that photo and you are still a beautiful woman. Charlie of course looks precious. Still waiting on my garden space and getting a bit antsy. xo Laura

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