Yesterday we figured out how to design our small space garden on paper. Today we will focus on hardscaping based on your design.

If you plan to have seating, then arrange your chair or chairs and perhaps a bistro set where you want it, depending on what you have decided upon.

After you have your seating in place, then arrange your containers in groups. You will want some plants in the group elevated so that you don’t just have a flat grouping. I usually use bricks for this.

You want to cluster groupings together in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Of course it depends on how much sun you have for how long each day when it comes to situating your containers. You should already have this figured out when you made your garden design.

mourning dove

I’ll be waiting about one month before I start adding plants to my containers. I want to see what all is coming back from last year and after danger of freezing.

Don’t forget nature. Many of you like to care for the yard birds. This means bird housing, food and water. I have a post written specifically for attracting birds to your small space. Look for it tomorrow morning.


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  1. I bet you are super excited to get your patio all set up for spring, Brenda! I think I shall have to garden vicariously through you for a while….we won’t see ground or green for quite some time if the snow keeps coming the way it has been!

  2. Great points. Depending on the terrain, it can be good to use pebbles or something that allows water to seep through rather than run off.
    I am looking for plants (perennials, preferably) to please birds, bees and butterflies. Humans have done so much to destroy their habitat, I figure that if I’m going to plant something, it might as well help them. Looking forward to your next post!

    1. I read today, in Birds & Blooms magazine, that the Audubon Society maintains this guide for attracting birds and butterflies with native plants:

      The description online of this site doesn’t mention butterflies, though. (Maybe I’m just too tired to notice!)

      Hope that helps! I’ll be using it, too.

  3. I can’t wait to get outside and work on our ‘small space’ outside our bedroom and master bath area. It is my ‘escape’. I think you have done a great job with your patio, Brenda. Have a wonderful Thursday- xo Diana

  4. Enjoyed seeing your patio from this angle. A really nice retreat and just perfect size for you. I know you can’t wait to get started!!

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