Have you tried bullet journaling? Sometimes I’m slow to catch on to things going on around me. I kind of live in my own little cocoon.

I rarely watch TV. Never listen to radio. You might have to send a pigeon my way for me to get a message that isn’t online!

Bullet Journaling Craze:

Suddenly I started seeing bullet journaling. And the first thing I thought was: I can’t do this. I can’t even read my own writing.

Which, of course, is true. My handwriting was never pretty, while so many girls could write so beautifully.

Not only is my handwriting not pretty. Or readable. It is abysmal to tell you the honest truth. 

So why would I try this task? I guess because I hate to say I can’t do something. 

I seriously want to try it.


The thought of taking a pen and putting it to paper, intentionally trying hard to make whatever I doodle look good, is kind of a scary thought. 

But then I read there are erasable pens. 

I guess that tips my fear a bit in the other direction. 

A little bit. 

I mean, this isn’t sky diving or anything. It’s taking pen (or pencil) to paper.

(This is by Boho Berry and she has built a huge following with her blog in a really short amount of time.)

So I’ve been reading up on various kinds of journals. (Creative Savings will touch on that. And as you can surmise, she’s all for frugal.)

I think I’d like the journal pages that are full of small dots. It would help me draw a straight line if I had a ruler at hand. 

So many pens and pencils:

And then there are the plethora of pens and pencils I’ve never even heard of that I’d like to take a look at. Starting small.

I can see that it doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, unless you want it to be. 

I can also see where it could actually be cathartic. Because every writer knows that the very act of writing something down is a step in the right direction. 

So I started a Pinterest page the other day on this topic. You can find it here.


5 Reasons I want to start a bullet journal:

1. I can’t keep a doctor’s appointment card to save my neck. I always lose it. This would get me organized.

2. I have all these goals in my head, and before I can hope to achieve them, I’ve forgotten what they were.

3. I need a reminder for things like birthdays, etc. Yes, I’ve purchased planners, but manage to forget about them until the year is about over. I’m hoping that doing something creative would get me motivated.

4. I want to hold myself accountable for things I want to accomplish.

5. I want to prove to myself that my handwriting is not completely hopeless. Yes, there will be a learning curve.

From what I’ve seen so far, this seems to be kind of a millennial-aged kind of thing. But surely there are Baby Boomers out there doing this. 

I mean, we’re the ones that are getting forgetful and need to remind ourselves about things! I had a pretty good memory when I was their age.

Now I’m lucky to remember what I wanted to comment about when I get to the bottom of a blog post and my brain refuses to clear.

Here’s a Buzzfeed post you might want to read as well.


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  1. Brenda! I love the look of bullet journaling and i follow boho berry and love her even though I don't bullet journal myself… but I do love planning, but even I can't seem to keep up with that, lol. I especially love the picture of the last one! Hope to try this some day…

  2. So thrilled to find this post. I too may start a gardening journal as I just can't bear the first frost taking my beautiful flowers. Now I can write about them all winter and have a record for the next year. I always save the little plant labels and so many ideas are swirling in my head!! Thanks for the encouragement to get started on this.

  3. I'm doing a scaled down version of bullet journaling. It's so helpful to have it all in one place and I'm just an old fashioned pen and paper planner kind of person. Mine isn't all pretty, but it gets the job done! P.S. Your blog looks fabulous! 🙂

  4. I started bullet journaling late last spring and find it very helpful. I followed Bullet Journal Junkies on FB and loved seeing how creative and pretty some people made their pages. But. I need the discipline of keeping my jobs listed in an organized way, not another art project, so I unfollowed the FB group and make only the weather for the day "arty"–if setting up my page takes too much time, then to me, I have scuttled my efficiency. I like having all my lists in one place and having a tracker to keep daily habits going. I now follow Minimalist Bullet Journals group on FB and love the less complicated pages people post there. I'm still changing my set-up til I find one that does it all for me. Am enjoying colored pens and pencils, using different colors for different groups of tasks–pink for household jobs, turquoise for jobs related to my antique shop space, etc. I found a smallish notebook with lined pages I already had and it works just fine. Can't justify spending $$ on one specifically designed for journaling–they can be pricey! So glad you have found bullet journaling and wrote a blog post about it! Thanks!

  5. I've heard and read about this but it didn't really appeal to me. I'm naturally a planner and organizer and already have my own little system that works for me. This seems a little too complicated and involved. I want quick and easy. I have no desire to use different colored pens and make pretty doodles, etc in a planner. I keep my daily to-do list on my fridge so I can see it and we also have a large calendar on the side of our fridge where all appointments, work schedules and events are written down.

  6. Love this idea!! My handwriting is good, but my artistic skills…not so much! This would help and reflect my personality unlike just writing down thoughts.
    Thank you so much, Brenda, for a wonderful post and ideas!!

  7. I like this idea. However, I want it to look perfect, so it would probably drive me crazy trying to make a journal perfect. I have thought about doing journals for a long time. Perhaps I should jump on this band wagon. I have been going through much turmoil in my life and I would like to write my feelings down on paper and of course goals!

  8. Brenda I love this idea and was reading about it last week. I do write a lot of lists, keep an agenda, etc., but I really like the idea of having all of this in once access able place instead of multiple items.

  9. I just heard about bullet journals. I think I may do this for my garden journal for next year as it would be more organized. I have a Youtube friend that is trying it and having a bit of a hard time, She's ADHD and has a hard time staying focused. She writes in the journal then says it only has one problem…it doesn't do the stuff for her, lol.

  10. I love the bullet journal idea, Brenda. Actually, I can't seem to be functional without making lists of ideas and goals. I think you should give it a try! Happy Tuesday♥

  11. My younger daughter is big into bullet journaling – she loves it! She calls it her planner, but same thing. She has all sorts of pretty stickers she got at Michaels, and pretty pens also. Good luck with your new project, Brenda – what fun!

  12. Interesting concept! I started an organizer last year after purchasing what I thought would be the best one to keep me motivated. Guess what…used it a few weeks and the rest of it is blank. It's nice to have some sort of reference of future events and a ledger of "when did I do that?". The really nice and detailed organizer are expensive but a simple journal is price friendly. Will check out the bloggers you listed…

  13. Apparently, I have been bullet journaling forever…I just didn't know I was doing it. Now I feel so fancy. I make daily to-do lists in a marble notebook and doodle as the day goes on. I check the book often to see where I am and add more to it when needed. I started keeping my lists in a book, because I never finish what I am supposed to get to and I would lose the little papers. Who knew I was so on trend? 😉

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