1. Wow, very powerful post. I’m going to be checking the links you offered in your post. Elizabeth above wrote about expectations. I have also found over the years to check my expectations vs reality. Accepting others and myself without using self imposed expectations has helped me to enjoy what comes rather plan out how I think they should be. I try to see things for what they are rather than how I want them to be…. this has lead me to less disappointment. Your blog is refreshing… one day it’s an idea about decorating, then another day it’s something to do with how to navigate the world around us. Thank you.

  2. Brenda, first, must tell you how much I enjoy and learn from your posts—thank you so much
    I just finished reading DARE TO BE KIND by LIZZY VELASQUES, don’t know if you’ve heard of this young woman—she has a SYNDROME that doesn’t let her gain weight and has a slight deformity
    which made for her to be bullied thru out her life, but in spite of that, she is now a motivational speaker
    I found very inspiring—–also thank you for sharing your wonderful girl’s stories

  3. Those are very powerful words! Thank you so much for sharing.
    I’ve suffered some incredible hurts in my life and it’s only been in the last almost 2 years that I’ve learned the importance of self care.

  4. I have found in the last six years to love myself and my self worth and I am my happy self that I once was! Thank you for this today it meant a lot to me !

  5. So true and very appropriate for now. Well said as always. Definitely gives me thoughts for reflection.

  6. Seems true to me, Brenda. And you know, in my life, the less expectations I have had in December, the better that difficult month has been. And for me, the less plans I have made the better…if I fall ill in a year, it has generally been in December for some reason. Perhaps part of that has been due to crushed hopes and maybe that lowers the immune system? So for the last decade or so, I have found more joy in just basically taking advantage of whatever good comes along and not expecting anything else.

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