Heather Bien and her husband live in a small apartment in Washington, D.C. Their home is a modest 614 square feet.

The living room in Heather's stylish Washington DC apartment has a nice gallery wall.

She found their home on H Street, an area known for nightlife and restaurants. The apartment is only 614 square feet.

Books and random decor sit atop Heather's coffee table.

Heather is a true go-getter. She’s a freelance writer, digital content director, blogger, and copywriter.

As a remote worker, she knew her new apartment needed to be functional yet still fit her aesthetic.

A white cubby shelf with books is the perfect place for Heather's TV in her stylish Washington DC apartment

Her passion for design has led her to craft the perfect space for her and her husband.

An assortment of books shows Heather's interests

Heather says that she’s a hustler by nature. If she has free time, she’s going to fill it with meaningful and interesting projects.

“I took on every project I could get my hands on just to build up my portfolio, and eventually people started finding me through word of mouth.”

Books and such decorate a table in her stylish Washington DC apartment

“I take on clients for both web copy writing and content writing. The thing that ties them all together is that they’re all awesome women and awesome companies doing awesome things.”

A wood bar cart is perfect with drinks to share with friends.

“I write for photographers, designers, lifestyle websites, and super talented entrepreneurs,” Heather said.

Wine glasses and such are there at the ready to entertain.
The small kitchen in her stylish Washington DC apartment is small but has everything they need.

The kitchen is small but serves them well with a tulip-style dining table and stylish chairs.

She painted one side of her refrigerator with chalkboard paint.

One side of her refrigerator has been painted with chalkboard paint to serve as a place to jot down notes.

Cobalt blue and white bedding stands out against the white bedroom walls.

The bright cobalt blue and white bedding stands out against the white walls of their bedroom.

A desk and chair in her stylish Washington DC apartment gives her a space to work remotely.

She’s carved out a small space for a desk and chair to work remotely from her home.

Heather all ready for work out on the sidewalk in Washington DC.

What Heather likes most about her home is the diversity of the neighborhoods and being able to walk the entire city.

“Whenever I have an appointment or meeting in another part of town, I’ll make an effort to spend my whole day there so that I can explore everything that’s new and changing,” Heather said.

“I’ll work out of a coffee shop for a bit, stroll through the side streets, and maybe pop in a boutique or two. DC is such an evolving and vibrant city. It deserves far more credit than just being a government town!”

{Photos & details courtesy of The Everygirl}


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  1. Oh wow, I love her head board! It’s beautiful! Is amazing what you can do with 600+ square feet. It does look bigger.

  2. I worked in DC for a year and spent time every day exploring the city, most of my time was spent on the Hill and on the Mall but I love the area around the zoo and Georgetown. Heathers’ apartment is beautiful and has everything one needs and more, it is hard to believe it is only 600 sq. feet.

    Have a wonderful weekend Brenda.

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