Goodbye August. Hello September.

A month of beginnings and endings. The beginning of fall. The end of vacations and trips to the beach.

In some parts of the country, tree leaves begin to fall. I don’t know about here. Perhaps October. Maybe.

Summer here stretches out like a languid cat at the end of a nap, likely through this month and much of the next.

I do recall when September was cooler. Maybe we’ll get lucky. 


I long for crisp leaves crunching beneath my feet. Tree branches standing stark against early evening skies.

My container gardens are looking tired and wistful. The flowers and herbs are almost ready for their winter nap.

The last, the loveliest goodbye, of green leaves changing into shades of red and gold and orange. Rustling like corn shucks in a prairie breeze. 

Letting go and falling, falling, like a parachute that is in no hurry to fall from the sky. 

I long for cool mornings to greet me. That hot cup of coffee to warm my hands.

Lighting candles and adding a pinch of vanilla to the mix. Vanilla is my favorite candle scent. I like that it is pleasant but not too strong. 

I look forward to taking my camera and walking the grounds of the Tulsa Rose Garden. 

Taking advantage of shifts of light and long shadows as the day and the month wears on.

Oh, how I love fall. 

The days folding up like chairs to be stored in the basement. To every day there is a season. A time to be born and a time to die.

Turn, turn, turn…

We were waiting for you to arrive. To wave goodbye to summer and throw our doors open wide to greet you. 

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  1. I never had a true appreciation for fall until I began blogging and reading blogs. I'm a Scorpio so as a child, September and October were just months I had to get through until Halloween and my birthday. Now I love the season even though fall to me means hot days and walks on the beach.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Brenda.
    Come to Michigan in about two weeks. We have the most colorful fall leaves here. Stay long enough to see the stark, black branches of the trees. I've always loved fall, too, except for the increasing darkness. But you take the bad with the good, right?

    Tell me you're coming and I'll bake a cake!

  3. Fall is amazing in New York State.
    Love the colors,I find them humbling,surely a greater being than me created this majesty.
    Cool nights, warm days,pumpkin spice everything(except Cheerios:(,what's not to love!

  4. Brenda, thank you for your poetic praise of Fall. I can hardly wait. Here in Calif. I'm tired of the 85- 99 degrees heat. Nothing compared to the misery in caused by Harvey. Sandy.

  5. Last night was in the 30's here on the mountain top – I'm actually wearing layers and boots today, it's chilly and windy!! Hope you get some fall weather soon, my friend – I know you suffered an awfully hot, long summer!

  6. Autumn is my favorite season! It's the cozy blanket welcoming you from all the hectic-ness that is Summer. It's the come-on-in, relax, and nest season. Happy Fall, y'all.

  7. Well.. I love fall too, but this summer seemed to go by way too fast for us in New England – there wasn't much of a summer at all according to the weather. Much to look forward to, though 🙂

  8. Brenda, send me some of your Summer weather and I'll send you some of my too-soon Fall weather!

    It's been pretty cool here in MA for the past few weeks. Usually August is hot and humid but this year it's been more like late Sept.

    In fact, I am about to go put on a sweater because I am cold! I've noticed the heat kick on a few times already this past week.

    I love Autumn, especially the way it smells. The scent of the crisp leaves and Concord grapes on the vines is just heavenly.

  9. it has been my favorite season always. ever since childhood.
    even the descriptive words I find magical.
    misty mornings. quiet grey fog. glorious leaves. warm red sweaters. cold noses.
    the names themselves… September. October. November!
    it all conjures up such beauty for me. I hope ours this year is wonderful! we've waited for it to be really truly Autumn for several years now. the last two years it skipped us entirely! so i'm READY!

  10. This is written beautifully.
    Our weather changed yesterday–it rained and now it's cool–around 78. Before, it had been in the mid-90s. Dry, so at least we don't suffer with humidity, but hot enough that any time I had to do something I said, nah. Now that it's cool I want to buy masses of tomatoes to make sauce for pasta all winter.

  11. Good Morning Brenda: What a beautiful post today! I too love fall the best. I am not a fan of the hot, humid days of summer. This morning it was 48 degrees here in Wisconsin where I live. The leaves are starting to turn. Most of my flowers in pot are looking pretty sad too. I have already dumped some of them and washed up the pots. I will be 71 this week end and am enjoying every day! You have a safe labor day week end. I'll be watching for your fall pictures too!

  12. Good morning, Brenda 🙂

    I am so glad it's September too. September is the beginning of cooler weather here on my island, although the days are still sunny but mild. Thanks for the beautiful post 🙂

  13. Autumn is my favourite season. The colours of the leaves, the slowing down, the coolness of the air. Most of all, a reminder of my daddy. It was his favourite time of year. We would take drives into the mountains to see the changing colours. It was when he would take his vacation, rent a cabin, fish, walk trails. I loved it and wish he was still here so we could do it again.
    Happy September, Brenda!

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