At just 7:30 it is already warm and sunny outside.

I think last night was the first night I left the thermostat set to air conditioning. But I don’t think it ever came on.

One thing about living among all these trees is that hopefully, it keeps my apartment cooler. Unlike where I lived before.

My water feature is bubbling in the background, which blocks out a lot of other noises, thank goodness.

Planting Herbs In A Container:

Friday I managed to get all my herbs planted in a big green pot. They’d been sitting in those little plastic containers for several weeks and dried out quickly.

In this container, I planted golden pennies, mint, lemon balm, vinca, and a citronella plant.

I planted the pineapple sage in the back of my water feature. Not sure how it will do inside in the long run as it’s in a fairly dark spot. But it’s doing fine so far.

I thought my rosemary plant was going to pull through the winter, but it didn’t. It has lived through a couple of winters, but not this last one.

Too bad, because it was such a pretty plant.

My zen space in my living room

Water Feature:

I had to move the water feature and the cupboard farther apart because the water was splashing onto the cupboard.

You never really know how things are going to work together until you’ve had them in place for a couple of days.

In Herbs, What I'm Reading & Autism, this is the book I'm reading called "The Maid" by Nita Prose

The Maid:

Last night I began reading “The Maid” by Nita Prose. Not to be confused with the memoir by Stephanie Land titled “Maid.”

In “The Maid” the main character is a young woman in her mid-twenties who is a maid at a nice hotel. She loves her job, even though that might seem a bit odd to some people.

You learn rather quickly that Molly is obviously on the autism spectrum. She says things that don’t sit well with people, is uncomfortable in social situations, and has trouble reading expressions on people’s faces.

Molly had been doing well growing up and living with her grandmother. But her grandmother had died in the past year and that had turned Molly’s world upside down.

She depended on her grandmother to explain how to navigate the world. They’d shared an apartment and lived quite happily together all of Molly’s life.

Then Molly comes across a dead businessman in one of the hotel rooms where she works as a maid. The manager is called along with the authorities.

Autism In Teens & Adults:

Molly is out of her depth with the detective. She doesn’t say the things someone who’s just found someone dead usually say. She’s stilted and gives the facts in a voice that is more exact than emotional.

Therefore the police begin to suspect that Molly might have murdered the rich businessman.

A graphic about autism. The letters stand for Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious

Those who have teenaged or adult autistic loved ones fear that they will be pulled over by police and be misunderstood.

Words From Autism Speaks:

“Common attributes of autism are communication differences and behaviors or thinking that are repetitive or restricted to an area of interest.

“These traits, which differ for every autistic person, may make it difficult to have a conversation with a police officer, who could interpret these traits as not being compliant with questioning or direct instructions.

“Research suggests that police need to be trained to appropriately engage with autistic people.”

Police Encounters With Those With Autism:

When the police come into contact with people who are autistic in a tense situation, they may not understand the reason for the person’s behavior.

An autistic person may display threatening behavior because they are frightened and don’t like to be touched.

If a police officer does not understand or realize that the person is autistic, they may interpret the individual’s actions as a threat, and therefore become more aggressive toward them.

Which then could escalate and become volatile with the person who is autistic.

When people think of someone with autism, it is common to think of children. But children with autism grow up to be adults with autism.

Doctor’s Appointment:

I have an appointment with the foot/ankle doctor this morning. I’m going to tell him I want to see an orthopedic surgeon and ask for a referral.

Actually, my ankle has been fairly pain-free this past weekend without wearing the walking boot or the brace.

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  1. It’s got to feel good to have those herbs in soil! It’s just starting to warm up enough here that I can start planting next week. Glad you will get a referral for an ankle specialist. Two brothers in my neighborhood are autistic. The parents are amazing, and the boys have made extraordinary progress with the right therapists.

  2. I love the book “The Maid” as it was one of those I didn’t want to put down.
    She was so sweet never giving up on her innocence that I just loved learning more and more about her dilemmas coping with her autism.

  3. I’m glad you’re going to get a referral to see another doctor. Another opinion is always a good thing.
    I know getting your herbs planted made you feel good. Playing in dirt is so good for the soul. LOL
    I hadn’t thought about the water featuring possibly splashing. Good thing you noticed, or the side of your cabinet would have been ruined.
    I’m wishing you a good day!

    1. I’m actually seeing my internist in the morning for a referral. The foot/ankle doctor is ordering another kind of brace for me that he hopes will work better.

  4. I hope the fountain isn’t splashing water onto the carpet too, may need a hard surface underneath or something if it is.

  5. Any operation could be serious, so I think it’s good to have two, three and even four referrals if needed Brenda.
    Some doctors know more than others and some have more experience!

    That’s great that u have your herbs planted and they will give more flavor in whatever u are cooking for dinner too!

    I hope u had a great Mother’s Day yesterday as well as all your readers!

  6. Hello from Pennsylvania! I am happy that you are planning to see an orthopedic surgeon – sure hope he/she can give you a plan and help that you so deserve. Good luck and best wishes!
    I just reserved The Maid at my library – lots of folks ahead of me, but that’s ok. Thank you for the review and insight into autism. You are very wise.
    Time for me to get my herbs together for the balcony- my rosemary is now a year old. It’s actually three plants that I rooted from the grocery store packet. Smells so good! I will get mint,parsley- I still prefer the curly – and basil. Maybe some lemon balm too.
    Have a good,good day and pet that lovely Ivy for me, please.

  7. Glad to hear you are looking into an orthopedist. I think he will have better answers. I have a very old rosemary bush that is so straggly. I’ve had it cut back but I think it is just hanging on. Can’t wait to see more pics of the herbs.

    1. Since the herbs were just planted a few days ago, they haven’t really plumped up yet. Probably will be a few more days till they recover from the stress of planting.

    1. My youngest grandchild Andrew is autistic. Kasi is one buy mother taking him to all his appointments. Guess it runs in the family.

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