We all come upon hills and valleys in life. Ups and downs. Ins and outs.

Life has a way of helping to guide what your story will be. You, of course, are at the wheel much of the time. But sometimes life gets behind the wheel.

Sometimes it takes you through a jungle and gets you to the other side safely. Sometimes it takes you on a roller coaster ride.

Through dips and valleys, hills and curves, life continues on its path. Charting your course. 

My Story:

My own story is about to change. I am embarking on a new journey. I’m a little reticent, but very excited. Change is hard. But change is also good. It is filled with promise and new opportunities.

Spring is about to make its entrance. The trees have buds that will soon open and become umbrellas of shade. I walk out and look at the dirt every day. So far nothing is emerging. 

Still I wait for that moment each year that always excites me. When I see bits of green pushing through the earth, reaching toward the energy of the sun. 

Where I Will Garden:

This year my garden will be in a different place. It will mostly be in containers, but that’s okay. Because you can make a beautiful garden in containers. It will still be my little paradise. 

I will garden wherever I am planted. Because I am a gardener. And gardeners always find a way to garden. Regardless of the circumstances. 

Yesterday was warm and I worked outside raking leaves for a while.

Windy Night:

Last night I could hear the wind begin its siege. I awoke to rain. The wind has gathered momentum and is slapping rain against the windows. 

It will be a cold day. It is not yet spring weather. This weather is playing cat and mouse with us. The skies are dull and gray. Not like yesterday at all.

I won’t be going outside today to check for new green shoots emerging. 

Mother Nature obviously has other plans.

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  1. I woke up to snow here this morning. I haven't managed to put any thought at all into what I'll plant in my pots this year. When it's gray and dreary I don't feel very motivated. New life always comes though, doesn't it? 🙂

  2. Your blog ALWAYS makes my day ! I didn't have very good luck today on St Patricks Day !! LOL But coming home and seeing and reading blogs always puts a smile on my face ! Your new garden will be as pretty as ever. You have such a wonderful and inspiring perspective! We all should be so wise HUGS

  3. Brenda,
    Thankfully Spring is closer than it has been! And you will be enjoying the majority of it in your new little home! Just look at this move as a step closer to Spring!
    Happy day,

  4. It was in the high 70's low 80's this past weekend. The weiner dog and I got out and planted several containers of different flowers, Zinnias are one of my all time favorites, others we planted, Lazy Susan's, Morning Glory, 4 o'clocks. I will be planting again this weekend. I love container gardening because it is so versatile. My landlord says my little home is his favorite (out of the other 13 he rents) because of the beautiful flowers. I do it for my peace of mind, my therapy, to be close to nature, to get my fingernails super dirty! I think we are all on pins and needles for this move of yours.

  5. I agree…Mother Nature does have her own plan. We are really sunny today but it's deceiving. Just 25 degrees.

    I think you are going to come up with a lot of ideas for container gardening. My patio is very small and my yard is huge. I ran out of room for my potted plants so I bought some rounded stones to put right on the grass and I have big pots on those. I just bought packets of seeds from Renee's Garden called Farmer's Market blends for containers (for lettuce). So excited. And when that's done you can plant something else.

    Hope your week turns out better as far as weather.


  6. Brenda,

    You are indeed a survivor, and being a gardener, you will bloom where you are planted. Spring is coming bringing renewed life, hope, and promise. New adventures await and they are to be embraced. Your new home will be filled with love and joy. Happiness will fill your heart and these new changes hold endless possibilities. I will continue to hold you in my heart and in my prayers.

  7. Hi. Yes, the excitement will keep building as you pack up each box and mark another item off of the to-do list before you move. I think this move will go well for you because it's different from the one you made a couple of years ago. The little blue house has been a cocoon where you've been healing and changing. Yes, there have been some unpleasant moments, but that's the way it goes with change. Now you are ready to spread your wings and take off into the sunshine.

  8. I can't wait for Spring to make it's grand enterance. We are still very much snow covered, but that is normal for March in Minnesota.
    I am happy for your move. I hope you are still near Judy. We all need a dear friend.

  9. Brenda, consider growing taters in a 4-tire tower on your patio. Put down one tire, fill w/dirt and potato eyes (seeds), water, wait until sprouts are 8 in. hi, add ano tire, fill w/dirt only leaving a bit of the tops of the sprouts showing, water again, etc, etc., etc. What happens is ea. plant will convert the stalk into roots (every time you add a tire and more dirt), sending out lateral buds (little potatoes) and continue growing toward the sun from the top of the stalk. Friends used to do this every season and grow their own potatoes. I researched it and some research says chemicals will leach into the soil from the rubber tires and other researchers say it is completely safe to grow potatoes this way. The sun on the black rubber warms the soil within and the tire also provides insulation which gives a longer growing season. A 4-tire tower will yield abt 25 lbs in a season. Just Google "how to grow potatoes in tire towers" to get the scoop on the whole process, including how to get the tires and the dirt you need.

  10. I am glad you are starting to feel excitement about your move and new possibilities! Life does seem to have other plans for us sometimes, and I, too, have often likened it to a rollercoaster ride. Lately, I am having to hang on tighter, too…no control, just on the ride…
    Hope spring arrives for both of us soon!

  11. Hi Brenda! Glad to hear you're getting exited about your move. I've excited with you and hope is will be an easy transition. Of course you'll garden and it will be beautiful! Hang in there, spring is on it's way!
    Be a sweetie,

  12. My 'new direction' happened last year and while it's taken awhile to adjust I must say I am so much happier. This year I am hoping to do some container gardening myself! It just really makes a place 'home'!! It's a rainy day here but it will help Spring to come on!!
    hugs, Linda

  13. I have jonquils and tulips pushing up through the ground. However, our weatherman is predicting six plus inches of snow from tonight into Monday.. This, too, will pass and spring will get here if it's not until July.

    The only way to get through trying times is to have faith and hope that everything will turn out okay.
    You made a brave move to move to the Cozy Blue House. Now you're making another brave move to your new, smaller "nest" as JoAnne has said. I hope and pray that your new home will hug you with warmth and peaceful times.

    I know you won't stop with one arrangement of furniture or patio design.. That's not you. As moving time gets closer, I know you are getting more excited, as are your readers.

    Thinking about you !

  14. It sounds like your new place is going to be just right for you, Brenda. I just know you will turn it into a "cozy little house" and "cozy little garden" because that is who you are – a nester. I can't wait to see how cute you make it!

  15. As you might have heard from the weather reports, spring and now summer are upon us here in So Cal. Expecting a very warm day here in the Southland. A neighbor is giving me some cuttings for me to put along my back fence to hide the hideous backyard of another neighbor, so I'm about to set off to get those plantings! Can't wait for them to grow tall. I know how excited you are to get into your new place and be able to watch the sunlight play upon your back yard.

  16. For me, every change has always been 'the best thing that ever happened to me'. I'm sure this move will be the same for you. My shrubs are all flowering and I have one large clay pot to plant in. That's my flower garden. That's all we can keep protected from the deer and other wildlife with netting. We used to spray but the neighbors complained about the odor. So every day, I water my little garden with all the love in my heart.

    Spring is teasing us up here. This week, we had temperatures in the 30' and 40's. Now today, it is only 8 degrees. But the sun is shining brightly and it is a beautiful day!

    Thinking of you and hoping your packing is going well…

  17. Brenda, I am praying your move is in good weather and goes smoothly. I am like you…if all I had room for was a container, then it would be my flower garden. I like to watch things grow. I love having color around me when I am outside. Hope you have a good Sunday, even if it's cloudy. Our sun has gone in for now. xoxo,Susie

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