Today the wind is howling outside. 

Looking out the patio door, I can see the tree limbs that hang over my fence swaying back and forth. The leaves are shaking to the ground like salt from a shaker.

It is one of those days when you just want to stay in, stay warm, and get lost in a book.


I moved the blue cupboard with my dishes to the opposite wall yesterday. And I’m pondering whether I like it there. 

There is no rush.

I feel the need for more simplicity after the health problem of the past weeks. I need empty space to relax my mind.

Do you ever get that feeling? Like your brain needs more open space so you can hit pause?

Lately I’m not rushing much of anything. 

Decisions hover like a cloud. There seems to be no need for haste. 

I’ve been pushing myself physically this week doing things. I’m making myself slow down because my body tells me it needs that now.


I sit here and ask myself why I’ve always been in such a hurry. What was compelling me to do, do, do? 

Well, whatever it was seems to have moved on down the road now. And I wave goodbye.

We should sip at life like it’s fine wine. Experience it fully. 

Hit the pause button. 

And let the taste of it linger on our tongue.

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  1. Hitting pause is a blessing…….today, I think my "thanksgiving thankful heart" was for heat! it was too chilly outside! Sunday was my pause day. SLowing down is easier as we get older and gain perspective. We are doing holidays really simple this year. Time to relax and not rush 🙂

  2. Such a neat post especially with the holidays are approaching and everyone rushing around. So nice to enjoy the moment. I used to make a To Do Today list for each day; now I just make a list and figure I'll tackle each item as I feel like it (or maybe I'll just "lose" the list). I am enjoying life in a slower speed.

    Love your line: We should sip at life like it's fine wine. What a wonderful and healthy attitude!

  3. When I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer I simply didn't have the energy to do much and one of the greatest lessons from that experience was that it was okay to not be able to go, go, go and do, do, do. In fact I came to believe that I was forced to live at the pace life is meant to be lived at. I forget that lesson sometimes and find myself too much in a hurry, but mostly I don't push myself very much anymore. Of course part of that might be that I am getting old and really can't push like when I was younger! I did enjoy your post today. I think it makes an important point which isn't supported much in our modern society. And it's good to remind each other to slow down every once in a while. What are friends for, anyway?? To help each other remember to be good to ourselves and live sanely despite what others are doing.

    Thanks for the reminder, friend!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Really enjoyed your post today. I'm so there….because of health reasons I need to purge and get rid of things. Sometimes it's just overwhelming. I'm not a serious hoarder but have way to much stuff. I've read with a chronic illness one should simplify there life. It's too difficult to try and move things from one place to another and it makes cleaning a challenge. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I'm in Missouri like Bonnie in a previous comment. The wind was blowing and bringing in cold wintery weather this afternoon. And then cold rain poured down. Everybody on the street had porch lights on by a little after 430 this day. Today was the day to move my giant herb pots up against the house and porch where they can shelter and catch any random sunlight for warmth this winter. I made roast chicken and baked potatoes for dinner as cold rain blew against the windows this afternoon. It was cozy in the house, but wet and windblown outside.

  6. my health finally made me slow down. and i'm finally looking at it as not a bad thing!
    it takes some getting used to but it's actually quite lovely. and you're right about having space to calm and sooth the senses. at least it does mine. i always say…
    i can breathe again.

  7. I am a quilter–and I have made and kept and given away tons of quilts–yet I seem to push myself each day to keep working on them–though at times I do ask myself –Why–why am I making another quilt–I really don't need another quilt of any kind or for any season–so why am I making more and more–the only answer that I have come up with it–it keeps me busy–my hands and my mind!!
    I do also knit and read and do photography–and I do ask myself the same question on those crafts too!!!!! and I am old–almost 70–!!!!!!!!!lol
    enjoy the moments, di

  8. Brenda, thank you for the reminder that it is okay to slow down and ponder the world around me. I am on vacation from work but have a list a mile long to get done before Tuesday. The embroidery machine is going in the work room and Christmas music playing on the TV on YouTube. The sun is getting low in the sky and afternoon is becoming evening. Time to slow down and let this day go. I needed your reminder. Have a wonderful evening.

  9. Love your thought of sipping at life like a fine wine. I got in the habit of rushing around when I was working and had to push myself both at work and at home to get everything done. I love to be able to really watch and experience each day, especially the changes the seasons bring. Today it is so wintry looking here in Missouri. The wind is blowing and the sun is hiding. The squirrels looked so cold this morning! It is much like the day you described. Winter is coming and it is warning us to get ready. I have a feeling we are going to have a much colder and snowier winter than the past couple of years.

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