Home Office Organization Tips

Maybe you already have your office space decked out in your home.

But is it organized efficiently?


Go vertical. It will save you a lot of space elsewhere.


This chest could be a coffee table and you could also use it to store important files.
In a small space home, using furniture for multi purposes is important.
Save those toilet paper rolls. They can help you organize small items.
Muffin tins can be used outside of the kitchen. They make nice little dividers for those little things scattered in your desk drawer.
Here’s a way to hide the printer away, yet still have it close at hand.
Don’t toss those breath mint or throat lozenge boxes. Decorate them and keep your business cards inside.
Buy inexpensive empty paint cans at the hardware store and use them for storage, as in the photo above.
A toothbrush holder can also double as a pen or pencil holder.
Get stylish with magnets.
And here’s what to do with unsightly cords. Thread them through a hole in the desk. And attach the power surger to the bottom of the desk.
No more ugly cords hanging down.
Have you got any organizational tips for home office spaces?
You can visit my Home Office Organization board here.

Also here is good info on ultimate home decluttering.


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  1. Brenda, thank you so much for sharing these tips. I am really struggling right now with trying to get my little "home office nook" pulled together so that it doesn't look like an office. I need it to be functional and pretty, with my goal leaning more towards pretty and clutter-free! 🙂

  2. I love that cord tagging idea and I've actually taken an old trunk and turned it into a filling cabinet. Love it and allowed me to simplify. My office is off our living space so the no file look is perfect and gives the room a warmer feel Great ideas!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. I thought I was pretty organized until I saw all these clever organizing ideas! Can't wait to try a few. Would really love a hide-away printer! Thanks for another very helpful post…

  4. These are neat tips, Brenda. I redid our very small office last spring and since hubby uses it 98% of the time, it's very hard to keep organized because he's nuts. I don't mind going in and sorting his papers into some general order but what to do with them…I have minimal space, especially on the walls. Not sure what to do except get a paper shredder and threaten him with it! lol!

    Jane x

  5. I love every single one of these ideas!! And that's rare, because so many times the ideas are impractical or very expensive or hard to find. These are all attainable and great!! Thanks, Brenda!!!

  6. Brenda, all of these are great ideas. I especially like the chest/file cabinet…and the hidden printer! The wall file system is great…except mine would probably be messy! Ha. Sheila

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