I’m ready to start getting my home office into shape in the next day or so. Today I have a few teaser photos so you can kind of see where I’m headed in this room.

The photo below shows what I’ve dug out of the second bedroom closet. I don’t know what I’m using yet from the pile.

I’ll just start arranging furniture and decorating this room and see where it takes me.

As you’ve probably guessed from the photos, my office will have softer colors and a more feminine style.

In home office teaser, here is some of the wall decor I'm considering for this room

I was just ready to do something a bit different; something a little unexpected.

I’m going to go a bit slower when it comes to creating this office space.

I don’t think there will be cause to drag out the stepladder. So maybe this room will be easier than the others to decorate.

When I moved here a month ago, this room was the catchall room.

All the stuff I didn’t know where to put ended up in here.

Now the other rooms have been decorated, so there’s not much left in the way of furniture and decor except what I already planned to use for this room.

In home office teaser, this is a can of chiffon cream chalk spray paint I plan to use in here

I’ve had a couple of cans of this chalk spray paint for a few years and for some reason haven’t used them.

I think I might spray paint some items in the home office in this new apartment this chiffon cream color.

Have you ever used a chalk spray paint? I haven’t. Curious to see what it will look like.

Cat Spat:

Ivy and Gracie in a cat spat

The kitties got into a little cat spat. It’s all because Ivy has to be a stinker and either jump Gracie or hiss or do that moaning/keening thing she does.

Poor little Gracie never knows what is going to happen next.

For the last week, I’d been feeding them tuna because they refused to eat their canned cat food. I know, I know, it probably isn’t a great choice for them.

But then the past two days they refused to eat that.

Picky Eating Cats:

What kind of cat refuses fresh canned tuna?

So this morning I got out some of the canned food I had been feeding them prior to the tuna, and they lapped that up.

Does anyone know what’s going on with these cats? Do they just get tired of one food and yearn for another? I thought you weren’t supposed to change up cat food.

These two have me scratching my head with their picky behavior.

They don’t seem to tire of their dry food. But they sure frequently stick their nose up in the air when it comes to their canned food.

The inside of a painting in my living room


Yesterday I went to do my taxes, as you know. However, I forgot to bring one document I needed. So I had to go back home and send it to him via email.

I will drive back to his office today at noon. This time they said they’d bring the papers to my car to sign.

This office is in an old house, and there are two sets of steps to get to the door. And one set of steps is rather steep.

As you can guess, that is really awkward when you’re wearing a walking boot.

Ponytail Palm Plant:

ponytail palm

The ponytail plant so far is doing fine with the new light right next to it. I’d like to find a window with bright light for this plant though. Natural light.

It sure is pretty with all those swirly strands. The long narrow, dark green leaves flowing up from the base reminds me of a plume of water spewing up from a fountain.


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  1. The plant is so pretty !! I love lots of natural light and then I just hang some black out curtains to close up in case I’m sick. Had to alter my diet a bit so it’s been great and i haven’t had as many sick days in the past year 🙂 Can’t wait to see your office when you’re done. I havent used chalk paint but i sure love the look .

  2. I like where you’re headed with a soft, feminine palette in your office. I love the picture with the birthday cake, flowers, etc. May I ask where you purchased it?
    Taxes done – woohoo – did you do a little jig? LOL

  3. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in mind for the office, and I’m intrigued by the hint of a more feminine style.

  4. I love that bulletin board you have picked out for your office. Can’t wait to see what you do with this room.

    I’ve had cats my whole life and my entire marriage (almost 38 years) and we’ve never had one turn up their nose at their wet food. Do you leave dry food out for them all the time? If so, this could be the reason. They won’t be hungry for their wet food. Cats aren’t natural grazers. And they shouldn’t have free access to food 24/7 – that’s one thing that causes them to be overweight. The healthiest way to feed cats is about 4x/day, with a spoon of wet food and a little dry in the dish each time.

    1. I’ve had 11 cats over 40 years, and more of them have turned up their noses at wet food, raw food, fancy food, cheap food, you name it. They don’t have food out all the time and they like one food one day and as soon as I buy a lot more of it they decide to hate it. Cats are finicky.

  5. Brenda, I do not even want to think about my taxes, I hate getting ready for them. I cannot wait to see what the new office space looks like. As for your kitties, maybe it is something with the cane of seasons, my dogs, ok, Patches the little one has been a crab, she has been growling and leaping on the other ones and she will not let them get into their own beds.
    Take care of your foot and take it slow my dear.
    Have a great week.

  6. I rotate different canned food (flavors) so the cats don’t get bored. They have been eating the same dry cat food for years with no complaints. If one of them snubs their nose at the wet food, I just let them be.
    If they are hungry enough, they will eat it. None have starved so far, lol! They are just spoiled. I don’t cook separate meals for the humans in my life and I’m not providing that for my cats either. They all could stand to lose some weight anyway! I used chalk paint on a bookshelf and didn’t like it so much. Did not like applying wax over it, too time consuming. It has held up over well over the years though. It was the kind you brush on, not spray on. I have used Fusion Mineral paint and love the stuff. Easy to work with, goes a long way and ends up so smooth. A bit pricey, but it does go a long way. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve for your office!

  7. I’m so excited to see how you decorate your office. It been fun seeing make a home in your new apartment. I’ve been rearranging and getting rid of things . I also like to change things up .

    Will your cats leave the ponytail palm alone ? When I had a cat , he passed in June, he was obsessed with my spider plant , constantly swatting, batting and chewing on it . I finally hung it in my bedroom with no furniture under it ! The ponytail palm wouldn’t have had a chance here ! Lol !

  8. Welcome to the finicky cat club.
    These 2 characters always have dry available also and we have gone through just about every brand with much nose upturning…
    Our longest streak has been with Hartz Delectables Lickable Treats, they’re a little pricey,just went from .94 to 1.05 but the way I figure it,I’m not throwing it away.
    They get 1 pouch each in the morning and they split one at night.
    I’ve no doubt the office will be awesome but take it slow,you can always close the door!😊😉

    1. Agree, mine love the hartz delectible stew as long as it is the senior stew. That’s their daily breakfast.

  9. Hi Brenda, couldn’t get to Comments on taxes. But a way to simplify is to just take the standard deduction unless your income would prevent that. I too always added all kinds of deductions etc and it ended up the standard deduction was always best and most simple and less costly.
    Try Turbo Tax. I’ve b doing my own for 10 yrs and it’s great. Next year give it a try. Love your new place and all you have done with it!

  10. With cats that aren’t cozying up to be friends, it’s a good idea to play with them together. I often use one of those toys that’s a skinny pole and a string with the toy on the end of it that you can swirl it around. Getting them to play together can really help their getting along. It will take time, and Ivy will probably never completely stop. But it will improve.

  11. I like the direction you’re heading with the home office. As for the cats, yes, they can get extremely picky with their food. Simon is #9, and by far the worst of all the cats I’ve had in my lifetime. He seems to forget he was starving when I first took him in. I gave him small cans of dog food the first day until I could get cat food. In the beginning he went for meat type flavors, then it was fish. Then he got extremely picky. I even tried the Reveal brand in fish flavors you suggested. Nope. All he wanted was either Costco’s Kirkland brand tuna or chicken breast. He also free feeds dry food. No issues with dry food, but needs the wet too. I called the vet. She said he needs the nutrients in the wet cat food. I tried Reveal chicken breast. Surprisingly it looks like Kirkland’s chicken breast after you’ve flaked it up. Now I buy him the variety pack that has chicken breast with natural broth, chicken breast with cheese & chicken breast with pumpkin. The cheese & pumpkin are tiny bits, but I smush them up with a spoon and make sure to mix in. FINALLY cat food Simon will eat. Even if sometimes he walks away, with this food he will come back and eat it. He wouldn’t with the other brands and flavors. I have wasted more money and given more cat food away with Simon than any other cat I’ve had until I found this food. It’s been a few months and he’s still liking it, the little stinker. Reveal can be found on Amazon or Ralph’s which is Kroger in other parts of the U.S. I love your pony palm too. I can’t have one. Simon would think it was a play thing for him.

    1. For sure, too salty for any pet. The sodium stays within their body. Not healthy.
      Hopefully people who give any type of canned “people” foods to pets, rinse well in water.
      So not too dry, I put few drops of good quality cooking oil into the food.

  12. https://drmartypets.com/product/natures-feast-returning-customer/

    I recently watched an infomercial about cat food, and I don’t even have a cat! I thought it was interesting, so I watched the entire thing. Anyway, it’s supposed to be really good food, but it’s a bit pricey. They do have a money back guarantee if your cats don’t like it though. It sounds like your office is going to be so pretty by the time you’re finished with it. I can’t wait to see the transformation.

  13. I have a cat that constantly wants his food changed up too. If he turns up his nose at the current offering I just sprinkle some catnip or mix in a few treats. If yours go back to wanting canned tuna, you need to pick up a supplement called taurine and mix a teaspoon into the tuna. Cats literally cannot live without it.

  14. I’ve had cats for most all my 63 years. House cats are the only ones that can afford to be picky. Yours are fat, and obviously not concerned with missing a meal. If they get hungry, they will eat. Look at tigers, they eat a huge meal and then just lay around and digest it for days…
    Good luck

  15. I haven’t used chalk paint, which is/was quite popular here for furniture, etc. And then Fusion Mineral paint came out and it has a more smooth look to it. Doesn’t look so “chalky” (ha ha). There are lots of Pinterest posts on how to use, etc. A jar goes for miles. Fusion mineral paint comes in a multitude of colours. It can be found on Amazon. I redid a dresser in Midnight Blue. The large sized Jar (which is about 5 inches high) is enough to do a large dresser and nightstand.

  16. Glad to hear we’re not the only ones with a fussy cat who loves to try new canned food — for a few days — then turns her nose up at it and walks away. We’ve tried everything so now we just put something down and see if she’ll eat it, then add some cheese or a little sauce because sometimes that entices her to come back to the bowl. I’ve always heard, too, that cats usually do not like any changes to their diets but this one wants new stuff all the time. She’s a 14 year old “queen of the house” now since we lost our big Asian Bombay during the summer and she rules us with a “soft paw”.

  17. Sound as if you have a nice process going. I love decorating and hope you aren’t rearranging as much as I do once you’ve completed your room. I just love that bulletin board. So curvy. Suggestion: Could you ask the tax man to meet you on the ground floor? It’s crazy that a business doesn’t have accommodations.

    1. He came out to my car. It’s a house, just has steps up to a porch. But several sets of steps like houses were built in the 1930s. I’m now done till next year.

  18. Before I forget, I like what you did with the mirror in the kitchen. I meant the same thing with the curtain valance, just mounted in a different way, but it looks really nice. As far as the cats, I think Ivy wants to make sure Gracie knows that Ivy is the boss – the matriarch of your cat family. Cats do go off their food for a couple of days. Have a few cans of some quality food that you know they like and put a dab on top of their regular food. Sometimes it will entice them to eat all of it. As far as dry food, I do buy different types for variety but I also do not leave dry food out and I do not feed my cats with dry food alone. Twice a day, they get a little dry food with their wet food. It is essential for cats to get wet food to prevent kidney issues, along with plenty of water of course, but some cats are dodgy about how much water they actually drink, so the wet cat food helps. My cats get the dregs from the bottom of the tuna can when making tuna fish hotdish and love bacon bits that I break up into tiny, tiny bits for them. These are rare treats and do not happen every day or even every week. But they love them and know the smell means a special treat for them. The cats will spat but eventually, it will likely become less and less over time. They have to transition too, just like you. Enjoy your decorating.

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