Honey Bees, Late Blooms & A Quirky Cat

It is cooler in the mornings. But then it heats up to between 80 and 90 degrees during the day. And the forecast says that will continue well into October.

Readying The Plants For Winter:

So I’m going to take advantage of the cooler days to clean up my patio and cut back plants that need attention.

I cut back a few of the stems of the heliotrope and it’s still giving me lovely purple blooms. And I like the way its darker leaves look next to the lemon balm.

White Sedum Flowers:

The bees and wasps and butterflies have been busy on the white sedum blooms. The blooms are fading quickly though.

If I’m not mistaken this is a honey bee.

Did You Know?

The latest buzz in the science world: Honeybees are dying of something that is freakishly similar to the coronavirus.

Bee populations around the globe have been decimated by a viral disease. It creeps into hives via asymptomatic insects and spreads like wildfire, British researchers discovered.

The wild morning glories are really blooming now. But I only have a few white and white/blue morning glories blooming.

Silly Ivy:

Ivy is on some sort of a tear. She is meowing and racing around the apartment with her tail curled in the air.

Ivy’s latest quirk is that every time she sees me go into the bathroom she gets one of her swirly toys and begs me to throw it. But it isn’t easy to throw it into another room when the hall faces the bathroom door. I do my best.

Imagine getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and there a cat is waiting with a swirly toy. You sit down and she wiggles in anticipation until I throw the toy for her to fetch.

Do you think maybe I go above and beyond the call of duty? Well of course because I cherish these two babies of mine.

As a result Ivy sleeps during the day and builds up her energy for when I’m knackered. Did I get that word off British TV?

Charlie’s Birthday Yesterday:

Charlie had a good birthday. In the afternoon I took him for a ride in the car and rolled the window down on one side. He loves the wind in his face.

Charlie and I both thank you for all the well wishes yesterday.



  1. Thank you for the information about the Honeybees. My brother-in-law and I were just talking about the fruit trees not bearing any fruit this year and we were wondering what it could be! I will tell him about the crazy virus similar to the coronavirus infecting the Honeybees! Brenda, you are a wealth of information. I thank you for everything I have learned from you!

  2. Happy Saturday to you and Charlie and Ivy. Isn’t it nice to look forward to some more comfortable mornings you can so tend to your garden. I was so happy to read Charlie’s report and looks like he has many happy times ahead with his attentive family.

  3. Good Saturday to you, Brenda and the fur munchkins,
    I’m so glad Charlie had a nice birthday! For some unknown reason I couldn’t open your post yesterday. Today it’s fine(?)…
    Ivy’s antics with her swirly toys sound hysterical! I think you should take some videos of Ivy’s precocious actions and do a You Tube video! It would get a lot of views. I was talking to my youngest grandson yesterday about home movies of his mom. He said, What are home movies!? I am going to bring down our movie/VCR tape recorder to show him what the unit looked like. It was state of the art in 1979!
    Have fun playing in the patio; I’m off the hook for a few days because of the rain here in the Pacific Northwest… Finally, we have great air quality again!

  4. The photo of the honey bee is stunning with such color and detail. I did not know that they were dying because of a virus. So sad.

    Miss Ivy is just a busy, busy girl and passionate about her sport of fetching!
    Just a shame her schedule isn’t quite the same as yours. Have a great day!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday to Charlie and so glad he is doing better! He and Ivy have the best mama in the world.
    My cat goes through spells of “the zoomies” and runs from one end of the house to the other as fast as she can, over and over again. I wish I had that kind of energy….

    1. When Cleatus was young, she would get the crazies during the night,and run up and down the hall way, and then when she got tired of that, she would jump into my bed. I could never go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, without her going along with me. I’d have to hold her on my lap..(I know, right?) and talk to her. I miss that cat every day, since she’ been gone…it’s been a year, August 30th. Boy, that time has gone so fast, even with the virus, since March, keeping us at home. Anyway, Ivy is so much fun to see, and hear about. Happy she and Charlie had a good day on his birthday. Brings lots of smiles to all of us!!! Hugs from WI.

  6. Glad to hear Charlie is doing well!! Sometimes a bit of changing things with meds can indeed make a difference in us all!!
    Our good news is the Elephant upstairs moved out yesterday!! Wow we slept well…so quiet!! And the smoke is finally clearing…raining some, but we are grateful for it!!
    Funny Ivy…you need one of the toys on a stick…or a long feather to drag across her when she is sleeping so much in the daytime…help that cat need a few winks during the night!! Ha!!

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