Pretty hot this week. In the upper nineties. I’ll be glad when it gets down at least to the eighties.

I took Charlie out for a ride yesterday for his birthday. It’s hard to figure out a gift for him. He never took to toys. He never chewed bones, and now he has no teeth.

He can’t eat special treats because he’s on a strict prescription diet and has been for about eight years due to recurring bouts of pancreatitis.

So I sang Happy Birthday to him and we went for a car ride. He really likes for me to hold him so he can partially stick his head out the window. But it was too hot to do that. I was afraid he’d get over heated.

I tell my Charlie boy that I love him numerous times a day, so that really wasn’t a special treat.

That’s hyacinth bean vine and moon vine climbing up the trellis. The eucalyptus is still going strong. And a few of my late planted zinnias are about to bloom. I thought I’d have a lot more zinnias come up when I planted again in mid-summer, but apparently they couldn’t take the relentless heat.

Someone commented yesterday that they were glad I mentioned watching “Broadchurch” on Netflix.

You know what sticks out in my mind the most about that show? What I keep hearing in my head? Those of you who’ve watched it will instantly recall what I’m referring to.

It’s when Alec Hardy, the lead detective, yells for Ellie Miller to come do something. “Mill-uh!” he bellows in his accent.

I think I will hear that in my recall for a long time because it was just so memorable. She would roll her eyes and tease him in some way. They were quite the match for two detectives working together.

Today I finished watching a short series I started last night. It was called “Quicksand.”

It was about two teenagers in Stockholm who find themselves taking part in a mass shooting at a prep school.

The story focuses on the girlfriend of the very rich boy who may have had any material possession he wanted, but could not gain the love of his father, who constantly showed disdain for his son. And sadly his mother had vanished long ago.

The boy had deep psychological problems and tried to numb his pain with drugs and alcohol.

The story is told in a series of flashbacks while she awaits trial for killing her best friend and the boyfriend. The boyfriend apparently killed his father earlier before he picked her up for school.

It is quite intense and in the beginning, graphic. I guess sometimes kids get caught up in someone’s misery and start to take on both responsibility for them as well as become a part of their tragedy.

A young girl, just turned 18, who feels so lucky because this boy picked her and he could have had anyone. So she feels beholden to him. Sadly many girls find themselves in this precarious situation.

Well, Charlie and I are off to his acupuncture appointment and after that he has land therapy. See you tomorrow.

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  1. I’m watching The Spy on Netflix now. Can’t remember if you said you watched that or not. Frankly I can’t remember what I’ve watched. Happy late birthday to Charlie. xo Laura

  2. Hi Brenda and happy birthday to Charlie. I watched The Fall and loved it. Now we are watching Broadchurch and we are only in season one but love it. Sometimes a little hard to understand them but love it. I will look into Quicksand when this series is done. Have a good Thursday.

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet Charlie, Brenda =).

    I loved the UK version of Broadchurch — such a good cast. David Tennant has a podcast and had Olivia Colman on as a guest and it was a delightful conversation to listen to. It was the Jan. 28, 2019 episode. If you google “David Tennant podcast”, that’ll get you to his website and you can listen directly from there, if you’re interested in listening. They seem to have such a genuine friendship.

  4. Thanks, I will watch quicksand when I finish Broadchurch. I stayed up way too late last night finding out who did it. Next is the trial! It’s so good, I’m going to hate when it ends.

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