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It’s going to be between 100 and 108 degrees here for 10 days. Add humidity to that and it will be uncomfortable to say the least.

I go out and water the plants and do what I have to outside and rush right back in.

My zinnias are looking very pretty against a landscape that is turning more and more brown as summer moves on.

I’m still getting veggies for my table and that makes me happy. I don’t think I was able to harvest one vegetable last year.

As it gets hotter and hotter I keep moving the plants closer together and pushing them toward the corner where the tree branches hang over the fence.

It’s kind of like a jungle and Charlie loves to wind in and out of the plants in the darkness they provide.

I don’t know why he goes in there. But he disappears for a bit and then eventually comes back out again. I guess it’s cooler in that area with all the tall plants grouped together.

My tomato plant is now growing up past the tree leaves. And so is the cucumber.

Also my two lavender plants are still alive and doing well. Which surprises me. I usually kill them by now!

What I’m Reading:

Right now I’m reading a book Jodi Picoult wrote back in 2002. It’s called “Perfect Match.”


Picoult brings to life a female prosecutor whose cherished family is shattered when she learns that her five-year-old son has been sexually abused.

What does it mean to be a good mother?
How far would you go in the name of love — and justice?

What I’m Watching:

I finished watching “The Confession”, a short TV series based on a true story, last night.

I think I’m going to start watching “Prime Suspect” with Helen Mirren tonight.

Yesterday I cancelled Netflix. I was having trouble with it. I couldn’t seem to keep the audio that explains what’s happening to stay off. I’d get it off and mysteriously it would come back on.

I looked up various articles on how to fix that on Google, but nothing seemed to work.

And as often as not, I’d want to watch a show and it wouldn’t display. It would say the show could not be shown now.

I rarely watched Netflix anyway. I prefer AcornTV and BritBox.

Just like yesterday morning, the skies have suddenly turned dark. Yesterday we got a good bit of rain.



  1. It is hot in Dallas, too. We have had a heat advisory for a few days. It is even supposed to be In the nineties. We have to water close to the house to prevent the foundation frim cracking. This is the hottest part of our summer and a good time to take a vacation. Was the power off due to a storm or too much use?

  2. Yuck on that intense heat! It’s been very warm and humid here for Illinois, too – in the 90’s. Today we are having a reprieve from the heat..just this one day…and it is glorious. Only high of 80. I turned off the AC and having all the windows open. My cousin and her little girl from Tacoma, WA are visiting here right now and they are loving the heat and sun. My cousin said it was so cool and cloudy back in Tacoma when she left.

    I haven’t watched any programs on TV in ages. I can’t even tell you the last time I ever even turned on my TV. I guess I’m like my mother – she doesn’t even have a TV! If I sit down to relax, it’s to do something on my laptop (like now – reading blogs) or to read a book or magazine.

    Have a good Sunday!

  3. Hopefully he’s not marking his territory by the plants bc that’s what the male dogs do sometimes.
    It’s been hot and humid where I live, but it’s finally cooling down alittle! I’ve been cooking my meals at night when it’s cooler.
    I watch prime video movies at night. It’s a win win bc of free shipping on stuff too and so much more…
    Stay safe and be well everybody!

    1. I really like how you keep Charlie so beautifully groomed. He is just perfect. We have two dachshunds so don’t have that maintenance. Up here in Alberta Canada we have had lots of rain so everything is lush and green and we don’t get high temps and humidity.

  4. Maybe Charlie is picking up the scent of a critter or two that has/have been exploring the area underneath/in-between your planters at night when you are all asleep. This heat and the incredibly high dew points (Tropical/Oppressive level at 70 and above) are just AWFUL. I got outside before 6 a.m. this morning to get some work done and it’s hard because the soggy air, even when the temperature is in the 70s that early in the morning, affects my breathing and it seems I have to take a break to get my heart rate and breathing back to normal every five minutes or so. The mind is willing but the body is weak, Geez Louise!

  5. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. You are having some seriously stifling hot weather. Where would we be without air conditioning? Try to stay cool and hydrated.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is stifling weather ! We are cooling off a bit in WV, high today in the eighties! I hope your airconditioner works !

  7. I like Jody Piccoult,thought provoking at times.
    That’s hot! Stay safe and cool!!!!!

  8. My husband and I loved “Prime Suspect”. Helen Mirren is such a great actress. Her Jane Tennison is such a complex and multi-layered character.

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