Oh my, but it’s hot here. Supposed to be 105 today.

Reports say that by 2100 it will be too hot to live in South Asia. Wow. Will the heat simply wipe out entire populations? Scary stuff.

I’ve got my apartment pretty dark by covering the windows. If I make it much darker I’ll need a flash light to see.

blue dishes


I have an appointment next week to see an opthamologist after seeing my regular optometrist about my cataracts yesterday.

I will have to see what my insurance will pay. Because it’s $2700 per eye and then additional other costs are tacked on.

Medical costs are so out of reach these days. If you don’t have insurance I don’t see how folks begin to pay. So many people in this country file for bankruptcy every day due to medical costs. What a predicament.

After my appointment I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy and also went to get a few groceries at the Walmart market.

Last night I just blended up a smoothie for supper. Who wants to cook even a TV dinner in this weather?

Orange cone flower

You know, I could have sworn when I purchased this cone flower plant that it was red. The one flower that had bloomed was red. But now they’re orange.

How strange. Oh well, I love them no matter what color they are. Maybe Mother Nature simply changed her mind.

Have you been able to keep your garden alive in this weather?

I’ve got parts that are barely hanging on. I just keep scooting the pots around trying to keep the plants alive. And we’ve thankfully had a lot of rain.

I never have seen that pretty black butterfly again. I so wish I could have gotten a photo when I first saw it.

I finished reading “It All Falls Down” by Sheena Kamal last night and will start another book this evening.

The maintenance man stopped me as I was going out yesterday and told me that his parishioners had taken all the books I gave him, and did I have more. I told him I have several books I’ve recently read for him to take to them.

I sure don’t think I’ll be going out this weekend. I’ll just be trying to stay cool like the rest of you.

Be careful in that heat. It is brutal.

Today I am grateful for my old air conditioner. Hoping it will last a little longer. Though it isn’t very effective, it’s sure better than nothing.

I have a window air conditioner ordered online from Walmart. It will arrive next week. I had been waiting until my new Walmart credit card arrived so I could get $25 dollars off my first order with it. It came yesterday.

The manager said I couldn’t put a window air conditioner in because it would look like they were slum lords if future residents saw them in windows. But I’m putting it in the back, so no one will see it.

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  1. It has been about 105 – 106 degrees here too but our heat is very dry in Washington State and I think you are very humid probably… very different.


  2. Brenda, have you read the book ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’? I just wondered as I’ve just read it in almost one sitting, as it was so good! I’d love to see what you made of it!

  3. I wish I could send you some of our cooler weather. It was only in the 70’s here today, but rainy. A rather dismal day. But we needed the rain.

  4. I think it’s grest that you’re passing on your books. I do the same and also buy used books and patronize the library. Going to the library is a social outing for me and I’ve joined a great book club and enjoy all the librariIans too. Try to take them goodies to show my appreciation. The library here has lots of fun things going on from arts and crafts to bingo ! Love to see the little ones come in for story time. If your landlord is so concerned about looks due to window unit perhaps they should back up their pride on ownership by maintains their property better. Can’t have it both ways looking good and not reinvesting in the property. Hope the rain cools things off your way.

  5. I live right in the ‘heart’ of this supposed heartland and we keep missing the rain!
    it seems to be raining all around us except here! which is often the case. probably why Tulsa is in Green Country.
    the heat yesterday actually hurt when the sun touched your skin! and no rain. just some clouds would be lovely.
    and speaking of heat… this comment from the manager made me immediately hot under the collar as they used to say!
    ” The manager said I couldn’t put a window air conditioner in because it would look like they were slum lords if future residents saw them in windows. ”
    AND … I would have had to say … “well you’re welcome to pay my medical bills if I have heat stroke!” OR… better yet …
    “then please tell the owners that they should FIX what’s wrong and UPDATE this property! “

  6. Your garden looks great, Brenda. You work hard at it, I know, but you also have a true gift for growing things and arranging them beautifully to make a mini-paradise on your patio. My gardens are surviving with a combination of hand watering and using the sprinkler – today we have rain off and on all day, thank goodness! But we are in the same weather pattern this year as last year. We may not get any significant rainfall again until the end of September. Not enough. Not near enough. It didn’t used to be this way here. I was born here and have lived here my entire near 67 years. I am not senile (hopefully never!) I remember what the climate was like 30-40-50 years ago and when I was a wee little one. It just makes me want to cry. And – to my shock – my hibiscus bush that gets the most sun during the day popped into bloom yesterday, all of a sudden. This is FAR too early for it to be blooming. Normally it doesn’t open until late in August or even early September. The other two – they usually follow within a week. This early bloom concerns me greatly. Wow – I hadn’t seen that report about South Asia, but I am very worried. I mean, I live in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, right on top of Lake Michigan. And in the summer it’s now normal to get tropical dew points – in the 70s with the temperatures in the 80s, 90s and even 100s in my neighborhood, which is perhaps 7 miles away from the lake shore. On rare occasions we would sometimes get this uncomfortably hot, but now it’s like all summer long! It makes it very difficult to breathe, especially if you have heart or lung issues. It’s unbearable to be outside even sitting still in such saturated air – as the old saying goes, thick enough to cut with a knife. We didn’t use to get that kind of weather here, but over the past 10 years or so especially, it’s become the new “normal.” Lots of new normals in our world now, it seems. And NONE for the better. One never knows what tomorrow will bring, but I could well live another 25-30 years, into my 90s. Will I see horrible mass extinctions of animals all around the world? Being helpless, absolutely helpless, to stop any of it at all? And what about people? It’s not likely, Brenda, that people are just going to stay put in a climate that has changed so drastically that it’s incapable of supporting human life with food and water. We could see massive migrations – and wars. Lots of wars, over resources that grow more scarce as the weather gets stranger and stranger – hotter and drier in many parts of the world, WAY hotter and drier, while flooding and massive hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones terrorize other parts of the world, wiping out cities, killing thousands, destroying crops, polluting diminishing supplies of fresh water. People will be on the move, millions at a time. Do you think they’ll be welcome in other parts of the world 20, 30, 40 years from now? People who think that our government is going to somehow “fix” all of this — how’s that working out right now, for instance, among our citizens in Puerto Rico? We have politicians in control of our country who want to shut down all immigration, who don’t want to recognize Puerto Rico as an American territory in which the people were granted American Citizenship in 1917, as if we don’t have enough to go around – in the richest country in the world, we don’t have enough to go around to all of our citizens. Think it’s going to get better for people like us? Or a poor farmer in South Asia living an already marginal existence? I don’t. I cry a lot these days, tears come easily, readily, just reading the news. I used to have better control over my emotions. Maybe it’s just part of getting older, your emotions get, as they say, closer to the surface of your skin! Or maybe I’m just getting wise in my old age that there is much to cry over.

  7. It is also 105 here today in Alabama. I have two air conditioner units and it is still 86 degrees inside! It is almost unbearable. No cooking here either. News reporters say to keep an eye on pets and the elderly during this type weather. Well, I am old and I am hot. No one is keeping an eye on me. But I have learned to be a strong woman since my husband died. A hot one, but strong!

  8. With this heat, having smoothies for dinner is smart and certainly won’t heat up the apartment. I’m planning to start having smoothies for dinner starting next week. We are planning to do very little this weekend; we might finally be getting some rain in the next few days, so a perfect time to stay in and read a good mystery. Popsicle’s are also an option to have in this cool weather; banana flavored are my favorite. Well, stay cool Brenda and Charlie and we will do the same.
    Carol and Molly

  9. Good afternoon Brenda and Charlie,

    I hope that the 2 of you stay inside and stay cool. 105 is too hot! When you mentioned the heat in Asia in the future it reminded me of a show i recently listened to on NPR, in which they were discussing the dinosaurs and how fast they went extinct. I wont go into all of the details but basically the theory is that the earth heated up so fast that in 24 hours the dinosaurs all over the world were wiped out.

    My plants are struggling, but I am trying my best to keep them alive.

    As for your window air conditioner, put in it anyway. Tell your landlord that the air conditioner that you have barely keeps your place cool and that you need the window one for health reasons.

    Have a wonderful weekend with Charlie.

  10. It seems less hot here today but still humid, and we have gotten some rain. Thankfully I don’t have to water my potted plants! Some of my perennials look a little worse for the wear, but it is what it is. I am thinking about cutting back on potted plants next year due to the watering 🙁

    I am so grateful to have central air! I mostly stay in and only go on necessary trips. Speaking of which, I just got home from the vet as my poms got theirs shots today. Next week is a trip to the groomer, which they will enjoy more!

    Wish you could email me a smoothie Brenda!

  11. Hi Brenda,
    We are finally getting rain. We have needed this but it is so gloomy today. Rain is predicted all weekend long. The grass really needs it plus it should cool things down some. Hope you can get some assistance and your insurance will help pay for the cataracts to be removed. Happy Friday . Have a great weekend.

  12. I live in AZ, which is so very hot and we don’t have good windows up front where the sun comes in. I’m not sure if you like it dark, but coming from a cold state, I can’t deal with darkness. I know you’re on a budget, but cellular blinds are a godsend! They are the best thing I found to keep the heat completely out, while still lighting up my home, almost like a skylight if it faces the sun side! So even if you prefer dark or want just one room lighter, it may be an option. 🙂

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