House Plants I Ordered Online From

Yesterday I received an order I’d placed to Hirt Gardens, a company I found on Etsy. They have a shop in Ohio.

Tradescantia Nanouk

I was really taken by the pinkish tricolor leaves of this plant.

Plus I also ordered a Birkin Philodendron. It’s supposed to be a rare form of philodendron.

Birkin Philodendron

The first plant was in a four inch pot. The second was in a two and a half inch pot, if I’m not mistaken.

If you want to check out their house plants, here is their actual website.

I was impressed with how they shipped the plants. There were many positive reviews (and I always pay attention to the reviews before I order from a new shop).

Here’s what they should look like when they’re a bit bigger:

They came in a box with a warming packet taped to the bottom so the plants would not get cold while being shipped. I had never seen that before. But then I’d never ordered house plants online before.

They surrounded the plant’s soil with masking tape to keep the soil in place.

Here’s something from their About Page…

Hirt’s Gardens is one of Ohio’s oldest horticultural establishments. We specialize in hard-to-find perennials, unusual and exotic house plants, and seeds and bulbs from around the world.

The company was established in 1915 by Samuel Hirt. So it’s been around a long time.

Have you ever ordered a house plant online? If so, what was your experience?


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  1. I just wanted to say gently, I lost a kitten once that kept attacking the leaves of this type of plant.

    The philodendron family, which includes Swiss cheese plant, heartleaf and fiddle-leaf philodendron, have a toxicity level of mild to moderate for cats and dogs. Oral irritation, pain and swelling of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty swallowing.

    Ive not had house plants and cats together since, it was too upsetting.

    Just love you and your babies so much,,,,,hoping everyone is safe and well.

    Hugs from afar.

  2. Your new house plants are lovely! And, the website is fabulous. I’m sure I’ve shared that I don’t have any house plants but I enjoy seeing what others enjoy.

  3. I’ve never ordered plants online but I took a brief look at Hirts website and really liked what I saw. They have plants that I don’t see in shops here. And like you, I love houseplants! I already have many and don’t know where I’d put new ones but maybe I could figure it out. 😉

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