I’m getting ready for another hot and steamy day.

I did manage to get my apartment cleaned yesterday. Just took it on a little at a time. It helps when you don’t have a big space to clean. I never want a big space to clean again.

I figured if I was going to ache anyway I might as well clean and get something done. Sometimes keeping busy and being active makes the arthritis feel better. And I usually feel better once I’m done, just tired. But a good kind of tired.

After I finished cleaning I drove to the Sonic that is maybe a block away from the front of the complex and got a burger for supper. I typically do this after I clean my apartment. It is my treat for getting it all done.

It was so hot in the car I didn’t think it would ever cool off. And I wasn’t going far enough for it to catch up to the heat. No one was in the drive thru lane at Sonic. Guess it was just too hot to be out and about.

I’m enjoying my house plants since going outside is not very enjoyable. Someone asked what my green and white speckled plant is. It is a Hypoestes Confetti White Polka Dot Plant.

I’ve never had one before. Saw it at Southwoods a few weeks ago and thought I’d try it.

I don’t have a lot of natural light except the patio doors and the window in the bedroom, so I have to grow some plants that can accommodate low light conditions. And then I move some to the patio door from time to time to get more light and move them back.

This is the plant I was referring to.

That red beverage container I found at the antique mall a few years ago sure comes in handy. At Christmas I put my tabletop Christmas tree in it. It’s nice and tall and Ivy so far has not bothered it.

She’s been playing all morning with her furry mouse toys. I guess when I gave her those stuffed mice, although they were filled with catnip, she did not think they represented the real thing.

The furry mice she tosses up in the air, then gets up on her hind legs and places them in something like a basket. And then turns around and takes them back out again. I can’t figure that one out.

She stands up at the side of the bathtub and throws them in and then gets inside the tub and takes them back out too.

All in all, Ivy is a well-behaved kitty. She doesn’t scratch the furniture. Just scratches her scratching post. She doesn’t jump up on the counters or the big cart in the kitchen.

Right now she’s up here butting me with her head so I will pet her. Then she lays down on the little table I keep this laptop on next to me. Hard to type with her head in the way.

She’s my sweet silly girl.

Charlie hasn’t coughed much at all since his last acupuncture treatment. He also had his first land therapy session on Thursday.

They brought in these cushions that had spikes. Think of those balls you toss in the dryer. Like that.

Then they walk him across the surface back and forth. This means he feels every movement at his core because it isn’t smooth. I suppose this is to keep him aware of the bottom of his foot as he walks.

As usual he is now next to me. This recliner is just big enough for the two of us with no room left over.

I watched two more episodes of “Wanted” last night and then finished a book.

I am at the point in “Wanted” where Ray, the corrupt cop, broke out of the prison truck they were taking him to the ER in and is on the run. Lola and Chelsea just retrieved Lola’s son David from his captors.

Those two women are nothing alike yet they have bonded while on the run from bad policemen and criminals.

Two women of different ages who were kidnapped from a bus stop because they witnessed a crime. Who then learn how to play the game and turn the tables on them.

I never did get around to watching that movie I was planning to watch yesterday. Maybe I’ll do that this afternoon.

Stay hydrated and out of the heat if you can.

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  1. Please do stay hydrated! I’ve been drinking water like crazy! I cut the grass early Saturday morning hoping to avoid most of the heat. The entire yard was shaded and I stopped frequently to drink water yet I still became dehydrated. I was sick most of the day. We are still in for a few more days of triple digits! We stopped at Sonic on Saturday for cool milkshakes….LOL! Love and hugs!

  2. I love my houseplants. Its wonderful to have green year round. I am doing water aerobics and it is really good for my arthritis. When you get old enough for medicare try to get a plan that includes Silver Sneakers. Everyone in the class is older so no one cares how you look in a bathing suit. LOL
    xo Laura

  3. I live in Ontario ,Canada. Our weather has been much the same. We moved to a condo in 2016 and quite like it. It is large enough with lots of windows looking out over trees and the city. I have to see trees and gardens. Here I care for the 4 planters on the front porch. That fulfills my gardening needs outside. Inside I too have a plant collection. Once a gardener, always a gardener, one way or another.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    I’m a new subscriber and am enjoying your blog! You mentioned that you bought a plant at Southwood. Are you in the Tulsa area? When we lived in Muskogee I used to go to Southwood to buy plants. We’re now living in the Oklahoma City/Moore area.

  5. Our weather here in northern IL has actually been beautiful these past few weeks. The kind of days where I wish summer would never end – 80’s and not too unbearably humid. We finally got some rain overnight though and today has been very overcast. Same for tomorrow. We need the rain though, so can’t complain about that.

    Kitties are funny creatures, aren’t they? So amusing and full of personality. Ivy is such a pretty girl, too.

  6. Brenda, I really like the White Polka Dot Plant. What is the one in the photo above that one with the hanging plant? I am rather bored with my houseplants right now and am looking to add some new ones and get rid of some old ones. I have a jade plant that drives me crazy because it is always dropping leaves and little branches. I feel bad to throw them away because each could start a new plant but my kitchen counter is overcrowded with jade cuttings! I also have an angel-wing begonia which gets so rangy it’s hard to keep upright. It has such lovely flowers, though, that I probably won’t get rid of it. Just prune it and start a new one!

    (Did you notice I have the letter ” F”now? My darling daughter bought me a new keyboard! I love it!)

    I wish I could visit you just to sit and watch Ivy’s antics. She must be better than a circus to watch. She is definitely a very smart cat. Hope Charlie’s cough stays under control and his therapy helps. He’s such a handsome little guy in every photo you take.

    The weather here has been pretty tolerable for about a week or so with it cooling off nicely at night. At least that gives the house a chance to cool even if it gets quite warm during the day. Wish I could send you some coolness. Heat can be so brutal to the whole constitution. Just saps your strength. At least it does mine. I guess some folks thrive in the heat. Not me.

    Stay cool.

  7. Here in Wisconsin, it has been miserable, Hot, humid, muggy it feels like your trying to walk through the rain forest I am so waiting for a break in this heat, I feel like I’ve been locked away all summer. I use to have three cats but when you get them all together they go altogether. Ivy is a beauty. Here’s hoping for cooler weather.

  8. Saturday mornings have always been my cleaning day, a necessity during my working days but now that I have been retired for 10+ years I can clean any day of the week but it’s still a Saturday chore. Old habits are hard to break and I have always been a creature of habit. Thank goodness my mobile home is small so I can clean it from top to bottom in a relatively short time.

    I too am the mom of a Yorkie and am interested to know how old your Charlie is and what health issues he is dealing with. Capo is 11 and has a heart murmur that he takes daily medication for and collapsing trachea for which I give him herbal syrup drops twice a day. Heat is hard on him so we spend most of our time inside, my covered deck is pleasant in the early mornings so he is able to enjoy a little outside time while I tend to my plants then it’s back inside.. Summer has always been my least favorite season and I dislike it even more the older he and I get. Thank goodness for AC!

    1. Charlie will be 13 next month. We think he has a collapsing trachea because he has the symptoms, but it has not been definitively diagnosed. He has a heart murmur as well. And his back legs are sliding because of the nerves in his back causing him not to feel them. I don’t think I could survive without AC.

      1. Bless Charlie’s heart, he and you certainly have a lot to deal with. I was not familiar with the breed before adopting Capo when he was 3 which is probably a good thing.. Even with his separation anxiety, expensive grooming, heat issues, seasonal allergies, yearly teeth cleaning, ongoing current and probable future health issues I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him. He is truly my BFF and I can’t bear to think about my life without him.

  9. I love the Ivy stories. She sounds like such fun. Our little Norah hates being picked up and kissed on the forehead but sometimes I just have to do it cause she’s so precious.

    I need to find a plant that doesn’t need much light so I can hang it in the hallway. Much cooler here in So Cal today and so enjoyable.

  10. My husband has been taking ezorb
    the past 2 years and it helps
    He doesn’t want to take prescription drugs. You can buy it on ebay and Amazon. The weather where I live is only going to be 71 today. Hopefully the movie you want to watch is a happy eone. You should try one sometime. Everyone can use a good laugh every now and then.

  11. Good Sunday morning to you Brenda,

    I hope that today you are not feeling too much pain from all of your cleaning. Watching a movie and staying inside is a great idea.

    Ivy is so funny and your story about the bath tub reminded me that lately I keep finding my dachshund in the bath tub! Not sure why or how she is getting in there but she is.

    Have a great day!

  12. I hate it when I feel “house bound” because of the weather. Yesterday morning it was very nice here – at least around 8:20 a.m. when I left for my half mile hike to the supermarket! I left the store shortly after 9 a.m. and checked my bus schedule because I was lugging 10 pounds in each of my two canvas bags, one in each hand (I do not drive and do not own a car). Luck! I was able to quickly hoof it over to the bus stop about a block away (breaking a hard sweat) and didn’t have to wait very long for the bus to come. I’m only on it for a total of 2 more stops after it picks me up but it cuts 5 full blocks off of my walk back home lugging the canvas shopping bags. As a gardener and person who does walk to get here and there, or take public transportation, I am very attuned to increases in the humidity/dew point and how high the UV value is. It was already increasing. By the time I checked the weather last night at 9 p.m. before I headed to bed, the dew point had risen to 65 and humidity was at 74%, the temperature (taken at the official airport station which is very close to Lake Michigan, so it’s always cooler there than inland, where I live), got up to around 80 – 82 deg. F. I start to get uncomfortable when the dew point rises above 50. Last week, though, it was in the low 70s! Anyway, today was supposed to be a repeat, except warmer and even more muggy. So far though, despite sunshine early after sunrise, it’s clouded over and the temperature is actually tolerable right now. I’m taking advantage of it, sitting outside in my screened gazebo. I was even able to work a little while starting to clean up one of my garden beds in the back yard after the day lilies have finished blooming and the Roses of Sharon have shot up several feet taller than then need to be. I filled an entire bag of debris, and it’s starting to look better, but still quite a ways to go! Just like a woman’s work is never done, neither is a gardener’s work ever done! I hope you feel better soon and the awful pain goes away. Have you tried Lidocaine creams or patches? Several brands are sold OTC and you don’t need a prescription. Don’t know if a prescription is available for a more potent strength. I don’t need them, but my mother did and one of my friends who gets debilitating pains in her shoulders and hips has found them to be helpful in keeping the pain down for several hours. Maybe one box is worth a try to see if they help.

  13. Ivey is so pretty and a little mess..sounds like. Wow on that weather mentioned above from Sandy. I, too, am in the hot and humid South….but, this am it was 69, and a breeze came up while out with my doggies…felt like heaven.. :0) … Love how you award yourself after the housecleaning….I need to do that. I sometimes award myself for much less deserving things..so good for you..(like McDonald’s fries and cheeseburger…when I have some time to shop alone or a me day..lol 😉 Enjoy your Sunday.. Love your blog..

  14. It’s amazing how different our weather is currently. Right now where I’m at in Salem, Oregon, it is 60 degrees with a high of 77. It’s cloudy, overcast, and yesterday we had our rainiest day since January 2019. The cool weather is wonderful, but I’m trying to talk myself into blackberry picking today because it is so cool and I don’t want to get rained upon! Well, I won’t melt if it happens. I need to get out there and get it done.

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