How I Created A Little Coffee Bar

A few weeks ago I gave the cart away that I used for my coffee bar in order to make more room in my dining space. It was feeling a bit crowded.

Then I moved the blue hutch where the coffee bar cart had been.

Previously the blue hutch had been by the patio doors, but I got tired of pushing my chair away from the table after I finished eating and bumping into it. (Which means I rattled the dishes in it and had a few scares.)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t need a place for my coffee. That area is now in my kitchen.

My kitchen cart with Breville oven and mini coffee bar

Now it’s here on my big kitchen cart along with the Breville Smart Oven Pro.

I used two big cutting boards to create my “coffee bar area.”

By using a cutting board underneath and a matching one just behind it, it visually separates the coffee bar area from the Breville oven while being on the same surface.

It is the illusion of being separate. I always love to try little tricks like this.

My kitchen cart with Breville oven and mini coffee bar

I found the silver tray at the Dollar Tree for $1 the other day. I may paint it. It provides the perfect spot for sugar and a spoon rest. I like vanilla Coffeemate in my coffee. So that spoon rest comes in handy.

The vintage Maxwell House tin above the mug rack holds coffee filters.

I already had the coffee bar sign.

My kitchen cart with Breville oven and mini coffee bar

So I have everything I need in one small space.

When you live in a small home, you have to come up with ways to store and do things that use a bit of creativity. But to me that’s actually part of the fun of creating a home.

Kitchen cart with Breville oven and coffee bar fixings

I moved my cutting boards from the kitchen cart and hung them on the opposite wall that adjoins the small hallway.

Cutting boards hanging on kitchen wall

Below is the area where I make iced coffee. I don’t need much room for those ingredients.

Iced coffee area

I was putting Folgers Coffee in my iced coffee, but then by tasting and trial and error I began to leave that out. It was a little strong for my tastes.

Now I make iced coffee with almond milk, the powdered Caramel Macchiato mix and the liquid caramel flavoring.

The reason you don’t see the plastic cylinder that goes on top of the Aicok shaker/mixer is because I’m drinking iced coffee from it at the moment.

I have to say that this little $22 Aicok shaker/mixer that I ordered from is pretty durable.

I make iced coffee in the morning during the summer and then I usually make a smoothie for lunch with it.

Iced coffee area

If you don’t have room for a big coffee bar, don’t despair. You can create one in a little nook or cranny and it will serve you just as well.

I’m trying to look at my apartment and decide what the best use of all my space is, and then arrange it accordingly to suit my needs. It is ever changing.

I want to paint a few pieces of furniture and maybe make some other changes in my apartment, and I’m chomping at the bit now to get started. But I have to take my eyes into consideration. One cataract surgery done, one to go.

I was covering up nail holes on the kitchen wall and then spot painting over them this morning and I got a little something in my right eye. But artificial tears got whatever it was out.

I think I need to go buy some goggles. I used to have goggles, but naturally I can’t find them. I think it would be wise to get goggles before I do much more.


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  1. You have such a great “eye” for decorating in your spaces !! I Love your new coffee bar area !!!

  2. I usually make iced coffee by making a strong cup of coffee with my cream and then pouring it over ice. I like your coffee bar. pam

  3. It is so much fun to see what you change about in your decor from time to time. I love the little coffee bar with the cutting boards to frame it. I love your collection of cutting boards, too. I’ve been trying to collect some, but am not running into them at prices I can afford. I looked on Ebay but the ones I found that are vintage, which I prefer, are so pricey. And I don’t want bamboo. I want good old oak or pine. I will just keep looking. I had two little round cutting boards which for some reason split in two where they were spliced. I just use the pieces at present!

    I have been considering getting a Breville Smart Oven and am glad to know which model you have. Did you get it on Amazon? I really want to get rid of my over-sized microwave. They aren’t good for your food.

    Hope Charlie is still doing well. Just think, in another few weeks your other eye will be done and you will be able to see so much better. Yay! Hope your week is off to a good start; sounds like it is.

  4. I love the coffee can you use for the filters. I can remember when coffee was sold in those cans. So many were just thrown away….

  5. I just ckd on Amazon for that little blender you have and it’s up to $25 now and there are no reviews with it. That seems weird.

  6. I have a small place as well. Larger than your one bedroom but compact none-the-less. I do not have enough counter space and the way you utilize your surface space is a great encourager to help me make some changes.
    I love reading your posts.

    1. It seems that surface space is always at a premium. So you have to work with what you have and then create more on your own.

  7. You are so gosh darn clever. I have been wondering how to do a coffee bar in a very small space. I am now inspired!

    1. You can do it! Get on Pinterest and look for small space coffee bars or something. I love to get ideas there. It inspires me.

  8. Clever idea to use the cutting boards to create a separate area for the coffee bar !! You do a lot in a little space using your creativity. I enjoy every post.

    1. I don’t do constant projects like a lot of bloggers. I just don’t have that creative energy going all the time. But when I do have it, I want to get busy. I love the challenge of working with small spaces.

  9. I have the same coffe rack and I’m really enjoying it. I put an old glass ashtray on my top center piece and then sat a big candle on that. The coffee bar is cute. I’m going to ck out that little smoothie maker. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Well that was a good idea! Drink coffee with the scent of a candle. Yes, I love that little smoothie maker. Every day I use it chopping up something like frozen strawberries, I think: Will this be the day it breaks? Because: $22!

  10. I was in the mood for coffee after reading this post, and had to make a cup! The coffee bar area of your kitchen is very handy as well as attractive. Everything on the wall is pleasing to the eye, and I just love the farmhouse scene at the top. I also like your mix of coffee cups. I love to have a mixture, rather than a matching set. My husband usually uses the same big mug every day, but I like to choose a different one each morning. It’s fun, just like choosing my earrings for the day.

    1. I will use one mug for awhile. Then I’ll switch. Same with food. I’ll eat something till I’m just about sick of it, then I’ll switch things up.

    1. Visually separating things is a good tool when you don’t have room to actually separate things. I tried this and that, but that idea worked the best.

  11. I really like how the big cutting boards make a special place for the coffee bar. As Fall approaches I feel a need to clean up, re-arrange and spruce up my home. This gives me a great idea. I love the rake holding kitchen utensils! I would get goggles for sure until your eyes are both done and healed up! Sounds like you are doing well. Hugs!

    1. My right eye is doing quite well, so I’d better get goggles because I get bored just sitting around or reading. I want to get busy! I guess I feel the same need to spruce things up that you do.

  12. As someone who lives in a small NYC apartment, I understand all too well how you have to make use of every little inch! Love how you created a separate zone for the coffee bar. Very clever, cute and a great use of the space.

    How is the operated eye feeling?

    1. My right eye is doing great. I’ll be so glad to get the other done so I can get some projects going. Yes, every inch counts in a small space home.

  13. I don’t drink coffee. But your coffee area looks cute and a great idea using your cutting boards.

    1. I had those cutting boards on top of my washer. They weren’t really being utilized. They’re so heavy I don’t reach for them when I cut up a vegetable. So I found a use for them.

  14. I love the way you used a cutting board for a backdrop! I’m always changing my pantry around too, so I can utilize my space in their better. You really have the knack for it, just like growing plants! I can’t wait to see when the leaves turn burnt orange on the plant you mentioned yesterday! Anyway, I bet you would be a wonderful cook too! Have a great day!

  15. I’d love to see a full view of your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Love your decorating style! What kind of paint do you use on your furniture projects? Have you ever used chalk paint? If so, what brand do you prefer?

    1. I tried chalk paint, but wasn’t crazy about it. I painted over it with regular paint. I tend to get regular Valspar paint. I know chalk paint is very popular. It’s probably that I just don’t know how to use it.

  16. You are the master at using every square foot, I just love it! When are you having surgery on your left eye?

    Carol and Molly

    1. Not sure yet. I have to have testing on my left eye on the 30th. Don’t know why they couldn’t have done that while I was there, because it took several hours. The testing is worse than the surgery.

    1. I know you do! You need to get on the Kirkland’s website and see if you can find one. I’ve seen them on other sites depicting various seasons.

    1. That vintage can that I picked up somewhere years ago, is the perfect spot for coffee filters. And at the time I bought it, I wasn’t even thinking of coffee.

  17. I guess you did. It was a few weeks ago. I’ll look it up for you. Good Lord I’ll be glad when I can see good out of both eyes again. I just noticed that I had a photo up that was before I added the coffee bar sign and just now took it down.

  18. I love it when you change things. It’s so fun to read about! That reminds me, I’ve never seen the change from when you removed the coffee bar? Did I miss it?

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