How I Like To Style My Bed

I’m a simple girl. I use both a top and a bottom sheet. I prefer quilts to duvets. I just don’t like a lot of thickness over me at night.

I don’t go for a lot of pillows on the bed. The dogs would just knock them to the floor. And I’ve never had Euro pillows, though I know they’re quite popular.

Like I said, I am a simple girl with simple needs. 

I sleep alone, but with my dogs, and I want a bedroom that is appealing to me. That reflects my personality. A place where I feel safe and comfortable and soothed.

Crane & Canopy offered me this quilt and the two shams as a gift for an honest review. I had various colors to choose from, and I chose this gray color because I had never had anything in this shade of gray before.

I must have a good-sized lamp next to my bed because I read  a lot at night. I review novels for authors, publicists and agents.

I prefer using dressers rather than night stands on either side of my bed, because night stands are never tall enough for my taste.

I have a quilt on the wall on either side as well. I love quilts and l like to display them on the wall.

And of course I have doggy steps at the end of the bed for the pupsters to climb up and sleep with me. They must approve the bedding!

We spend a lot of time in our beds. About a third of our lives, in fact. So we should make sure we have a bedroom that suits us and is both comfy and cozy. And when we retire there, we want to feel relaxed.

We want a bedroom that is conducive to sleep and isn’t cluttered and messy.

Make your bed each morning. You will be glad you did when you’re ready to retire to your bedroom the next night.



  1. I don't comment on blogs too often but wanted to share this with you. I have had anxiety off and on throughout my life. Mild, but I am more prone during the fall. I read somewhere that children who suffer from anxiety attacks and panic attacks get comfort from a heavier blanket on them at night or during nap time. I figured what the heck I would try it. I cannot believe how it has helped me sleep better. I have a very old pure wool blanket that belonged to my father-in-law and started usin it. Again, my anxiety is very minor but it does wear me out without any good sleep some days. This I started last year and it is so comforting to me

  2. Just love the simplicity of your bed covers and pillows. So many posts are over the top with bedding which are lovely, but your look is so appealing and a soothing resting place.

  3. What a relaxing room to rest and read in…The gray quilt set looks so nice…With all of the new bedding you are receiving you and the pups are going to have a cozy Winter this year…Enjoy!

  4. Your room looks very cozy! I like the gray with the brighter colors – nice balance. I, too use a top sheet and then a light cotton blanket and then a cotton quilt over that. In the winter when it is bitter cold, we also use a thick comforter over the top of all that! We also have a heated mattress pad for use in the winter.

  5. It all looks lovely, Brenda. I prefer a quilt, or coverlet, rather than a duvet cover, too. Duvets always look messy (at least on my bed). I love the two quilts on the wall for balance. They offer great graphic impact.

    Years ago we would never have thought grey would be the new neutral, would we? I like it!!!! xo Diana

  6. I really like the gray as a background for your quilts. My bed is covered with white and white shams. I have a wedding ring quilt that my grandmother quilted at the bottom of the bed.

  7. I know you've discussed this before, but could you tell me how you hang your quilts on the wall? Can I just use a few big headed tacks? Your walls look so cozy and warm.

    1. I hang quilts that are that size with simple thumb tacks. When I hang a large quilt, I sew a muslin pocket on the back at the top, then slip a dowel or curtain rod through the pocket and attach to the wall.

  8. Your bedroom is very pretty and cozy. I love that you shot the pictures at night. I thought I was the only person who used a top sheet. I think it keeps the comforter clean and sometimes I'm too hot for the layers and the sheet is just fine.

    I love the gray comforter and shams. I'm looking for something for the lakehouse master and I'm leaning towards grays…just a minimal farmhouse look. Sometimes we associate gray with masculinity or modern style but I think you and I are on to something!!

    Going to check out Crane & Canopy.


  9. Your bedroom looks like a delightfully cozy place to retire to each night. It looks like a great place for snuggling down with the pups and get in some good reading. The gray looks like a nice shade that will go with everything.

  10. You bedroom looks nice & relaxing, cozy! I have gotten so that I like the gray's that are being used too. It is so easy to put a "pop" of color with them. Have a wonderful week end!!

  11. Your bedroom is very restful. A bedroom should like your own little nest. I agree with you regarding having a good reading light.

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