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  1. Great idea to cut up the fruit and freeze it. I have been throwing so much fruit away because I just cannot eat it all before it starts going bad. And I love smoothies.

    Your patio looks so pretty and Charlie looks quite comfy on the patio rug. I think I see his little pink tongue sticking out at the corner of his mouth.

    What a nice tribute to Abi to include her on the sidebar. I’ll bet she is giving you a thumbs up!

  2. I always read every comment and your own replies.
    I often am often just as touched by everyone’s kindness here. it’s so wonderful.
    I add my own love. I never ever tired of seeing those beautiful little faces.
    i’m glad you put Abi’s picture on the sidebar. and I’m glad Charlie found some sun to lie in before it got too hot. sending love to you too. and to Abi’s little spirit. she’s there you know. xoxo

  3. Thanks for the hints on making smoothies. They sound delicious and healthy. When you are making fruit smoothies do you use vanilla protein powder or some other flavor? I need to start doing this for breakfast. I love my cereal but it doesn’t have a lot of protein.

    1. I had chocolate, then picked up vanilla protein powder at the Walmart market last week. Today I mixed them both together. That way I’ll have a little of each.

  4. I’m so lazy I don’t even make smoothies–I just eat the fruit straight-up. More fiber, so I guess it’s a win-win. However, I rarely get to taste a strawberry–as soon as they get to the house (or before) they get eaten by my kid. Never scold a kid eating fruit or vegetables. Just buy more.
    Yes, it’s going to take time for you to think of Abi without it being overwhelming. My parents died three years ago (like many long-married couples, they died within a couple of weeks of each other), and I still get choked up.

    1. Mourning parents is something I won’t have to go through, as I never had them in the first place. I see Abi in my mind showing her sweet funny smile and I just dissolve into tears. I want so badly to see that again.

  5. Brenda, another idea on smoothies is get an ice cube tray and pour your almond milk in there and once they are frozen you can parcel those out into your individuals packets you had set up. Just a thought…
    Carol and Molly

    1. Great idea! I only have one ice tray. Might have to get another. I really don’t have room for much in my freezer. Thanks Carol and Molly.

  6. Dear Brenda I can’t imagine that I will ever be able to not cry at the loss of our girl.Last July Decker became diabetic and lost her site within a of month of diagnosis. She lived a year with constant care. And always was a gentle loving pug. I know how you feel and wish I could give a way to cope. Other than to say it will get better and every day you will remember her as she was . Remembering the time you had with her. MY thoughts are with you every day as I read a new post.

    1. All of you are so caring and sweet! I’m so sorry about your precious Decker. We’d take that pain for them if we could.

  7. When I saw the picture of the Golden Retriever, I realized he/she looks just like our Daisy-girl. Burst into tears, and it’s been 3 years and a month since she died (13 yo, cancer). But I’m also sleep-deprived and stressed out of my mind, so that contributed. ?

    Daisy set the bar so high–she will likely remain the best dog we’ll ever have! We got another Golden rescue 11 days later, because I couldn’t stand life w/o a furry family member. But Moriah is more high-strung, an incorrigible food-stealer, and more. Still a sweetie, though! ?

    1. Sorry to make you cry. All our pets have their own little personalities, don’t they?

    2. It’s not that you made me cry….I was doing my near-daily thing of missing her, especially her mellow personality. And people on this blog “get it,” which helps me!!

      1. I’m so glad you feel that way. We are “pet people” here. They are our babies.

  8. Your patio containers are always so lush and healthy looking. I know you take very good care of them.

    I make a smoothie for my breakfast most every day. I’ve never had a problem adding frozen fruit to my blender and I just have a cheap $30 Oster. Wonder why your frozen fruit would damage your blender but not ice cubes? Anyway, I thought I would just mention to be careful about strawberries – they are the one fruit that one should definitely buy organic. They are the top fruit on the Dirty Dozen list (you can look that up). It’s because they are so soft and porous, that the pesticides leach deep inside them. I buy the bag of organic mixed berries either at Wal-Mart or Costco.

    If you want even more nutrition in your smoothies, you can also add a little flaxseed, chia seeds, or hemp hearts/seeds.

    You can also substitute plain Greek yogurt or a little nut butter for the protein powder, if you want a switch.

    1. Really all I do with my outdoor container plants is water and trim. Maybe they know I love them. You always have wonderful ideas for healthy food!

  9. Brenda, good morning! I love your smothie idea. Is there a reason that you use almond milk instead of regular milk, aside from lactose? I was curious if it was more healthy.

    Beautiful photo of the single yellow flower and of cutie pie Charlie.

    Have a great day!

    1. What I like most about almond milk is that it stays good for a long time. Dairy milk would go bad before I used it. I just looked at mine and the date stamp is July 30. I bought it the end of May.

  10. I saw you had posted Abi on your sidebar, a nice tribute to that little girl. Charlie is looking very handsome and I don’t know any dog that doesn’t love to get a little sunning in during the day. I’m glad you are enjoying smoothies, sometimes that’s all I will have for dinner, too tired to cook after being at work. Try adding some almonds or another nut into your smoothie for some extra protein. It is amazing how many recipes for smoothies are out on the internet these days.
    You and Charlie stay cool!
    Carol and Molly

    1. Good idea to add nuts, Carol and Molly. I sometimes have a smoothie for supper as well.

  11. After I put my Maci down in October, I saw her twice. She was more like her old self, before the cataracts, loss of hearing, and seizures took their toll. I was so startled, but it was so real! I’m beginning to think it happens to a lot of people…people who loved their pets immensely.

  12. I do the same w/smoothies – I actually freeze per-drink baggies. I also do that with other sweet stuff. I take cookies, cake, muffins, etc, 1/2 the recipe, put it in baggies and write ingredients to be added. That way I’m not halving a recipe each time I want to make it. It’s quick!

    I’m so sorry about Abi. You’re the best dog mom EVER and she was blessed to have you!

    1. I have a small freezer above my fridge. I keep it pretty filled up! I was blessed to have my Abi girl.

  13. Smoothies are a great treat.. Do you ever add yogurt? I like the quote you posted from Pinterest. Reminds me of fireflies, which now always remind me of you and Abbi. Good luck with the acupuncture today!

    1. I eat yogurt every day, but have not added it to smoothies. Maybe I’ll try that. Aw, that fireflies remind you and me and Abi, how sweet.

  14. Brenda,

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I know without a doubt how very much you loved Abi. You were willing to make whatever sacrifices in your own life for her and Charlies well being.
    Let know know if ya ever want to just talk. We sure used to have some grand old times.
    hugs to you and Charlie.

    1. Oh we did, Sonny! You are as much of an animal lover as I am. I miss her so much and would have given all I have or would ever have to save her.

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