How I Spent Thanksgiving Day

I spent my Thanksgiving Day doing what I typically do. The thing is, I enjoy what I do. So it doesn’t really feel like work. I am lucky that way.

Some people who spend holidays alone would feel sad and lonely. But I truly love being by myself with the pets.

My Thanksgiving Day Supper:

For supper I had a Stouffer’s turkey, dressing and mashed potato TV dinner I cooked in my Breville oven. It’s one of only two TV dinners I will eat. I also had cranberry sauce, vegetables and hot rolls. Of course I had pumpkin pie and eggnog later.

I sat down to my supper around 6 p.m., and I recall feeling this sense of peace and wellbeing.

Of course I still miss my Abi. But sitting there in the quiet with the patio doors darkened, I felt content with my life.

As for having a TV dinner for Thanksgiving, you have to realize that I’m not one of those people who live to eat. I eat to live. Food is not all that important to me. But I thought my meal was quite tasty.

However my daughter is quite different. She loves food and loves to eat. A holiday for her will always revolve around food.

We are of the same mind in many ways, but our relationship with food is not one of them.

My oven pads

What I Was Thankful For On Thanksgiving Day:

A roof over my head is something I am always thankful for. A cozy home to live in. My precious pets. And my cute little grandson.

I’m grateful for a nice fenced in patio where I can grow my beloved container gardens.

And I am grateful that Abi is no longer suffering, as she clearly was that last week of her life. I miss her terribly. I think I always will.

Yesterday I tried not to think about the fact that this time last year, Abi was here with us.

Vintage bottles

Something Amiss:

A few days ago Charlie would not come inside. I kept calling him, standing just inside the patio doors.

A mama knows when something is amiss. I went out on the patio and saw that he had found a dead mouse by the raised garden bed.

I quickly got a paper towel and did away with it. People around me are having problems with mice. I know my next door neighbor is. So they’re probably taking the bait and then getting as far as my patio and then dying.

Just as long as they stay out of my apartment, I don’t really care. Except I don’t want Charlie near them.

Lord, I hate rodents. Well, I do like squirrels. But mice and rats are just plain ugly nasty creatures.

Charlie on the couch

It has been overcast all morning, but the sun is shining through here and there. The wind is blowing and there has been a small amount of rain. I haven’t looked at the weather forecast to see what is in store.

I don’t plan to go out. Are you kidding? The Friday after Thanksgiving? I wouldn’t think of it. There will be crowds galore. Not my cup of tea.

Besides, my daughter and I stopped exchanging presents years ago. After Christmas when the stores aren’t crowded any longer, we will take Andrew to the bookstore and I will let him pick out books.

So my holidays don’t really hit my pocketbook adversely. Been there, done that. Don’t want to do it anymore.

What Ivy Is Up To:

I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I got close to the door there was Ivy in the dark hall with a long stream of toilet paper.

What an opportune time to wake up, right in the middle of her little bit of fun, I thought.

I snatched it away from her. Toilet paper is not cheap. When she starts doing this, I just take it off the roll and put it in the drawer next to the toilet.

Ivy at the patio door

Below is a collage I made of some of the photos I took of Ivy the first days she was here. Some I took in the last couple of days. I wanted to see if you think she’s gotten much bigger by comparing them.

The first three photos are of Ivy in the earlier days. Then it is a mix.

Remember when she took over Charlie’s bed and he was left with her pink bed? That was pretty funny. Of course I felt sorry for him and went out and got him an orthopedic bed.

Ivy collage

These last two photos at the bottom are of Ivy in basically the same position. The first one is earlier on. The second one is recently.

Someone asked where Ivy’s cat tree is. I had to move it off the table because she was about to knock it over. I put it in a safer corner spot.

the cat tree

The last few days Ivy has been sleeping on my bed at night with Charlie and me. She still loves to sleep on what I call her “quilt stack” next to my bed.

Heavens only knows what else she does in the night when Charlie and I are asleep.

Ivy is also “talking” to me more. She rarely ever meows unless she is hungry or wants something. Now she will she talk to me for no reason.

She has also started making a little trilling sound. It is a sound that reminds me of birds. It’s not a meow, but sort of a melodic sound I think she does with her tongue.

Do you know what sound I’m referring to?

My living room

I was just out in the front and my next door neighbor Ervina was packing up her car to go out of town. That woman is either working or going somewhere.

She does work an awful lot, so I’m glad she’s getting the next week off to go visit people.

I really like my new neighbor. Nathan told me that the manager said she kept that apartment open for two months to find the right neighbor for me. And she did good.

Charlie Boy:

My sweet Charlie boy is of course right next to Mama. Here he is earlier this morning.

Charlie on the ottoman

What did you do yesterday? Have you got lots of leftovers in your refrigerator? Back when I cooked the Thanksgiving meal, I always liked the leftovers best.


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  1. It was just my husband and me this Thanksgiving. We each have a son and they went to visit with their other parents. Our siblings all took off to other states to visit their kids or other relatives. My sister took our mom with her, so we didn’t do our usual trip to my mom’s house. So, we spent the day like we would spend a Saturday, doing something we enjoy. We didn’t cook a single Thanksgiving dish. We went to a state park to take a walk and we took along club sandwiches, chips and a thermos of hot tea! I probably have not gone shopping on Black Friday since before it was called Black Friday. Also, I got my extended family on board this year for no Christmas gift exchanges! YAY! Less gifts to buy. We will still have a family gathering and focus on just eating and visiting. On cat sounds, we’ve had some cats make those sounds, and some don’t. Our current cat, Calvin, makes some variations of a chortle or trill, but our previous male cat didn’t. It’s so fun when they talk to you.

  2. Hi Brenda, I have an indoor cat, Sophie, who makes that trilling sound when she looks out the window at birds and squirrels. I think it’s her “I want to kill you” sound!

  3. I spent yesterday getting ready for our family Thanksgiving tomorrow–cleaning and picking up. Today I did have to go out to grocery shop for food for tomorrow. I didn’t really encounter many people at the grocery store. I wasn’t able to get the gluten-free pie crusts I wanted so I guess I’ll have to make them from scratch tomorrow. Dessert will be a little later in the day. I don’t like making pie crusts, especially gluten-free ones. The dough is hard to handle. I have the bread cut up and the onions and celery diced for the dressing which I will put together tomorrow. I would have liked to have more done by now, but my energy just isn’t there sometimes. Your day sounds wonderful!

    You know, I can’t tell from her pictures whether Ivy has grown or not, but I’m sure she has. Can you tell that she is heavier when you pick her up? That little scamp with the toilet paper! What a mischief. I’ve heard my cats make that trilling sound and I think it is a hunting sound or a stalking sound, maybe.

    I’m so glad you have a neighbor you like. Sounds like you are like-minded in some things, too. That’s one of the things I like so much about my neighborhood. I have friends here that I can call on if I need to, go walking with and other things but none of them are the type to stop by unexpectedly and talk your ear off.

    I must say that Charlie boy is a most photogenic little guy. And, not to be partial, so is his sister, Ivy Lou. Come to think of it, after just looking at Ivy’s pictures again, I do think she looks longer, don’t you?

    Well, I’m off to bed to get some sleep before the hoards arrive tomorrow! It will be fun and fortunately no one is critical about timing or preparations or anything, so it will be whatever it be.

    Happy Weekend! Love and pats to you and the babies.

  4. That Charlie – he is so smart! That person was me that asked about the cat tree – thanks for the picture! I’m sure Ivy loves that fun tree. My late cat Little Bear loved his “tree” – it was more of a perch really. He was too big for a tree, and I was too broke at the time to buy one. It was just as well; he was too hefty for me to trust him with more than one level.

    I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house with my hubby, daughter, mother, sister and her husband. Many folks in our family have celiac disease, so we had a gluten-free Thanksgiving. Thank goodness, it can be done! The day was fun and boisterous. Today, I needed peace and quiet. Thankfully, the hubby and daughter went ice skating with some friends, and I stayed home so that I could hear myself think. I thought I would be more productive with some of the projects I have going around here, but alas, no.

  5. I don’t like crowds so never go shopping on days like “Black Friday”. I don’t like shopping anyway and only go if I have to. I did have Thanksgiving dinner with some friends, which was very nice.
    Loved your apartment pictures. Also loved the pictures of Charlie and Ivy.
    So glad you enjoyed your quiet peaceful Thanksgiving day.

    Marilynn and Hayley

  6. As a cat lady, I know the trilling sound you are referring to! Trilling and chirping. Cats don’t use their voices to communicate with each other (except as last resort in a fight)
    As we talk to them, they learn that we communicate that way and may learn, as Ivy has, to communicate with YOU with her voice.
    Also, cats are smiling when they “slow blink”. If you exchange slow blinks, that’s a big deal!

  7. Hi Brenda, your Thanksgiving Day sound pretty good to me. Mine are quiet – just my daughter, granddaughter and daughter’s boyfriend. I make the same thing every year and give her most of what’s left to take home and save just enough for me to have some the day after. And I stayed home today and didn’t even wash my face but had a nice quiet day sewing.

    I live alone too and quite like it. I rarely get lonesome feeling as I have a house full of animals and spend most of my evenings playing with fabric and thread in one way or another.

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. I have been visiting you since you first started. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. My husband and I originally had planned to be in Florida on Thanksgiving, but I was in the hospital down there for three days and decided home is where I wanted to be. So our daughter phoned around for reservations to a restaurant the day before Thanksgiving and we ate with her and her family. Had a very pleasant afternoon watching an old Disney show, Song of the South. Was so glad to be home and with family.

  9. I always thought it was sad when anyone spent Thanksgiving alone, but since you actually don’t mind it and don’t feel lonely and sad, then it’s all good. I *am* sorry that you ate a TV dinner for Thanksgiving though, lol. You know what a foodie I am…I wouldn’t want to eat a TV dinner unless I was starving to death! My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was us, my sister and her family, our cousin, and my mom’s neighbor-friend who would’ve been alone but accepted my mom’s invitation to join us. It was low-key, great conversation and laughs, just hanging around a few hours and enjoying the company. I spent all day cooking on Wednesday…three different veggie dishes, cranberry relish and brownies. My mom spent two days cooking…turkey, stuffing, hors d’oeuvres, pumpkin pie, French Silk Chocolate pie, and two different kinds of homemade rolls. We’re all enjoying the leftovers today – the best part!

    I can’t tell from the photos how much Ivy has grown but she looks “older” in her face somehow. Monkey is my only cat who has ever trilled like you mentioned. He sometimes just runs around the house making that noise; it sounds like he’s saying “brrr, brrr”.

    No Black Friday shopping for me today either – no thanks. I hate crowds, too. There’s nothing out there that I need or want and if I did, I’d buy it online. Brian and I went to a small grouping of antique shops about 1/2 hour from here. Low-key, not crowded, not stressful, and fun browsing.

  10. I am so glad you and Charlie and Ivy had a great day. I’m alone with my Priss during holidays and I’m good. Friends think I should be sad, all alone. Not me. Life with our furry friends is so comforting.

  11. Sounds like you a blissful Thanksgiving Day with the Charlie and Ivy. I spent my day with 39 other people – oh my goodness it was loud and chaotic. LOL

    This morning I took time to visit a very large local furniture store to purchase furniture for my new patio home. I still have to decide on a kitchen table and chairs (found a delightful pub table with chairs and then a regular table and chairs. Decisions, decisions! Both would work very nicely but I’m afraid the pub table might be too big. I’ll double check measurements tomorrow.

    And, by the way, thank you for sharing the layout of your lovely home, Brenda!

  12. Sounds like a really nice Thanksgiving, I love the Stouffer’s turkey dinners. I had to cook Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday due to my kid’s shift work schedules. So yesterday my husband grilled us a steak, which we rarely have because we just don’t eat like we used to in our younger years. About the cat sounds, they call it chatter. Some cats can actually make sounds like words, like they’re talking. I agree with you about Black Friday, I’m not leaving the house. We still exchange small gifts, but I’m trying to get rid of clutter so I’m going to ask my kids if we can stop! Enjoy the music and Christmas tv shows, that’s enough for me!

  13. My holiday ended up being a bit hectic. Sara was suppose to host the meal but she got sick so we moved it here. So Mom and I cooked and I ran back and forth between the two apts for food and dishes. Anyway we had a great meal, lots of fun with the Grands and it was good to have my older daughter here also. Lots of leftovers which is nice. Everyone helped with cleanup so it wasn’t too bad!

    I love the sounds cats make and yes I know that trill sound and according to what I know it’s means Hello!

  14. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving Day Brenda. My hubby and I were alone, but were fine with it. We like the quiet times. We love our kids but both are kind of “hermits” and like being alone and it being quiet. No way would I go out on Black Friday! Never have and never will. I’m looking online today for a few things, but so far the things I want aren’t on sale! That’s the way it is. You could go to a store and look for a specific thing (today) and not find it, but buy tons of other stuff you really didn’t need! I think Ivy has grown alot. Our boy rescue cat loves to lay like that with his legs up against the back of the chair.. I think that shows they are totally relaxed and open to love and affection. I’ve heard that trilling sound too from our two younger cats.. I think it’s their way of showing affection and contentment.. and our older girl makes those sounds like Bonnie said… when she jumps up she kind of makes a funny noise, but has done that for years… and she’ll do that howling thing too.. I think it’s because she’s older and maybe forgets where she is or forgets where the other cats are, so walks around howling! I’ve bought a turkey to cook maybe next week as I love the gravy I make and leftovers for sandwiches. We did guy some deli “real” thick sliced turkey, and our dinner was turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce, and then apple pie for hubs and pumpkin pie for me. We were totally happy with it. A very quiet day and it was fine for us.

  15. I don’t go out shopping today since I don’t have lists of specific items to buy anymore nor do I have a desire to go anywhere as I am cleaning to prepare for Christmas decorating. I will do it hit and miss in the coming weeks during the day.
    I was thinking that as talented a photographer and writer that you are Brenda you should upload some of your grandsons photos to a book making online place (like Shutterfly) and write him a story of one of your adventures. I dearly love my scrapbooks my children have made for me with pictures of grandchildren and memories they have written down. I say it will be the first thing I pack when I go to a nursing home as I always want to be able to see those smiling faces.

  16. Good evening Brenda,

    It sounds like the perfect day! My husband and I were home this year alone and we dinner catered, you had to buy it for 4 people which was no problem as we like holiday leftovers. We reheated 1/3 of it for dinner and barely made a dent in the the 1/3. We have so much food leftover that I have no idea what we are going to do with it all. I actually think the dinner was for 4 people who ate a lot and then wanted lots of leftovers.

    Ivy’s antics always make me chuckle. AS for Abi, you will always miss her. My Munchen has been gone for 31/2 years and I miss her all the time.

    Have a great night!

  17. I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving Brenda!
    I went over my parents house and my sister, bil, and brother was there.

    My sister
    insisted on cooking the turkey and all the fixings. I think she wanted all the gratification from it! So glad this turkey came out moist this time and not dry! ? She cooked only a little one, so hardly any leftovers. ?
    She told us, she almost over cooked it. Whew!!!

    I made pumpkin bread, snickerdoodles…their fav, and angel food cake for my Dad. I showed it to my Dad and his eyes lit up! I should of taken a picture! Darn.
    I didn’t make fudge cuz I had no walnuts, but I will be making it tomorrow to bring some over my parents house.

    I bought a 20+ lb turkey that I’ll be making soon cuz I like leftovers and so doesn’t my parents and brother. ?
    I brought home a few pieces of turkey for my dog and he inhaled them! ?

    I don’t go shopping on black Friday anymore cuz the traffic and people are pushy and down right mean to each other and grabby! Last time someone was taking something out of my cart, when I turned my back!
    Also the weather is bitter cold today!

    I use to get TV dinners sometimes and the turkey dinners were my fav.

  18. I had a cat who trilled when he was happy. We got him off the street one cold winter and he was shy at first and later the most loving cat. He even visited me after death until his best buddy took him away.

  19. I’ve read that a cat can make over 100 different sounds. Since our cat has gotten older, I think she is 15, she uses every one of them…or so it seems. We never know why she sometimes “howls” just walking down the hall. In the morning sometimes, she is loud and uses several different voices. I think she may have lost her hearing as she has aged, my husband thinks she makes the noises maybe to feel safe..from what I don’t know. Now, too, before she jumps onto the couch, where she sleeps during the day, she will make another sound. I think that reason is because she is a little over weight, and she needs courage for the jump up there … I do have an foot stool on the side of the couch, and she will usually use that, anyway…never a dull moment with a cat in the house.
    I can tell by your pictures that Ivy has changed in looks since she moved in, Her face is more mature, and she has gotten, should I say, longer?? Regardless, she is adorable, as is Charlie. Is he able to eat ok, without teeth. Do you think he even misses those two?

    1. I don’t know if he misses those two teeth or not. He still eats. I have to hold Ivy because she eats fast and Charlie takes longer with no teeth.

  20. I am glad you had a peaceful day. I think those days are the best. Hey I have had a few TV dinners that are pretty good too. So no issue with them. Glad you had one that was good and gave you all the foods of Thanksgiving. Have a good weekend.

  21. I think Ivy looks more “mature” in her pictures; clearly her behavior is still very kittenish!
    I would be fine alone on holidays too, but I went to my sister’s for dinner on Thanksgiving. She lives three doors away! I took homemade bread, my traditional contribution. I had to work in the evening.
    No shopping for me today either! I did have to go out and get a prescription but the traffic was not bad this morning.
    By the way I enjoyed the “tour” of your apartment.

  22. I know exactly what you mean about that “trilling” sound Ivy Lou is making… I’ve had several cats do that. But I have no ideas what it means!

    I’m with you on not leaving the house after Thanksgiving ~ I don’t even visit my beloved craft stores till after the first of the new year!

    Have fun with your babies!

    1. I saw online that some shoppers have been shot by gunmen because of who knows why. Seems shooting people in this country has become an epidemic.

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