This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adaptil for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have two Yorkies, Abi and Charlie, both ten years old. 
They have stress issues, and have since they were puppies. I have tried various solutions people suggested to me over the years. None of them worked.
I finally tried Adaptil recently. 
The benefits of using this product is to create a calm and safe environment for pets. Many pet clinics use it in their exam room to soothe pets while they’re being examined and treated. 
Adaptil is available through your veterinarian or a qualified pet behaviorist.
I sprayed Adaptil on a toy. Charlie and Abi love to sleep on that toy, as you can see below.

I plugged in the diffuser, allowing the scent to spread throughout my apartment. 
Abi and Charlie seem to be more calm. Abi is actually sleeping on the toy right now as I type this. 
Since I live in an apartment, I worry about my dogs barking. This has lessened that worry.
I love my pets. And I hate that they get so upset when I have to go out. But I can’t stay home with them all the time. I feel better now that Adaptil will help calm them until I return.
I’m hoping this will also decrease the bouts of pancreatitis and subsequent vet visits. 
If you have a dog that is displaying bad behavior or stress, how have you dealt with it? If you are having problems, you might try this product and see if you get the results I’ve gotten thus far.

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  1. I adopted a small poodle mix dog a couple of weeks ago. He is so sweet, only one year old, was a stray! He is housebroken which is a big plus for me, but he has huge anxiety and howls and barks if I leave the house. I live in a one bedroom apartment and have already had one complaint. I will talk to my vet about this product.

  2. There is a spray out there called Rescue Remedy.. the bottle has a yellow label.. can find it at most health food stores. When I raised alpacas, many people used that to calm their alpaca before a big show as they would get very anxious and nervous.. it really helped. It's really for humans (and does work!) but also is great for animals. Just spray a little in their mouth. It really works!

  3. Our female boxer has anxiety when there is a thunderstorm and would shake, pace, and pant constantly when we had a storm. We began giving her melatonin once a day when she started having seasonal alopecia and it totally takes care of her hair loss. It has also helped her with the fear of storms. She no longer shakes, but simply goes off to a dark bedroom and waits for the storm to pass. Not a perfect reaction, but it certainly decreased her anxiety by about 90%.

    1. How did you learn about giving melatonin for anxiety issues? One of our shih tzus can sleep through a hurricane, but the other one is terrified of thunder. We've tried rescue remedy, a thunder coat, and a prescribed mild sedative. None have made a difference.

    2. From our veterinarian. He has a 'do no harm' attitude for treating pets, and if those ways don't work, then he moves on to medications. We give her a melatonin, 3mg, with her evening meal. My husband takes one too and has never slept better in his life. If you plan to give it to your pup, check with your vet on how much to give her/him. We buy it in the vitamin aisle at our local drug store. Watching a pet suffer from fear of a storm is so sad. Good luck!

  4. I have a tricky Parson Jack Russell,Frank.He's highly strung and struggles to relax.The behaviourist vet recommended Adaptil(live in UK).It may be ordered on the internet.Works well for our boy,

  5. I use a pheromone calming collar on my cat Rufus who is high strung and has anxiety issues. He is also a fairly young cat and can get very destructive. We have seen a major difference in his behavior and I can tell when the collar needs to be switched out to a new one.

  6. I've noticed that a lot of small dogs seem more nervous..I wonder if it's because of their size…I wish they had this for cats..for when they have to visit the vet..

  7. Thank you. We have a chihuahua that was dumped here a bit over a year ago and she totally panics when there's thunder. With the spring storms, we have been having lots of trouble with her. I'll have to try this.

  8. Interesting! I'm glad it's helping. When we had our lab, Katie, back in Oklahoma we had to give her medication to calm her when there were storms. Wish I would have known about this. 🙂

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