My apartment bathroom June 2019

I’ve been meaning to show you how my apartment bathroom looks now. Last time you saw it, I had put the red peel and stick tiles along the back to use as a backsplash.


But for some reason that kind of wall decor just doesn’t work in my apartment. It started peeling off. And when it did, off came part of the wall behind it.

Do you recall this same thing happened when I covered one wall with temporary wallpaper behind the couch in my living room?

That’s one of the hardest projects I’ve ever tried to fix, getting all that temporary wallpaper peeled off so I could fill the holes and then paint the wall.

To finally get it all off I had do some research and then order this special solution because nothing in the stores or mixtures I concocted would take off all the temporary wallpaper. NOTHING. I was about to tear my hair out.

Anyway, I had Nathan do some work in the bathroom recently. And this is how it looks now.

It’s nothing fancy and not at all colorful like the peel and stick tiles. But it works much better. We just went to Lowes one evening after he got off work and picked out a piece of trim.

Nathan painted it the color I painted the walls about three years ago.

He also put a bit of leftover trim he had on hand in front of the sink a few weeks ago. I still need to paint that.

I also have a new faucet. I’d purchased one when I had the new vanity put in over three years ago. But the little filter where the water comes out wore out. So I took the piece to various stores trying to find the rubber washer and filter, but no one had it in stock.

I was told I’d have to buy a new faucet to get it! Now isn’t that utterly ridiculous? I told them I was not going to spend $60 just to get a part that they should have in stock if they’re going to sell the faucets themselves.

Live and learn. So I had the office here write up a work order and Nathan ordered a faucet that the apartment complex paid for instead of me.

The reason I hated the original faucet and bought my own was because the original one was cheap looking with plastic around the levers and the plastic kept getting chipped. Ugly.

But Nathan says they’ve now started ordering the faucet you see above, which looks much nicer.

Some of you newer readers might want to know why I purchased my own vanity when I rent an apartment.

When I moved in here five years ago, I bought a taller toilet to have installed because of my bad ankle. But the vanity was short. So finally I ordered a vanity that was taller as well.

See the galvanized container on the wall? It’s one of two I bought at Hobby Lobby a month or so ago when they were half price.

The other one is a little bigger and in the kitchen holding my kitchen utensils in my quest to save counter space.

You know what I always say about small space living. Go vertical when you can!

I love to find storage that will hang on the wall. That leaves me surface space for more important things like preparing food.

Utensil holders are pretty and all that. But they take up valuable counter top space. And I don’t have a lot of counter top space to waste.

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  1. Looks lovely. Cleaner, more simple lines make it look much more peaceful.
    I’m switching to more spa-like aqua blues for summer. Bright or intense colors, which I usually prefer, make me feel hotter in sweltering weather.

  2. Hmmm, I’m going to pretend I’m you and take a walk through my apartment. You come up with some great ideas, especially for small space living. I love the new trim in the bathroom.

  3. The new trim looks really nice — simple, elegant, clean …… Love the vertical storage; I have been using my walls for storage since I started reading your blog. I do like that red and white combination.

    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday evening.

  4. I really like the look of the new treatment in your bathroom. The container for your toothpaste and such is adorable! You are so creative in your home space, I really like what you do.

  5. Brenda- all of updates look so nice and fresh!
    In an unrelated topic- I would appreciate some feedback/ words of encouragement on a topic that you have mentioned in the past. The topic is estranged adult children- This has happened to my husband and I. We have one daughter -I will not go on with the list of heart breaking events. Just please ideas for moving forward- crying until my eyes are swollen shut- has got to stop. Thank you – Laura

  6. I like your new look better than the old backsplash. Nathan is such a blessing for you. So glad he’s there for you and you for him as well. Hope he has a nice Father’s Day !

  7. Looks nice Brenda. Love the pops of red too. Hope you still have that red shelf up to the right of the sink and the red towells. I really like that! Maybe you could spray paint that little black caddy that sits to the right of your sink…. RED. Would’t that look neat? I love using spray paint for things. I get the Rustoleum 2X strength and it works great and good coverage. Love the red checked shower curtain.. and Nathan did a nice job of putting up that trim to hide any damage. You’re reminded me NEVER to get “temporary” wallpaper! Marilyn

    1. I do have that red shelf up to the right. Everything in there is as it was except for the red peel and stick tiles that are now gone. I have one red hand towel, the one you see. Actually I’m still using all the towels I brought with me from Texas 8 years ago.

  8. I like the pictures you have on your walls. I mostly stick to plates in my bathroom. And I think I might do a little neatening up now that I have seen yours.

  9. Your bathroom faucet is just like ours! We had plastic before and this one is so much easier to clean.

  10. Your bathroom turned out wonderfully. The molding looks so fresh and clean. I like the containers you bought from Hobby Lobby…sad to say, there is no store in our town, and the closest one is about 50 miles away. Maybe that is a good thing, I’d probably be shopping there twice a week if it was near, and I have no room left in this house for anything else (grin)

  11. The red was pretty you had before, but I really like this new look better! Your vertical storage bins are nice too! I wish I had a Nathan in my area. I keep saying someone in our area could make a nice living just doing the things most of us widows/ single ladies need to have fixed around our homes. Have a great day, Brenda.

  12. I like it! Changing the shower curtain and towels will certainly be an easier color change than all that wallpaper and tile.

  13. Brenda, it looks great! You are so Blessed to have Nathan to do things for you. I am currently looking for a handyman to do odd jobs as my husband’s health doesn’t permit him to do these types of jobs. Its so wonderful that you and Nathan can look out for each other. I have always loved your bathroom with the red shower curtains and whatever accessories you used in there!

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