Well, it already feels like it’s been a full day and it isn’t even noon as I begin writing this post.

I had a 9 a.m. appointment with my optometrist, Dr. Vincent. I have the same numbers on the left eye one day after surgery I had for my right eye. My eye acuity is 20/25 in the left eye and 20/20 in my right eye. Hopefully, like the right eye, within a week I could have perfect vision. Yea!

I’m doing great. I’ve had no pain. No scratchiness in the eye.

It’s raining outside, so maybe that’s tamping down the allergies that irritate my eyes.

Then I went by the vet’s office that is near there and took them a plastic sack of dog chews that Charlie can’t chew so they can give them to the dogs there.

While I was talking to Mary, I told her that I need to know what is wrong with Charlie. That we just keep getting antibiotics for this. He did have the cells that indicated urinary infection, but there must be a reason this has been happening for months.

This started five days after Abi died. I told her I need to know if we’re going to do tests or surgery or what. Because the not knowing is hard on my Charlie boy and it’s hell on my nerves.

She said she’d talk to Dr. Poteet when he was back in the office and get back to me. Maybe there isn’t anything else we can do now, but I want to know.

My Yorkie Charlie boy

Then I stopped by Hobby Lobby on the way home. I know many of you are boycotting Hobby Lobby. And I certainly understand and respect that.

So the way I look at it is this: Hobby Lobby, which was started in nearby Oklahoma City, has the right by current law to set their own rules about birth control via their religious beliefs. I don’t agree with it. I’m not even religious.

I don’t like to bring this type of thing up. But every time I go to Hobby Lobby, someone comments about my shopping there, reminding me of why they’re boycotting this chain of stores.

So if that is your inclination, please don’t tell me you think I’m wrong to shop there. Their store has what I need for the right price, and it is only about a mile from my home.

My patio garden

Also, yesterday afternoon I was on the phone with Triad where I had eye surgery. They check up on you after you leave. I’m standing at the patio door looking out as we converse.

Suddenly there is the shimmery hummingbird I’ve been so anxious to photograph. It pauses, flitting those magical wings so fast I could barely see them, right in front of me.

And I’m on the phone!

I hurried off the phone and grabbed my camera, which I keep near the door. But it was too late. The hummingbird had flown away.

I was so disappointed.

Morning glories on my fence

And lastly, I’m working on a new project. I’ve carving out room for a small office area in my living room.

Because well, when you work from home, you kind of need an office space, whatever you can fit into your home. I’m always keeping something I know I’ll need, papers I may need come tax time perhaps.

And then I can’t find it because I can’t recall where I placed it. So I need an organized space for this.

I’ve given this a great deal of thought. It’s what I’ve been working on in my imagination for weeks, since before the first eye surgery. It’s given me something to focus on and think about.

I pretty much have all the components I need now. So I’ll be working on this project and hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you soon. This is just a little teaser as to my latest project around here.

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  1. Pam had the best response of all when she wrote, “Everybody is offended by something”.
    Do your part for a more enjoyable world and don’t be offended by anything or anyone; let it slide right off.
    Brenda, I am so glad that both eyes are now done and your vision is super! Take it easy for a couple of weeks. Praying that Charlie will be well when this last antibiotic is over.
    p.s. I love Hobby Lobby, too……

  2. Hello Brenda, I just wanted to let you known that maybe the vet has not given Charlie the correct antibiotic, my coworker had a dog that kept getting a recurring UTI, until they gave the dog the right antibiotic.

  3. Glad you are on the mend with eye surgery. Also hope you do find out what is causing Charlie’s problems….
    We don’t have a Hobby Lobby here, but every time I’m able to get to one when we travel I go. Can’t beat the selection or the prices! We do have a Michaels but so pricey and certainly not the selection I’m looking for. The staff has always been friendly to me, no complaints there.
    Have a great day

  4. So glad to hear you are doing great after eye surgery. I don’t understand why people boycott a business that employs so many people. In all reality, the boycotting isn’t hurting the business at all and I guarantee, if I knew a little something about every person who is boycotting, I could find a thing or two that I disagree with…should we boycott that person just because they believe differently? I don’t understand this world, these days. Everybody is offended by something. Maybe we just need to grow up and think past ourselves, for a minute, and get over it. Ok…so that was my rant.
    I do hope the cause of Charlie’s problems are found soon.

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Interesting discussion about shopping choices, in spite of your hopes to head it off!! We all have places we boycott, for reasons of our own. I won’t enter Walmart for any reason, but enjoy going to HL from time to time. Anyone who has ever worked for a Catholic hospital has had to solve and pay for contraception on their own. You know this up front and can always choose to work somewhere else.
    Glad the eye surgery recovery and results seem to be very good!! I so agree with Jan’s comments above about the campaigns and elections of many women candidates.

  6. I say shop where you want to shop. I have been married 47 years. And when I was young no one paid for my birth control. When I was only 44 I had to have an abdominal hysterectomy.

    My sister in law the Veterinarian lives in VA and I live in OH so I have not had a chance to ask her about what you were wondering about Charlie’s condition. I was thinking maybe the antibiotic they gave him did not completely resolve the infection?

  7. The problem with Hobby Lobby is that no company should be allowed to come between a decision made between a patient and that patient’s doctor. It’s not any employer’s business to decide what medications, contraceptives, treatment plans, etc. that their employees should use. And where does the line get drawn? If Hobby Lobby can make unilateral decisions about what medications they will or will not cover in the name of religion then who’s to say that businesses won’t deny coverage of medication of cancer patients in the name of religion? Or diabetes patients?Or employees with high blood pressure or high cholesterol? What will we lose next? The point is that no employer should have this right. I certainly don’t want my employer inserting themselves into my personal medical business, but the ruling in Hobby Lobby’s favor has opened the door for other companies to follow suit.

    1. If you don’t like the hobby lobby beliefs, then don’t apply and accept the option to work there. Don’t berate anyone choosing to shop there. To each his own as long as they don’t try to cram their beliefs down my throat. I think all retail should be closed on Sundays. There are 6 other days you can shop or shop online. Sundays should be family day which we are sorely missing these days. Birth control, pay for it yourself. Your choice, you are not entitled. Just my two cents. Brenda, take it easy and enjoy Charley boy. He’s a little doll.

  8. I shop at Hobby Lobby all the time. I figure that at least someone is standing up for what they believe in. Most people/businesses don’t. I bet the employees like knowing that they have at least one weekend day off. Hard to get sometimes in retail. Our HL is very friendly. If an employee is near you they always say hi with a smile. They seem like a happy group there.
    I hope you get an answer on Charley soon. It is always hard when we don’t know what the next step is. He is such a cute pup. And such company for you.
    I am glad that your eye surgery went well. Things must look to different for you. I have cateracts starting in one eye, and glaucoma starting in the other one. ( my mom had one and my dad had the other). But not anywhere near surgery time yet.
    Your office sounds like a great idea.
    Have a great day.

  9. I’m so glad you’re home and doing well and that Charlie is also.
    but I’m like you. I’d want to KNOW why he is sick again as soon as the last of the antibiotic is taken. he surely can’t keep that up. maybe he’s just very sensitive emotionally and his little body reacts to stress. you’ve certainly had your share.
    both of you! I am interested in your ‘new’ office space too. but not too soon surely? !!! I can’t imagine you lifting any furniture and bending over too soon.
    I was thinking you’re not supposed to for awhile after the surgery!!! xo

  10. A dedicaed work space in your living room is a great idea, and practical. You have bookcases in your living room. Surely some of the space on one can be utilized for paperwork, perhaps stored in pretty folders, baskets, or other types of containers. There are so many clever and pretty ideas now, there is no limit except as to what your pocketbook can afford or what your ingenuity can cook up! I am fortunate enough to have a dedicated separate room for my office space. It’s the smallest of my 3 bedrooms at about 9 1/2 x 10. It’s still a work in progress, but eventually I’ll get around to getting it fully organized and decorating it enough to qualify for a project to put up on my blog, which hasn’t received many visits from me lately. Too busy working on the mid-terms in my home state. I never thought it would come to politics being a “passion” in my life, especially now at 67 instead of 30 years ago when I was young and had ENERGY GALORE, but it has. It’s going to take a lot of work to change the political dialog in our country back to agreeing to disagree on some things, but basically having more in common with all of our neighbors than not, and no longer identifying ourselves by “blue,” “red,” “purple.” It breaks my heart. I am thrilled that a record-breaking (record-shattering!) number of women, many of them first-timers, have run for offices all around the country, at all levels of government, from local boards to the U.S. Senate — and many of them have WON their primaries and are in good position to WIN elections too. My hope and prayer is that if enough women are put into power, we can come to less confrontational and more agreements on resolutions or at least roadmaps to solving our problems, and our country faces plenty of those. At the end of the day, my belief is that women are not afraid to compromise – we are the peacemakers, and the peacekeepers, in our families and in our lives, whatever our callings. Many of us wear multiple hats as mothers, homemakers, wives, friends, sisters, aunts, club and organization members, volunteers, and hold and perform jobs of all sorts in and out of our homes, and we know what it is to keep many plates in the air at one time without dropping any! We need a lot more of that and a lot less trash talk and peacock posturing! Look forward to seeing your new space once it’s finished.

  11. It sounds as if your eye surgery is doing well. Good for you. i hope Charlie fares as well.

    I hate someone horning in on my life, criticizing where I go and what I do. I live about an hour from Hobby Lobby and am sorry it’s not closer.

    Another pet peeve is the facebook comments that you’re afraid to “Share” a posting of someone’s or there is some sort of implied threat if you don’t share. I refuse to respond to that. Remember chain letters and how you would make a million dollars or die if you didn’t send out chain letters? I refused that too and I’m still here.

    1. Oh, I do remember those chain letters! Hadn’t thought of them in years though. I go over and over and over writing and editing a post when I’m writing something that could be perceived as negative. Like with Hobby Lobby. Because I don’t want to offend anyone.

  12. We used to have 2 or 3 craft stores around here and then Hobby Lobby moved into the area and they are all gone. We used to have several fabric stores for years in this area and then Joann’s moved in. First off they sold good fabric and then later they just stocked really awful fabric. And their prices went crazy. Now there is almost no place where you can go to buy anything other than groceries. And we live in a fairly affluent area.

    1. I was in Joanns for the first time in years last week. I didn’t look at the fabric though. I was looking at their sale I saw online for craft beads to do a project that were half off.

  13. Glad your cataract surgery is finished – I’m facing it in the next year. A little anxious about someone messing with my eyes but it’s certainly better than going blind by not having cataracts removed. Hoping Charlie boy can get well, glad the anxiety chews seem to have worked. Hobby Lobby: there’s one near me but I can hardly ever find anything I want to purchase. At one time, years ago when I was buying everything I could get my hands on and taking it to Goodwill a short while later (sigh, we do what we do when we are in an extremely stressful period of life, right?). But now, occasionally I wander through their aisles and come out empty handed. Which is probably a good thing.

    1. That happens to me a lot. I just go in and stroll the aisles. But I knew what I was looking for and I knew everything I needed was half off.

  14. Brenda,

    So glad your eyes are doing well. I’m glad you stopped at the vets and inquired about Charlie’s care. Maybe this will help with feelings of helplessness. I know you are doing all you can for Charlie.


  15. I am happy you are doing well after your surgery. And that Charlie was ok while you were gone. I hope you hear from the vet soon.
    The disabled young men I work with have a hummingbird feeder at their house. We have only seen one hummer at a time; they have named it Larry!
    Take care; I too look forward to seeing your new office space.

    1. I just feel like I’m waiting for him to finish his antibiotic with bated breath because twice now there was blood the very next day.


  17. I am so happy for you to have almost perfect vision!! Remember how anxious you were about it? And now it’s over & you already planning things for your home. How fun!! And glad to hear Charlie didn’t have any “episodes” while you were gone. Maybe he has a little separation anxiety. I hope that’s all it is & you can simplify that by giving him some medication to calm him down. You are so lucky to have a Hobby Lobby so close to you. Our’s closed up & now I have to travel a bit further to get there. Yesterday I was in Michael’s, Joanns & Hobby Lobby. I like to be able to use their coupons & compare prices & availability. No one tells me to boycott!! I’ll spend my money where ever I want!!

    1. Well, someone always comments negatively when I mention that I purchased something at Hobby Lobby. So I thought I’d just head it off. I consider myself an advocate for women, but I think this is a stretch. Everyone has an opinion though.

  18. Yay! Your eyes are almost 20/20! I’m glad Charlie is better. I’ll be looking forward to see what you do for an office area. Have a great day!

    1. I just don’t want to feel like I didn’t or haven’t done the best thing for my Charlie boy. Part of being a mother.

  19. Glad you are doing okay and I am hoping Charlie is too. I don’t go to Hobby Lobby not for their beliefs, I have no problem with that but because the people that run their Milford CT store don’t know how to manage the people standing in line and how to manage opening another cashier. Take it easy even if you feel well.

  20. I’m glad that your surgery went so well. I am hoping for the best regarding Charlie.

    Shop where ever you want. I resent when people try to coerce me into boycotting something due to their personal beliefs. I have my own beliefs. I do boycott certain things, but I don’t make a public issue of it. I do not have a need to convince anyone to believe what I believe. I just privately do what I believe is right. If someone asks me why, then I will explain my view point. Pushy people who try to steer me to their way of thinking and doing are politely, but firmly pushed back.

    1. I would never react negatively to where someone shops or whatever their choices are. I don’t think it’s any of my business.

  21. I’ve never been in a Hobby Lobby in my life, nor do I know why everyone is boycotting them! I don’t think we have those stores up here. We have Michael’s, and I might be in there once every two years!

    Glad to hear your eye is doing well, how wonderful for you to have perfect vision! Some day when my eyes have stopped changing I will have lasik surgery, but today is not that day, so I’ll keep on wearing my contacts so I can see!

    Hope Charlie is doing well!

        1. To clarify, HL doesn’t cover some types of birth control via their health insurance that could potentially end a pregnancy, such as some morning-after pills and IUDs . They do pay for types that prevent pregnancy, such as condoms, sponges, most birth control pills, and sterilization.

          1. The secret is to prevent it in the first place. (except for unusual circumstances out of your control)
            When my husband and I were a young married couple, insurance didn’t cover any birth control and my husband and I paid for it ourselves. We didn’t think much of it back then, just figured it was up to the insurance company what they wanted to pay for. We planned our family. We had to wait to have children until we could be in a better financial position. We had to have the doctor paid by the 7th month and 50% of the hospital bill (that insurance didn’t cover) paid when pre-registering, usually by the eighth month. We were high school sweethearts and we paid for our own rent, car payment and groceries. We both had jobs. We didn’t make a lot of money, but we managed. We had two children who are adults now and are still such a blessing. 50 years later and we are still sweethearts and in love. All that just to say we had to supply our own birth control.
            Glad you have had such success with your eye surgery. My husband had lens replacement due to cataracts a while back and is still pleased with his vision.
            Hope you get answers on little Charlie soon. Maybe it just took longer for the antibiotics to beat the infection.
            I was just at Hobby Lobby today. Love looking at all the fall decorations.
            Can’t wait to see your cozy office space you create.

  22. I’m so glad your cataract surgery has gone smoothly. How was Charlie when you left him today? Is the Composure working okay for the two of you? I don’t like Hobby Lobby; they follow you around the store like your going to steal something and all of the religious symbols makes me uncomfortable, but it is very convenient for you and great prices to boot, I say shop on!!!
    I’m sorry you missed the hummingbird; they are very fast! I received a hummingbird feeder but I never found the time to set it up outside. Next year for sure.
    Looking forward to seeing your office nook you create, just make sure your eye is up to the work. Charlie, as always, looks adorable.

    Carol and Molly

      1. I also have never had anyone to follow me, but instead had to look for a clerk for assistance at Hobby Lobby. They have good sales and a lot of nice decor. Its everyone’s right to boycott whom they wish..and my husband is a Veteran with a disability and we shall strongly boycott the NFL and Nike..to each his own..

        Brenda nice to hear your eyes are so near perfect now..wow..hope for continual healing for you and your furbaby.

        Can’t wait to see your Hoffice. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your decor and all..you are a talented writer..

        Best Wishes from NC

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