No matter the size of your patio, you can make it a real haven for relaxing or entertaining.

The photo above shows a very small space, but it sure has a lot going on.

Privacy via the fence make the space seem cozier. A small table and two yellow chairs give it a sweet cottage look. It’s a perfect place to have morning coffee.

The container plants bring nature in. And the umbrella gets you out of the rain.



Here you have a dining table and wicker chairs on gravel, a rustic element that brings texture to your setting.

An evening or holiday meal outside accommodates more people and the lights overhead add to the intimacy level.

small patio


If your outdoor space is really small you might be able to find room for a bistro table and chairs. Imagine dining with someone you care about over a glass of wine.

small patio


Maybe your outdoor space is so small you only have room to fit one chair. There are days when you love your solitude and that one chair and a table to put a beverage on is all you need.

The colorful bold blue rug adds a touch of whimsy.

small patio


This setting is a cozy comfy space with a curtain for privacy and other cottage-style elements.

Adding decor and a few plants enhance the illusion of being in a cozy little room.

small patio


This is an apartment patio similar to my own. She has added all kinds of plants and veggies to her patio space. The planted pots off to the side softens the corner angle, making it more pleasing to the eye.

What You Need…

1. Seating is of course important to a cozy outdoor living space

2. Greenery in containers

3. Candles (you can use citronella candles to deter mosquitoes)

4. A throw or quilt for cool days

5. Tiny twinkle lights for after dark enjoyment

Don’t let the smallest sliver of outdoor space stop you from creating a wonderful area to enjoy the outdoors.

You don’t even need music. The birds will provide that for you free of charge.



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  1. Brenda, we spend a lot of time outdoors during the spring and summer, so having a cozy outdoor space is so important to me. Love these fun spaces! Those yellow chairs just make me happy! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  2. Love the cheery yellow chairs in the first picture. We had metal chairs like those when I was growing up.

  3. I love all of these ideas Brenda. I especially love the wicker. Looks comfy to sit at that table. I am not a big bistro fan as I have never seen a set that has comfy chairs. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Often when one looks at a blank small space with houses looming over you from all directions or a space filled with weeds, rocks and debris, you can feel overwhelmed and not have any idea how you might turn it into a livable space that you can enjoy away from prying eyes. Thanks for showing us these beautiful spaces filled with clever ideas, and not necessarily too expensive. Fencing can be expensive but a roll of fencing made out of reeds 6 feet high and 16 feet long is relatively inexpensive under $30 at Home Depot. The treatment of the small spaces in your post can trigger a lot of creative ideas in people. Many of us have things right in our own homes that we could use to create similar looks in our outdoor space.

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