1. Brenda, I love how you've turned your little apartment into such a cozy home for you and your little dogs. And how you've turned your patio into such a wonderful gardening space! I live in a very small space too and you've given me some great ideas for both inside and outside….
    Great tips here for anyone looking to rent an apartment, condo, townhouse or house.

  2. Those are really good ideas. I think your apartment fits your needs. You have come up to some great solutions as well. Has the guy behind you moved?

  3. Brenda, with all the improvements you have made I would think they would be more than happy refund your deposit, I thought that was only when you tear up a place, also I have just read about a couple who took a 32 ft. older travel trailer that had a sun room built on to the giving them about 250 sq. feet, yes very small but have turned into a vey little cozy place to live using a lot of good ideas for storage, very creative people like you, they had lost everything while the building starting to recline in 2008 and had lost their business and home, they gave up so much but are very grateful for what they have and little by little are transforming the place for two people, we do what we have to when life those us curves.

  4. We are kindred spirits! I spent many years as a renter, and I painted and decorated as if it were my own. I agree, we get one go at life. No point not really living no matter your space!

  5. Brenda, I always made my rented apartments & homes my own space too. I rarely lost a deposit because of it. In one case, the management told me the person that had viewed my apartment, asked them to not repaint because they liked it. Even when renting houses, I cleaned up the landscape and put in new trees or bushes to make it my own. Just because I was renting, didn't mean I wouldn't treat it as if it were my own. I had to live there so it might as well be my place. I was very lucky.

  6. Great tips Brenda. I love my duplex apt and it has almost everything on my must have list. I wish I had a fenced back yard like you do, but I do have back patio and I can make it much more then it is if I desire.

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