On Friday morning I went to Trader Joe’s. I haven’t been there in many months. But I always love shopping there because they carry such tasty and nutritious food.

One of the things I purchased was a fully cooked turkey meatloaf. I think I paid $6.99 for it.

I heated the meatloaf up for supper that evening in my convection toaster oven. Once heated I cut two rectangular squares for my supper serving. I also had green beans, potatoes and a salad from TJ’s.

When the meatloaf was cool enough, I cut it up into six remaining rectangular squares. I put two pieces on a small plate, covered it and put it back into the refrigerator. That would be for the next night’s meal.

Then I took the last four pieces of meatloaf and divided them into two separate storage baggies. Each of the two baggies went into the freezer. That would provide servings for two other meals.

This turkey meatloaf actually provided four nights of supper servings. A pretty good deal at $6.99!

Since I live alone I can stretch meals out this way and make it more economical.

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  1. We have a TJ now finally in our area on other side of town, and I have not made it over yet but this sounds like a good reason to stop in soon. You have really great ideas and thats so nice that you eat healty for yourself..as some folks when by themselves do not make the effort. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the always great ideas!!!

  2. I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s. There is none near me, and I don’t even know where the nearest one is, if there is one. I hear so much about them, sure wish I could shop there too.
    I made a meatloaf (hamburger) last week, and Jeff and I can never eat all of it ,in one meal, so I do what you do too. Wrap it and save it in the fridge, and then the next day or two, I’ll cut it up in small pieces, and mix with pasta sauce and heat and serve it over noodles. I almost like it better the second time around. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. Jeff and I will be having a quiet day, just the two of us, we are not having family over, but will still have turkey breast, stuffing, gravy, green bean dish, sweet potato, and cranberry sauce. I’ll bake a pumpkin pie, and we’ll have that with Kool Whip. I know there will be left overs, I always like Thanksgiving leftovers… Stay safe, hugs from WI

  3. Hi Brenda,
    this is such a helpful post. I’m married, so cooking for two can sometimes be a challenge. I’m leery of buying too many pre-done meals also because of sodium and preservatives. My go to is Costco’s rotisserie chickens and some of their salads. You can cook a lot of different meals from their chicken. And , at $4.99 a whole cooked chicken to me is a VALUE!
    Have a great day and give your fur kids my love.

  4. TJ’s is such fun! I believe the best salad has three types of lettuce in it.
    If the meatloaf has been frozen once then it is dangerous to freeze it again.

  5. Love Trader Joe’s although there’s none near me. So wish that there was. I would do just as you did, divy up two slices per meal and pop in the freezer.
    How’s your back, Brenda? Am hoping it’s much better.
    Hugs to Charlie and Ivy and have a good Thanksgiving!

    1. When I make meatloaf I let it cool completely before slicing it into however many slices I can get.. not too thin.. then I put a small square o o of parchment paper between each slice and then wrap it for freezing.. the patch makes it easy to take one or two slices at a time out of the freezer without thawing
      I also cook just for myself

  6. I love TJ’s – one of my favorite stores. They have some really unique items as well as a decent selection of your everyday stuff, great prices, and friendly, helpful employees. Did you know if you buy something and don’t like it, you can return it for a refund, no questions asked?

    I don’t know about their turkey meatloaf – I’ve actually never even seen or noticed it – but you do have to be careful with a lot of their prepared meals and frozen entrees, as they contain a ton of sodium and not everything they carry has healthy ingredients.

    I’m making a stuffed spaghetti squash tonight. New recipe I found online.

    Have a good Monday, Brenda!

  7. TJs has these chicken apple sauces and I cook them up and scramble eggs w Swiss cheese in them. Delicious. Since we eat GF in our house due to wheat allergy they have some great GF items. If you have allergies you can ask for a print out at the front desk of safe items for you.

  8. A Trader Joe’s recently opened up within 5 miles of my home but I haven’t popped in yet. Might be time because the turkey meatloaf is an great idea.
    Stretching and freezing things that have multiple servings is something I try to do a regular basis. Makes it so much easier for meal planning – especially for one.

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